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Found 3 results

  1. Hello C.A.R.E. Givers, So I was watching Michael's Fish Room and he mentioned freezing something called Repashy in a silicone ice cube tray. Have any of you use this with guppies? I was thinking of ordering Repashy Soilent Green and this tray. <Insert Soylent Green joke here> Is this a good Repashy for my guppies? If there is something better, I would love suggestions. Right now I'm feeding them Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food and some Aqueon Fish flake occasionally (mostly for a change of pace). I have a poorly stocked Petsmart near me but no local shops, so I've been using Amazon. I hope posting these links are ok, if not I'd be happy to remove them, they aren't affiliate or anything. Also, if there is a better online vendor, someone supportive of the hobby, please let me know and I'll order from them happily. Also is this Repashy thing overkill for someone like me who is still very much a novice? I've read some about hatching brine shrimp, but I was a little intimidated, and I don't think I have the population (~10 babies and another ~10 adults) yet to warrant it. Thank you for reading this! I hope you all have a good week!
  2. I thought my female black molly was pregnant because her belly was so large. However, I notice that every morning she is "thinner". During the day she gets larger and poops. A LOT. And the strands are long. (Today my male platy and molly ate her poop twice.) I am feeding 2 mollies and 2 platy. I put in enough food that it is gone within 3 minutes. However, I notice that the female molly stays at the top of the tank swimming around, skimming the surface with her mouth open. The platy fish who come up to the surface about 30 seconds after I place the food in the tank barely get any of the food. How do I change her eating habits without starving the other fish? Should she be separated? I only feed them twice a day (8am-ish, and 6pm-ish). I am afraid she is going to eat herself to death. (I have attached a picture of her at 2:40 pm today. She has not eaten since 8 this morning. But she has had repeated long strings of poop.)
  3. Hey everyone, I have livebearer breeding tanks set up with hornwort floating for fry cover. The problem I’m having is when I feed my adults, food is getting trapped in the midst of the plants and decaying. I’ve seen many diy top water feeding rings, but didn’t know if that would keep the underneath plants from floating over and collecting the food. Anyone have experience, or ideas, on what I could use to minimize the food getting caught in the plants? Thanks for the info!
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