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Found 14 results

  1. I paid a yearly fee to join my local aquarium association. They do not have monthy meetings, only swaps every few months. The collect table fees. They require already paid members to pay an entry fee. They do not donate to charitable organization. Should I start asking questions or just cut my loses and move on?
  2. Are you a member of the aquarium co-op channel? I am! If its too expensive for you have you considered google survery awards? They pay to to answer 5 second surverys, you can then use that credit to pay off your membership.
  3. Hi everybody hope your having a great day. My local club is tracking members the old fashioned way. Tracking through an excel form and writing emails down on paper. I am trying to get out of the stone age so we can track memberships easier and also send out notifications on lapsed dues and maybe if possible integrate a local breeder award program tied to the membership on our website. I have found software that could do this for us but i cant talk the presidency into spending 1/4 of our annual budget on software. So I am wondering how does your local club track their membership dues?
  4. Just letting other hobbyists know about this upcoming event (I'm not affiliated with organizing of this event, so hopefully this is allowed under forum guidelines!). The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies (NEC) is having their annual convention online this year this coming weekend, April 23-25. Registration is just $7! And there are a good number of well known speakers participating, as well as there being other interesting virtual aspects to the convention to participate in. The website will all of the details is: https://northeastcouncil.org/basic-page/convention-2021-virtual-convention-new Since it's virtual, you obviously don't have to be in the Northeast to attend. However, if you do live in the Northeast, the convention is also having an online auction associated with the event: https://auction.fish/?nec-virtual-convention-auction You don't have to attend the convention or be a member of a local aquarium society to participate in the auction, see the site for all of the rules.
  5. Hello, I am pretty new to the hobby, not going to lie. I have been watching Corey and other fellow youtubers for a while now probably around 4 years. I really enjoy Corey's take on the business aspect to the hobby and how he wants to help the hobby as well as his amazing amount of fish knowledge. I really like how Corey would like to educate, connect and help the community. I was thinking to myself how he could get everyone connected. I have been apart of the Minnesota Aquarium Society for the past two years only really participating in the auctions. I was wondering if all the states have clubs, regions have clubs or areas have clubs? Is there any way we could utilizes them to help connect everyone. Does anyone know about database or website that has a list of all fish stores in each state. I feel looking up local fish information is pretty hard. This could also help connect people. Example would be like all the golf clubs in each state.. that is easy to find.. Sorry to bore you.. Just wondering. Thank you and have a great day.
  6. Hello all, I've tried reaching out to the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association (AAAA) to see if they accept out of state members but no one has responded to my email. Does anyone know of someone who is a member of the AAAA that I could contact? I live in Alabama and the AAAA is the club closest to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Found this while researching flagfish and pygmy sunfish. http://nanfa.org/default.shtml
  8. So, now that I've fallen super hard for this hobby, I would love to get more involved, swap fish and plants with others, learn more about breeding programs. I have some local groups, but I think they're having trouble meeting thanks to COVID and they have super old websites that haven't been updated in a long time and don't seem to respond to emails. Any ideas about groups that are comfortable meeting online? Honestly, I just wish I had the same awesome group I've found here of open-minded and inclusive planted tank enthusiasts, but that we could swap floating plants and snails and livebearer fry mutts 🙂
  9. I have heard in several videos, Corey has talked about being a Master Aquatic Horticulturist. Well I want to know where I can find similar courses, their are no aquarium clubs in my town of Roseburg, Oregon. Would my best bet be starting my own aquarium club? or is their some way I could take a similar course online? For a time I was majoring in botany, but I recently changed my major to business management because I feel that botany comes easy to me, and I know a degree in business can get me most places.
  10. Hello, I would like to know how you went are going about starting a local fish club . In these times I would imagine something done with distancing. I live in Oregon about 25 miles from Corvallis which is the the biggest city near me. Thank You, Bragi
  11. Hello my name is Codie Frazier, I am here to get some advice or maybe someone knows of a fish club near me. I'm located in Yakima eastern Washington there seems to be no fish clubs in my local town. I am pretty serious in this hobby. To me it could be more than just a hobby, I feel like if there isnt anything near me maybe I could start one up with a little help. If anyone knows anything or anyone that might have some of the same interest please contact me or reply to this.
  12. Hi there! I'm new to this forum, but not new to the Aquarium Co-Op universe. So, I was watching videos ALL day yesterday, as I'm gearing up to start a new tank in my newly renovated basement. I would like to do a 30 gallon guppy tank. I currently have 2 nano tanks upstairs, which brought me out of aquarium retirement about 3 years ago. In ONE of the dozens of videos I watched yesterday, Cory made mention of a way to find a local club. But I didn't catch it. I live in Pittsburgh. I'm on all sorts of groups, but can't seem to find anything local to me. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Picture of Data the Betta for your viewing pleasure 🙂
  13. I thought I would start a thread for the local club meetings. With covid they have been online, I know @Dean’s Fishroom attends them, I seem to make about half of them. They are held on youtube. The next one is on the 13th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usOMvrMlybs
  14. Crazy right? I know I am putting myself out there with the smartphone punching tiktok consuming generation but I have toyed with idea of starting a high school fish club. This is totally weird right? I am not even a Science teacher. (I teach History) This is what I know. I have a passion for sharing and creating opportunities kids. Our school has TONS of clubs and this would not be shocking but it might be "out" there. I am not even sure what this club would do other than talk fish and all this aquatic. I have some ideas on things to do but I wanted to ask the experts, ya YOU! If this club was actually happening and you were in high school, what would you want to do? The sky is the limit, no idea is too small, none is too large. Share with me your thoughts. I would love to hear what you have to say. Many thanks, Ted K. Information to consider - School location is north of Boston near the coast. There are some local fish groups. Also we are close to many colleges and universities. Power to the shrimp!
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