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Found 12 results

  1. Water Parameters: pH: 7.2 - 7.4 Nitrates: 0ppm Hardness: 71.6 (4 drops on GH API test) Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia: 0ppm KH/Buffer: 53.7 (3 drops on KH API test) Water Temperature: 79-80F So I've had this guppy since Saturday, she's in a quarantine tank with 5 other female guppies, notably bigger but I haven't seen any bullying. I drip acclimated them for an hour and a half because I had poor luck with female guppies the last time I got them and was being cautious. One of my guppies died yesterday, no known cause that I can see, she was acting fine the night before and I woke up to her being on the bottom of the tank. As you can see in the photo, this one is having some fin tearing and some white spots? It doesn't look like ich to me but I luckily haven't seen a whole lot of ich so it could be. They're all currently sitting in the med trio and I fed them yesterday. She was the only one I saw not eating, she may have had one pellet but she was mostly in the back away from everyone else. What do yall think this is and what should I do? I have crushed coral and 1.5 tbsp of aquarium salt in the tank. I know the gh/kh is most likely too low for guppies but I'm unsure of what I should do to raise it that I haven't already done.
  2. I'm new here, so I hope this is the right category for my question. All of my tanks, including new ones with nothing in them yet, have very high pH. I tested the well water right away, but it's perfectly normal. I assumed the gravel was the problem because it wasn't proper aquarium substrate, so I drained the tanks with that gravel, cleaned them out, and put new substrate in. Still high pH. My platy tank has been set up for over a year now with no problems, but just this morning all of my fish suddenly started dying. I tested the water, and the only problem that showed up was high pH. Nothing in this tank has been changed recently, so I really have no idea what would have caused it. I moved the fish to a new tank (still high pH, but it was the only option), and it looks like all I can do is hope they don't die. I have tried pH down, adding driftwood for tannins, changing gravel, and so SO many water changes. My questions are: Would a pH of 8.2 be enough to be killing all of my fish? What could be affecting the pH of every single tank, as the only constant is the same water source (which, again, tested at about 7.0-7.2)? Does anyone know what else I could do to lower the pH?
  3. Hi everyone, First time posting & newbie to the hobby & the forum. I have a 48 litre (roughly 12 gallon) tank which’s about 5 weeks old & I’ve had fish dying roughly one per day for the past week or so now. For reference the tank finishing its initial cycle after 17 days & I slowly added fish over the next 2 weeks. I had 15 maulata rasboras, 5 peppered long fin corys & 6 fancy guppies in the tank. Everything was going fine & then one day I found a guppy dead in the morning & this has continued almost daily since. I’ve been testing water daily & the parameters as of a few hours ago were as follows: PH: 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10, GH 6(107) KH 3 (57) temp 26 Celsius (78 Fahrenheit) I’ve been checking for ammonia spikes sporadically throughout the day which have some back zero. I’ve had some of the fish checked for bacteria but they came back clean. I’ve also been dozing the tank for the past 7 days with API Melafix. From what I understand my Gh & KH look a little low, I have Seachem Equilibrium on order which should get here in a day or so. I really need help on this as I’m now down to 1 guppy, 9 rasboras & 4 corys 😞 Anyone have any help / thiughts on things I might have missed? A guy at the local fish shop said this could be the tank being overcrowded but without the ammonia spikes it doesn’t feel like this is simply new tank syndrome.... Any help would be appreciated 8 if I’ve made some blundering error please be kind, I’m very new to the hobby but am keen to learn & want to give my fish the best care I can. Thanks Dan
  4. Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble with a batch of Japanese rice fish/medaka/Oryzias latipes, and I was wondering if anyone out there who's more knowledgeable than myself could give me a hand. I took a break from fishkeeping after moving cross country, and this is a bit of a disheartening foray back into the hobby. Parameters: 20 gal tank, about a year old, other occupants are 15+ RCS and a handful of snails, pretty well planted pH 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates <5ppm Water temp is 76F The situation: Ordered a group of 8 "blue sparkle" medaka. Shipment arrived on time, but the bag was leaking and HOT when it arrived. The fish were shipped in a styrofoam container, but the interior was really warm. Still, all 8 fish were alive and active. One fish was missing an eye, but it didn't appear to be a new injury. Day 1: Drip acclimated the fish, kept them in a breeder net for 24hr to observe. They all seemed active, alert, and acclimating well. All of the fish were eating and swimming well through the end of Day 2. Tested water levels and did a small water change in the afternoon of Day 2. Day 3: One of the smallest fish seemed to be breathing quickly/swimming near the surface at the end of Day 2. It declined quickly overnight and was dead on the morning of Day 3. The next smallest fish followed a similar trajectory and was dead by the end of Day 3. Day 4: The largest fish, a