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Found 12 results

  1. By providing our aquarium plants with liquid fertilizers and root tabs to grow, do we actually decrease their ability to use the nitrites and nitrates in our water? Does it lower their water purifying abilities because they don't have to work as hard to get nutrients?
  2. I received my plants from the Coop, and they are simply beautiful, healthy and are already waking up. So, I have sand substrate because I have corydoras, and was looking for a way to plant and add fertilizer without the plants floating (thin layer of substrate), and without the corys finding the root tabs. I also have snails in the tank. Since I need eggshells for the snails because I have soft water, I am trying taking a half eggshell after cooking the membrane out, poking a small hole(s) on the bottom, adding fertilizer and the plant, filling the empty space with sand, and dropping it in the tank. They stay in place, and they are easy to move if I need to. The shell will eventually dissolve leaving a well rooted plant in the substrate. This also works for adding root tabs around the tank by adding more holes to the bottom of the eggshell. 🙂
  3. To anyone who can help. My monte carlo was doing good til afew weeks ago, it started turning brown. Someone told me to add root tabs. I bought the co op root tabs but as u can see i ruined my carpet trying to stick them it the gravel. I finally got afew in the gravel and i fixed my carpet best i can. Do i need root tabs for my carpet?? Im running C02 and co op fertilizer once a week.
  4. Hi everyone, The water in my planted tank is testing in the range of 150 ppm GH (I'm using Aquarium Coop test strips). I don't have any rocks or substrate in that tank that would raise general hardness so much, so I am wondering if it's the fertilizers. I'm using ADA Green Brighty N, Neutral K, Iron, and Mineral. Coyld any of these affect GH? (Note: I was using Green Brighty K until a couple of weeks ago when I changed to Neutral K, but the GH high levels persist). Thanks!
  5. I follow Greggz and try to emulate what he does; as his tank is insanely beautiful. So hopefully this will give some insight to those who want to dig a bit deeper. Burr740 is Joe Harvey fyi. Pulled from here. https://www.plantedtank.net/threads/share-your-dosing-thread.1288329/
  6. Any of you guys ever try DIY root tabs? Don't have too much money to spend on root tabs, but I only have an inert substrate of sand and pea pebbles (yeah, I know, my mistake. Got the wrong pebbles.) . I saw one day a few people were making their won root tabs (I was never interested in root feeding plants like swords) out of Osmocote Plus. Went in a little deeper and saw some people had great success with them and some people had little success with them. Obviously I also heard about people getting huge ammonia spikes with not digging them deep enough or planting too much at once, but I have about 3 inches of sand and gravel to plant them in and its a pretty shallow to dig in 10g so I'm not too worried about that (probably going to come back and bite me in the butt one day), and the deal sounds too good to pass up. I've also heard its a pretty slow release so you don't get quick growth, and I've heard other people say they worked quickly. I know it lacks iron but I'm not too worried about that, don't have many red plants or plan on getting too many. I already dose Easygreen, but I feel like some of my plants like my Jungle Val could benefit off of them (some people say they're root feeders, some don't). Also I already know that other tabs like Seachems are the best, but I like the little pills. Would love to hear your thoughts, although I feel like I'm not going to quite enjoy the answer.
  7. I would love to slightly streamline my fertilizing process by mixing my general fertilizer with my potassium fert (and maybe a calcium supplement too) and storing them together so I only have to pipette one thing. Has anyone done this, or does anyone know of a reason it wouldn’t work? I know things *might* react and become less useable by the plants, but does anyone know for sure? Or almost sure 😉
  8. Hey gang, extremely new to the hobby, and was mainly looking for some reassurance I guess. Tank has been up and running for about four and a half weeks now, but I started with no fertilizers whatsoever. My plants seemed to have stopped melting, but there doesn't seem to any more progress, and there's a start of some hair algae and cyano. In terms of water hardness, looks like I'm lacking in nutrients: kH: 2.0 gh: 3.0 Just bought some root tabs from Aquarium co-op, which should help the Amazon swords, lilaeopsis brasilliensis, alternanthera reineckii mini, and dwarf hairgrass. Was thinking of getting some Easy Green liquid feet for my Java Fern Windelov and Christmas moss, but I live in Minnesota, and it's looking like we're getting a cold snap soon; how does Aquarium Co-op anticipate for temperature sensitive items? Is there a chance the Easy Green will lose nutrient effectivity due to freezing? How does AC Easy Iron and Easy Carbon compare to Seachem Iron and Excel?
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm super new to the hobby and although I research daily, I'm still clueless! I started my tank a couple months ago with Eco-Complete substrate topped with gravel. I just got a few swords -- thank you Co-Op for the beautiful plants! And have a few crypts, water sprite and moneywort on the way. How long will the Eco-Complete fertilize before I need to start using root tabs? Also, I bought Flourish but am thinking I might need to ditch that and get the Easy line instead because it seems more beginner friendly? What do you think? Here is my sweet little 10g tank with my baby swords. Faux plants are there until I can get the crypts and stem plants in.
  10. HELLO! I am setting up my first planted tank, but have had other aquariums for a while. I've done my research and really like what the Aquascaping world is doing, especially some of the guys in Asia and Europe. I know I cant get so crazy right off the bat, but I really want to work up to that. So that being said. I am working on a low tech, low light, easy plant, "first aquascape". I'd like to do some carpeting plant in a section of the design, but realize that probably wont happen with my setup. Aubias, Java Fern, Cryptocoryne, and Red Lotus are on my short list of plants so far. I have decided to use Nerite Snails, Amano Shrimp, maybe small algae eating fish, possibly cherry shrimp, and a mix of tetra or similar size fish. I plan on using RO water, and I know I have to re-mineralize it. Can anyone recommend anything that they use? I am looking at fertilizers and I keep coming back to the Aquarium Co-Op. What is the Carbon Fertilizer for? Will it help with low tech / non CO2 tanks? Is it fish and shrimp safe too? And I guess same thing for the Iron.
  11. Do you dose new plants with easy green and roots tabs as soon as you plant them or wait a week or so? Thanks for any help
  12. Hi all: I use Easy Green heavily on all my tanks, and I'm very happy with it. However, I tend to overstock most of my tanks. So sometimes, rather than do an extra water change mid-week, I'd like to fertilize my plants heavily with everything EXCEPT nitrogen, especially phosphates and potassium. I know that Easy Green is heavy in nitrogen, and I could just do a water change to reset it and dose with Easy Green, but sometimes I'd rather just let the plants use the nitrogen that's in there and supplement with all the other nutrients. I have been using Seachem Flourish as this alternative, but I don't really think it's doing anything. It's too watered down. Do any of you plant experts have a recommendation for a plant nutrient supplement that is heavy in everything BUT nitrogen? For water column feeders, I'm stocking anubias, crypts, java fern, water sprite, red ludwigia, baby tears, nothing too advanced, and no CO2. Thanks!
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