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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone I recently purchased the finnex planted plus 24/7 hlc, and I’m curious how the custom 24/7 works. I already set all the time slots to what percentage I want the lights so be. My question is say I want the lights to come on at 7am, do I press the 6am button at 7am when I’m in the time set mode? Or is there a ramp up and down time before lights come on and before they go off? The reason I’m curious is I’m using pressurized co2 and I just turned the lights on manually today, but I want to get it working properly before I go back to work on Monday. Thanks for any help I hope someone has lots of experience with this light.
  2. I broke out my old Finnex Planted+ CC. I am pretty unfamiliar with lighting, although I’ve been doing some research on lighting to try and understand it better. The Finnex CC was barely used, as it was on the last aquarium I had to take down shortly after my brain and spinal surgery years ago. Being a 48” fixture, I strung it through two setups, my crayfish’s (Gandr’s) setup, and over my 20G tall I am starting over. Plant wise, they’re low to medium light plants (I’d say 3 are medium to high): Ludwigia peruensis, Ludwigia arctuata, Cryptocoryne undulatus ‘Red’, Red Tiger Lotus, Bolbitis huedelotii ‘Difformis’, Cryptocoryne petchii, Cryptocoryne balansae, Bucephalandra Kapuas Brownie Ghost, Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Japan’, and Hygrophila pinnatifida. I’ll have Eco-Complete as a substrate, with root tabs, liquid fertilizers for them, if that’s useful knowledge to you all, if it makes an impact on lighting. I don’t have the specific percentiles decided, because I wanted to see if there were any blatant flaws from this point already. But this is what I was roughly jotting down as a lighting idea, though I’m wondering if it’s adequate, assuming I’ll get the specific percentages in order. Normal would probably represent a higher intensity lighting period, though that will likely need heavy refining. I’m wasn’t necessarily intending for a sort of weird dim siesta time frame, but I get extremely light sensitive at certain points in the day, especially from 3-5pm, any time after 8pm, and in the morning at 9-10am (depending on my symptoms, I can have all day severe light sensitivity, as I already cover most of blinds on the windows with blankets haha, but generally, those are the times I really notice it at). I was curious to see if I would be able to keep the fixture in a certain dimness, but not poorly affecting the plants. Would this work decently, or would it *likely* need adjusting, and if so, what would you all recommend? I do have red some plants, though I’d say they’re not as difficult as most red plants, so I’m sure that will also come into play on any lighting schedule. ALSO, these plants are all new, so if I should start out lower on any hypothetical high intensity lighting periods, feel free to let me know. 🙂
  3. Hello everyone ive had my 55 gallon planted for almost a year now. Im a returning hobbyist and was super interested in planted tanks so i was doing alot of work on it. 50% water change a week light on max for 8 hours a day on a timer. Ph usually 7.2 -7.6 nitrates were always around 20. and decent Kh and hard water. I dose easy green once a week after the water change but my plants kept showing signs of deficiency. Is it possible my light is too strong and causing my plants to want to grow faster than they can without co2? they keep making new leaves but the older ones fall off or go yellow and pale and form pin holes. i tried dosing more and didnt help so im gonna lower the brightness abit. any tips? tanks 🙂
  4. I have a Planted Marineland 75 gal aquarium. I recently purchased a 46.5 " Finnex 24/7. I have it set on the preset 24/7 setting. Can anyone tell me what this setting is considered for light, low- medium or high. I do not run Co2, I do dose with Easy Carbon, 7 squirts every other day, Easy Green, 7 squirts on Mondays and Thursdays, I also use Co-Op root tabs. Plants include Anubis (Coffeefolia, Barteri,Nangi) Java fern (Windelov,Thin Leaf, Regular), Jungle Val, Reg Val, Dwarf Sag, Swords (Amazon, Red Melon, Red Flame), Crypts (Wendtii Red), Banana Plant, Red Dwarf Lily, Java Moss, Spiralis, Water Sprite, Asian fern and African fern,and a couple others I am unsure of names maybe more Crypts or Aponogeton ulvaceus. Some (most) are doing great, others are alive, but don't seem to grow at all.
  5. What are your favorite background plants for a low-tech tank? I can do moderate to high light with mg Finnex 24/7 CRV, but I'm not running Co2. Just had to rip out my green myrio because the leaves started dying. (A real head-scratcher because I thought it was almost impossible to kill... meanwhile my water sprite and moneywort are growing like crazy). I'm using liquid ferts and substantial lighting. I'm a newbie, so easy to moderate care only. Probably not amazon swords since they get so large. My tank is only 29 gallons. I don't mind trimming frequently, but I don't want anything that's giant because I prefer to keep a big variety of plants. I like the look of anacharis, but I keep my tank at 79°, and I know they prefer cooler water.im using eco-complete substrate. Root tabs, and liquid ferts as needed.
  6. My two year old took the remote to my 24/7 planted light! It has not appeared and I am wonder possible solutions... can I buy a remote? Should I abandon ship and get a new light? Any help appreciated!
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