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Found 2 results

  1. I would like some feed back on my plans for the 40g tank I'm getting ready to setup, I'm in no hurry and taking my time so I make as few mistakes as possible. getting feed back on my ideas has always been helpful and appreciated and I'm hoping the same happens here. I included a rough floor plan above for my project. the fish I'm interested in keeping: 1. 3x Banjo river loach 2. 4x Kuhli loaches 3. 12 neon tetra/ longfin neon tetra if I can find them 4. few shrimp if I feel my water parameters can support them my equipment: Fluval 307, a little concerned it my have to much flow Aqueon pro 150 titanium heater looking for the Hygger 60w HG-957 led but may have to settle for the 36w HG-978 do to lack of stock. I have a 20lb bag of CaribSea Eco-Complete but concerned it could hurt the loaches I was planning on just using it as a base and coving it up with Fluval plant substrate and have not settled on what type of sand to use but leaning on Topfin or CaribSea Super Natural. the border in the floor plan I'm planning to use crafting mesh and cut it to 2"-3" and silicone it in place and then silicone Dragonstone chips to it. I do have a piece of wood and several dragon stone pieces to add for decorations and have not decided on particular plants but I would like some with red coloring and some carpeting plants as well. well that's it, all ideas and opinions on my choices and concepts are welcome - Thank You
  2. My kiddo has a fluval spec 5 gallon and would like to upgrade her beta to 10 gal. She has had terrible luck growing plants and has tried low light plants with root tabs, easy green and has black substrate from co-op store (not sure what’s it’s called). Yet no luck. Hoping when we upgrade the new setup will better support plant growth. As a surprise I would like to get her started with buying her a new set up as a holiday gift. Can someone recommend a 10 g tank, light and heater? There are so many options and I am not a fish person.
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