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Found 5 results

  1. Was looking to get another fish tank soon (10 gallon) and was thinking of the dollar per gallon sales pet I has. Does anybody have a calendar or know the dates of these sales? Thanks, Jack
  2. I have been trying to come up with a name for my fish room, didn’t want to force it figured it would come naturally. Names like Brian’s fish room, aquatic adventures, Indiana house of fish, ect… didn’t seem right. As soon as I seen this term, phrase, word(s)? I will research it more. And the fact that I have to do that makes it fit even better. Because my fish room is not just for show tanks, breeding, or hoarding but first and foremost it’s for learning. @Guppysnailstarted a thread today Interesting article about how the word aquarium was established. No spoilers but…The name of my fishroom will be “My Aquatic Vivariums”. In this thread I will be describing each of my tanks in as much detail as I’m capable of, along with my feelings and concept I was/ am trying to achieve. Mostly just wanting to document my tanks as they sit today (day of posting for that tank) then update every 3 months 6 months not sure yet. Will be back with 1st official post in a couple days.
  3. would i be able to keep a honey gourami with 5 lemon tetras and 5 black phantom tetras in my 20 gal long lightly planted tank? there is 1 anubias nana and some java moss in the tank and we're planning to get floating frogbit. would that be overstocking? 🐠
  4. I decided to get another tank to grow a snail population to feed my puffers. First, is 5 gallons enough? Second, what would you stock it with? I want it to be a bit more fun than just a snail party house.
  5. My male mystery snail and my female rabbit snail definitely mated and I wondered if that's okay? I know I can't do anything about it of course, but should I do anything, like move the male, or lower the tank water, and/or raise water temperature? They enjoy hanging out on the heater.
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