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Found 6 results

  1. On @Fish Folk’s recommendation, I got myself a vinegar eel culture to help feed my tiny tiny honey gourami fry. I thought this was a great plan! They’re super easy to keep and definitely tiny. The problem is I’ve never seen one of the fry eat them. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m 95% sure the fry are big enough that they could eat them, but they seem to be put off. They don’t even try to go after them, though they will turn and watch it for a bit when one goes by. I’m not sure if the worms are too wiggly for them? Is that even possible? The other possibility is that the fry perceive the eels as too long to fit in their mouths. “Too long” isn’t a category that seem to exist for my tetras, who I’ve seen down mosquito larvae and VibraBites half the length of their bodies. But I know (and continue to learn) that honey fry are super picky. Is there any way I can test at least the first of these theories by slowing down the eels? If I put them in the fridge, I’m afraid they’ll just perk up as soon as they hit the warm water. What if I let them sit in tap water overnight? Would they half-die and slow down? Just spitballing here. Any ideas are appreciated!
  2. Curious if anyone has any thoughts or experience to share on this. I definitely have noticed the C. Regani fry occasionally giving a nibble the parents side over the first 10 days or so outside of the cave. They also seems to enjoy hydra, green algae, scavenging off the bottom, baby brine shrimp, bloodworms, cyclops, and krill flake. The skin nibbling is not like what I've seen videos of discus doing but it happens enough that it is noticeable. Both parents seem to allow it and not have any problem with it so far. The fry are getting pretty close to moving to a 20 gallon grow out and or possibly the 2 Ziss breeder boxes in the parents tank. I have them for such a surprise fry appearance. We are now 14 days in and about 1/2 inch long x 80 or so fry. Half way to submitting my first ever breeding report to the Colorado Aquarium Society 🙂. Hopefully we get there learning each day either way though.
  3. I am making a second attempt at growing out a group of clown killifish for a try at a future large colony. First attempt ended with one female making it out of quarantine. Any suggestions for foods to try? I was considering incorporating golden pearls with the standard BBS and coop fry food. Not yet experienced with the killifish fry or extremely small juveniles. Thanks much.
  4. A betta pair of mine has just laid eggs. They will be hatching right around the time I am going out of town for 4 days. Will newly hatched betta fry be ok in a well established, heavily planted tank for 4 days without feeding? Also, what is y’alls favorite food to feed betta fry? I intend to feed microworms. Thanks!
  5. Looking into breeding angelfish. How often should I feed them baby brine shrimp?
  6. @Dean’s Fishroom64 oz over 6 hours. Water is also exchanging with the 250 gallon so the fry tray doesn’t become rancid. testing it with rice fish first. Then on to the T. schoutedeni fry! on a side note: my ricefish mixing has been fruitful. Many of my orange color fry juveniles are starting to get black patches. Hard to get on camera.
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