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Found 8 results

  1. Some months ago I had a bad infestation of BBA. I treated it with Excel for a couple of weekly partial water changes, then stopped Excel and went natural with mollies, nerites, Amanos, and red cherries. My 130 liter tank has white clouds, Rasbora hets, green neons, black neon, cardinals, a clown Plecostomas, a panda Corydoras, platies, guppies, a honey gourami, and lots of plants. My weekly water changes are either five or ten gallons depending on how heavily I feed. For the past month or so, I've gone from one feeding a day to two, to try to get my livebearers to give birth. It worked for the platies and guppies, but my big fat molly is still big and fat. The problem is the black beard algae is starting to come back. My 60+ shrimp and the livebearers are not slowing the growth rate. I didn't expect much help from the nerites, but they do windows. I also have a relatively new crop of bladder snails, probably from the heavy feeding, but they aren't helping either. The Anacharis tips are full of it, the Java ferns are sprouting it, and the Vallisneria is getting it on the parts at the surface. I seem to recall that there was a reason why I discontinued Excel, but now it escapes me. Can I safely use Excel without harming my critters?
  2. I'm currently following the dosing directions on the Excel bottle but it's not doing much to my staghorn unless I spot treat with an entire dose (1ml/10gallon ). Can I go higher? The bottle says do not over dose but I'm wondering what others do? I'm not too worried about killing my val because I'm pretty angry at it. And yes I take plant behavior personally.
  3. Bought some Cherry Barbs that were turbo sick. TL/DR I've have beaten everything so far and to my surprise are looking 80% better. However, I need some help. I have 2 that still look overly bloated; causing some color loss in the fish. I don't see worms, but the guy with the most bloat looks to have a small red dot right at the anus. Doesn't look prolapsed or anything. Kinda like a poo is emerging, but not (if that make sense). I've never seen Camallanus, so I'm just not sure. Here's the run down: Med Trio and continued Paracleanse per direction 1 week rest 1 week PraziPro Now I'm starting Metroplex orally. (maybe a stubborn set of tape worms?) I have fenbendazole on hand: So my question is; continue Metro just to see or just go for fenbendazole off my assumption? This guy won't let me get a picture. He only comes out during feeding then goes back to hiding. Thanks for any help!!!
  4. Any know if Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae is sensitive to Excel?
  5. I have a bad case of BBA in my heavily planted 75 gallon tank. I know I should have taken care of it earlier but I thought it would resolve itself. I believe it was due to my heavy use of coop iron. I recently bought a juvenile SAE but he does not seem interested in the worst case but just nibbling on the Amazon sword leaves that have smaller amounts of BBA. I’m scared of using Flourish Excel or hydrogen peroxide since I have invertebrates and baby shrimps. should I rip all my plants out that I worked so hard to grow or trim them all down to their base? I was going to not feed my fish for a few days and make them work for their living and help to clean up the tank in the mean time. i have very hard water and pH 8.4 which is typical of my tap water. Fluval 3 planted light (which I have turned off for now) . Stock - albino corydoras, khuli loaches, Royal fallowela, African dwarf frogs, mystery snails, bladder/ramshorn snails, cappuccinos, trumpets. Thank you for any advice!
  6. Hello, I have a few moss balls(Marimo. Named the largest Dan after Dan Marino) that have started browning in spots. I read that i can vacation them in the fridge to help this. (Tank is at 78F) do I only leave them in there for 24h or can I leave them longer. Also is there any fertilizer that they like. Besides temperature and light (they are mostly shaded within the tank) is there any other reasons for them to be browning. I have stopped using excel and liquid carbon with them in the tank (I think it hurts them but I could be wrong I don’t actually know). any guidance would be wonderful!
  7. Long story short i try to fight BBA with Excel Flourish and now all my Vall is melting . What to do Next ??? Cut the death leaves ( 97%) or i need to replant everything? Thank was amazing last week and today all leaves are breaking down and lost color
  8. Alright guys I’ve had it. I’ve got a 55 gallon moderately planted tank which has been running smoothly for 2 years. Recently (4-6 months) I’ve had major issues with black beard algae exploding on everything; plants, wood, rock and equipment. I’ve pulled out everything and scrubbed it off to no avail. I need advice before I completely tear it down and start fresh.
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