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Found 6 results

  1. Sooooooooo. This is a random poll for the best aquarium products. Add any others at the bottom. My favorite overall is seachem prime. Enjoy, and comment on your favorites. Below!
  2. A few months ago @Fish Folk made an excellent thread on a 1 minute video of your favorite tank. But how about some pictures! Post pictures of your favorite tank. This could be a tank that you had 20 years ago or a tank you setup yesterday! and Why is it your favorite tank? What kind of fish or plants do you have in it? Heres my favorite tank. After rescaping this tank and adding some neon tetras its been a blast to watch. I like it for a few reasons: The Plants are growing FANTASTICLLY Hugo is such a goof ball... Matnience is EASYY. A waterchange every week or two and THATS IT! Stocked with... Male Halfmoon Betta (I think... idk if its halfmoon) 5 Neon Tetras Planted with... Hygrophillia Compact Varias Anubias Species Red Melon Sword (or some type of sword...) Hygrophillia Siamensis Salvania (Giant Duckweed)
  3. I am curious what everyone's favored tank size. I love the 40 breeder and the 150 fat boy. I think my favorite small tank is the 40 breeder. I love the 53 I had but it's so hard to get one.
  4. Hi, so I was wondering what your favorite acronym form the aquarium hobby is. Mine personally would be CRS (crystal red shrimp) since I love how they look and really want to keep them eventually. Also because it also stands for "crew resupply" for launching stuff to the ISS (International Space Station) and who doesn't like watching a rocket launch? CRS-21:
  5. We may tell our fish "I don't have favorites, I love you all the same" But lets be honest, you have a favorite. Lets see the favorit fish that you own. Mine is my koi angelfish. He was actually sold to me as a panda angel, but then later found out he was a koi angel. He was one of the first fish I got, and he quickly became my favorite. He's the one that got me LOVING angelfish.
  6. What is everyone's favorite aquarium plant? Low tech, high tech, foreground, midground, background, floating, what is the one plant that brings you the most joy in your aquarium? I know it's hard to pick just one, and it may change over time, but if you had to pick one right now, what would it be?
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