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Found 5 results

  1. So I recently had a question on the aquarium group support FB group about gaps under my tanks on my rack. I had a reply flagged for apparent gun stuff (it was a picture of the gap under a ten gallon), and then while my comment was being reviewed, I think I've been blocked from the group. Is there any fixing this, or did I just lose one of the few groups I needed? Thanks guys.
  2. Hi everyone, I found a 150 gallon on the good ol' fb marketplace. Gentleman is including: stand, canopy, fluval FX 6, 2 sponge filters/pump, heater lights .... $1200. Is that a fair price?
  3. When sharing a thread on facebook, it will now pull the first image that is an attachment from the thread to use as the picture on Facebook. I've also submitted the forum to be a part of the invision boards app. This will bridge the gap for those who wanted an app, assuming we are accepted.
  4. I’ve gotta know if anyone else had a similar or even crazier boot. I largely ignore Facebook groups....my town’s group is insane. I happened to be on Facebook you checking my notifications and looked at the one betta group notification. Below I saw a post of a girl’s betta in a store cup. She uses it to remove it for cleaning.... it said how the fish was acting lethargic and had not eaten in a week. Nothing else. I saw one comment asking parameters and others just listing meds. I would say it’s unbelievable but it happens daily. I commented that removing the betta was not advised for cleaning. Asked, parameters, tank size, filter and heater. The girl had only said “good” for parameters and “decent” for tank size in a group that says it doesn’t condone less then 2.5 gallons but it’s constant. Another person commented that she hated seeing these posts constantly and without more information people would kill the fish with their misguided advice. I agreed that it would be nice if the admins stepped in with having people list the basic information but I asked and couldn’t force her to answer. All of my comments were deleted. >< Not even the girl complaining about people asking questions. I asked the admin in a message and she was such a flake. Sadly she wrote a book on bettas she says she just released. I was muted and could not get through to her that listed qualified breeders and sellers helped people not buy from petsmart and petco which they say they are against....but you can’t mention breeders.... So that’s my story and I just want to say “Thank you.” For all the folks on the board. 20 years keeping bettas....I know I speak in a very “to the point manner” but she’s got a fish laying on its side in an inch of water. Any words of encouragement welcome....that losing faith in humanity feeling is sure common this year.... Just keep swimming.
  5. I know I should just stick to reddit or someplace like HERE but I like helping new folks or just browsing. Sometimes you hit great stuff. I’m trying to ignore the bettas in 0.5 gallons and the girl upset her fish died after a 100 water change (which she does each week) but.... peroxide. I’m a chemist. It’s great for cleaning glass, bleaching hair and spot treating things..... Am I the only human who has shrimp and does not literally pour peroxide into my tank???? I hadn’t heard of doing this. I would only put peroxide in a “working” tank with the filter off and through a syringe to spot treat while keeping inhabitants away. An admin for a group literally said they dose their tank with peroxide weekly.... yes it turns to water and oxygen but not before it oxidizes organic material it contacts. I felt like maybe some folks were not speaking up....I advised the person that was worried they may have crashed their cycle but seemed the only one not saying “oh I pour (insert 1-3 ml) per gallon into my tank for (insert algae, disease or other strange reason)” I’m sorry if anyone doses their tank with peroxide but I must have missed this train. I would be more likely to remove an item, spot treat, wait, replace.... am I wrong???
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