female, got stuck in some algae near the back of the tank. I've had a bit of a hair algae problem in the past. Things have been much better, but I guess I missed a clump in the back. I gave the algae a bit of a nudge and she quickly swam free, but she's been hyperventilating ever since. She hasn't been eating, has been swimming near the surface, but also has bursts of energy where she swims around the tank. At the end of the day, I noticed a small red splotch on her back. The remaining 5 fish seem to be doing fine and are eating and swimming well. Tested water levels and did a small water change. Day 5: Today. Big girl seems to be struggling even more, the red splotch is bigger, and she's drifting nose-up. I gently scooped her into a breeder net (with some plants for cover) for closer observation. One of the other fish is still swimming normally, but he seems to have popeye in one of his eyes. Another fish is swimming near the top of the tank like the others were before they died. Three appear to be doing okay. What am I doing wrong here? Aside from ordering fish during the summer (which, really, I should've thought of beforehand), I can't pinpoint what's going wrong. Is it a delayed reaction to the shipping/acclimation? Am I missing something? Any input y'all have would be much appreciated, and I'm here to answer any questions. Thanks! --Plants, a frustrated fishkeeper
  5. OK - I bought 4 small corys along with 8 small platys from Friendly Local Fish Store Guy for starter fish in my new 65 gallon planted 'community' tank. All the fish are doing fine, temperature is stable - about 78 degrees +/-, ph stable at about 7.3. I feed them a bit of Ginger Tropical Flakes once a night. One platy looks a bit tentative, but she's been that way from the get-go. I think she was that way at the store. BUT - 1 cory out of the 4 suddenly and inexplicably died a few days ago - a very unusual phenomenon from my experience, as corys seem to be invincible, and survive under conditions that kill other fish. Today, I went into Friendly Local Fish Store and bought some driftwood, rocks, etc. When checking out, I mentioned to Friendly Local Fish Store Guy that one of the corys he sold me died after two days, something rare IMO. His response - "I see it all the time - you put it into a new tank - fish had nothing to eat...". As I assume you all know, this is complete BS: Corys are omnivorous and they often eat flakes fed to the tank at large. I've seen them scramble to the top and eat off the surface, along with the other fish. Meanwhile the other three corys are doing fine and showing no signs of starvation. Regardless, a cory is not going to starve because of two days without food. Why the fish died? I don't know and I don't really care - new tank, sh--t happens. Night before he seemed fine - next morning he was belly up, floating near heater. But what's up with Friendly Local Fish Store Guy? My feeling is that he's a bluffer and perhaps not too honest. I ordered a few more fish from Quinn's Fins - we'll see how that works out.
  6. My husband has a 20g long. In it he has eco substrate with white gravel over top, root tabs, live plants (java fern windelov, water sprite, aponogeton, anubias, moss ball, and some others), sponge filter in back left corner, airstone in center of the background, and a 30g HOB filter with an intake sponge. (HOB has 2 sponges and a bag of biomax rings in it.) He has/had 2 powder blue gouramis, 3 black ruby barbs, 5 five-banded tetra, one albino pleco, and a mystery and/or pond snail (not exactly sure which). Parameters are 6.8 pH, 0 ppm ammonia, 0 chlorine, 0 ppm nitrite, 20-30 ppm nitrates, hard water. There is no lid on the tank. Unless numbers are off, he has been topping off the tank with Seachem Prime-treated tap water as needed. We have probably done 3 water changes and 2 filter cleanings in the last two months. We do bi-weekly doses of Seachem Flourish for the live plants. (I have added Seachem Stability as dead fish are removed also.) He has lost everything but the black ruby barbs and snails (snails are multiplying - found 3 new babies this morning) in the last month. Are these types of fish extremely sensitive to water parameters? Is the lack of a lid problematic? He is so frustrated he is thinking of just shutting the tank down if the barbs don't make it. I don't want him to give up; I have suggested "easier" fish, like livebearers. Any advice? I am currently treating the tank with Ich-X because I noticed one barb with spots. We are also taking a water sample to our LFS. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello everyone, So i had a 75 gallon established tank that i needed to fill with fish and i made rookie mistake and went out and bought all the fish I thought i liked for the aquarium, and of course one of them brought some kind of disease into the tank and they were all wiped out i had about 20 neon tetras, 6 white fin barbs, 6 cherry barbs, a corydora, and 6 long fin rosy barbs who were the lone survivors. I tried following the directions on api’s super ich cure and nothing helped, anyways i have this betta that i took out of the tank because he was being bullied before i saw any of the disease in the other fish and now my betta is not looking good at all he has a full blown case of ich and what looks like some fin rot. Im trying everything i can to save him because hes the fish that got me started in the hobby and the most personable does anyone have any last ditch efforts on what i can do to try and give him the best chance of survival?
