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Found 7 results

  1. So I have a fair amount of old fish food. When I first started in January I bought what the guy at the store gave me for my guppies, which turned out to be XL pellets, which didn't work because they were too big. Then I "accidentally" got the 7oz can of tetra flake on line because it was only a dollar more than the 1oz can. I didn't know 7oz was MASSIVE for 3 guppies at the time. Today my tub fry get crushed tetra flake because i have a ton. My 6 quarantine white clouds + cull shrimp get tetra flake. And my main tank, cardinals + 3 guppies + a billion shrimp and 4-6 otos get hikari micro pellets and hikari mini wafers + misc (veggies, repashy, custom mix, bacter ae). So now I have 6mo pellets, flakes, and even the 0.77oz bag of pellets is going to get old before I run out. Clearly the long term solution is to get 10 more tanks, but for now are there creative uses for old food? I know some people think it lasts forever, I'm not sure one way or the other but the cheap side of me wants to use it some how and the organized side of me wants to get rid of the old stuff to make room for new foods to try that the experimental & "lets buy all the things" side of me wants to get. ... maybe I just need a good psychologist so all the voices can get along.😜
  2. With sera changing the formula for the o-nip tablets I have been looking for a good replacement. Has anybody tried the TROPICAL BRAND SUPERVIT tablet A. If you have how did your fish like it. Did it hold together and not just completely fall apart like the sera does for me
  3. I’m getting a Betta tomorrow and wondering if I could feed him xtreme krill flakes? I also have fluval bug bites I was planing on feeding him. I can purchase betta food if need be I was just wondering if this would be good for him or not since read they need a very high protein high diet.
  4. Jumping into the Repashy game. Not sure if everyone used tupperware or if they have fun molds for their repashy concoctions!
  5. I wanted to share a list of the food I feed my goldfish, compare with others to see what other fun things they might enjoy, and share my observations. Goldfish Staple: Sera - Goldy Basic (stopped) Hikari - Cichlid Excel (current) Munch Munch Forage Food red leaf lettuce duckweed steamed broccoli cilantro (new thing) Treats garlic (raw, finely chopped) grape (no seeds, finely chopped) orange (inner slice skin peeled off) Millepet - Gammarus (for turtles) *I THINK Millepet is owned by Sera (can any confirm?) Results: Loppy the Goldfish (because her abdomen is uneven, bought her that way, didn't know at the time but love her anyway) was bought for a whopping $0.88 (KRW to USD) at 1 inch from nose to peduncle. One year later, she is 4.5 inches from nose to peduncle (easily 6 inches with the tail), and about 3 inches from the middle of her back to the base of her pelvic fins. She does "gulp" air when eating duckweed and bits of lettuce that get ripped off and float at the surface. HOWEVER, she has never had constipation or any swim bladder issues. I feared she might because she's lopsided, but she seems like a perfectly normal wiggly-butt goldfish that is wonderfully active. Here's Loppy today and on the day I bought her. It's like she was saying, "Pick meeeeeeee!"...so I did.
  6. If you could only purchase 1 food item, from aquarium co-op to feed multiple tanks, that contain tiger barbs, balloon mollies, guppies, endlers, cory's, shrimp and pleco's what would that one food item be?
  7. keyman


    Hi I was watching your You Tube channel and saw that you have an GBG fish food treat..I dont see it on your web..Can you assist me in buying some Thank You
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