  8. So yesterday, I set up my first community tank. I have only had bettas before. It is a 10 gallon planted tank with 1 honey gourami, 7 ruby tetras, and 2 ember tetras. The store clerk accidentally gave me Ruby’s along with the embers. Everything was fine till I came home today to find to of the smallest 2 rubies dead on the surface :(. A bit later, one of the embers floated up. Nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia were zero. The only thing that looked a bit high was GH. I believe my tank was well cycled but I am kind of a newbie so maybe I did something wrong. The honey hasn’t been aggressive at all that I’ve seen. What could have killed my fish?
  9. I dont know what is happening. Maybe one of you guys know what is going on? I have a notobranchius rachovi beira. He was doing fine yesterday, but today i noticed he was swimming differently. He could not swim straight and would always wank from one side to another. He can still go up and down but sometimes its like he blocks and sinks and is going upside down. Then he would swim again like nothing is happening. He does not want to eat and is not shasing his ladies anymore. Wich he loved to do. I tested my water and is is completely fine. All my other fish are acting normal as well. Now i know these fish dont live for long but i bought him in december so he should not be this old? He is not constipated as i saw him doing his business. For the rest i cant figure out what it can be or it is indeed old age?
  10. Ok, I posted about this before and got some great first step help. Set up a planted tank and waited for 2 months before adding 5 guppies which died one by one over the course of maybe a week. Got three more from a different pet store and the same thing happened. Found out I was using the API test kit wrong from a member of this group. Thank you! Now I tested correctly and ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all at zero levels. GH and Kh are at very low levels. Ph is around 7. I never did a water change in the 3 months since i set the tank up until today, I did a 30 percent water change. Should I have done a water change since I had zero ammonia, nitrites and nitrates? Last guppies died about 2 weeks ago maybe tank wasn't cycled then but is now? I got all those zero readings before I did the water change I just figured I should do it anyway even though readings were good.
  11. Hello, I'm new to the hobby. Mostly started because my wife loves fish and wanted a tank, however knowing she wouldn't want the task of care and maintenance rather just the joy of viewing i have taken on the hobby. I did extensive research prior to setting forward with any purchases. Unfortunately her centerpiece fish, and Beautiful zebra pattern angelfish died after 4 days... and followed 2 days later we lost a mickey mouse platty as well. Looking for any ideas as to the cause, hoping its maybe isolated issues with the fish but I certainly want to ensure the health and safety of the other fish. We have a small variety of fish at moment with plans for more and maybe increased tank size. In the beginning it was 2 black Molly's, 2 glowfish, a golden platty and a gold Mackey mouse platty, and then the angelfish. I properly cycled the tank for a week before adding fish, to include using quick start as well. Its a 20gal tank, with a over top filter with biowheel, as well as running a sponge filter, modified with an air stone inside, have a full test kit , except calcium hardness..however we have a pool and I've tested or tap water 100s of time for hardness with caring for it and we generally always have a hardness from the tap around 60. We also have a submerged heater and temp indicator, with a consistent temp of 76°F. Using a ph balancer and ph at 7.0, tested ammonia at time angle fish died and there was some detected but just enough to color change the test solution that wasn't zero but not enough to fully be the color of 0.25ppm. However I know any is bad, so I used api ammo lock to neutralize and did a 20% water change next day as well. No nitrates or nitrites. With that , im not sure as to the cause of the death of 2 fish, the rest however seem healthy and very energetic and enjoying the tank. Also it is not planted at the moment, but hopes for planting in future after more education. Any ideas from the community on what possible causes are? Or could this be just isolated issues? Thanks.
  12. Lloyd t

    Fish death

    Ive had 3 fish die over the last two week . One was a albino corey one was a white molly and one was a ram cichlid . My water parameters are ph =7.6 kh =100 gh =500 nitrate = 25 nitrite =0.5 my ammonia is 0.5 . The tempature is 21 : 22 decrease its a 100 litre tank The fish seem to just deteriorate over about 5 hours there is no flicking the fish just sit at the bottom of the tank and slowly lose life There is no visible algae in the tank I have live plants in the tank I have an internal ciano filter I have a photo of the ram cichlid afer it had died Any help would be much appreciated you can reach me at llo7dey@gmail.com thank you
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