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Found 6 results

  1. Let's start with the swim bladder most case of swim bladder are cause by over feeding and the stomach putting pressure on the swim bladder constipation or bacterial infection of the swim bladder and injury to the swim bladder Frist I would recommend fasting your fish for a couple of days and doing epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 2 gallons for no more than 15 minutes 2-3 times a day as eposm salt acts as a muscle relaxants to help with constipation if that has no effect then I would treat with antibiotic medication in food Kanaplex is my go to antibiotic treatment you could also use maracyn2 and furan2 are not very effective at a higher pH above 7.8 if your in the UK I would treat with Sera baktopur direct tables if it's a damage swim bladder caused by an injury it case of wait and see some will improve given time other will not improve and may have to be euthanize if you think there suffering clove oil is one of the most humane ways to euthanize your fish
  2. First noticed ich on Wednesday AM. Got new fish Sunday and Sunday afternoon did med trio. Then Wednesday AM saw ich only on the rummy nose tetras. Did partial water change after work and redosed Ich-X. Looked worse in the morning, did another change and another dose. Looked better after work on Thursday. Changed water and redosed. Now it's spread to other fish. Everyone is eating OK and I think med trio cleared some worms out of a couple of cardinal tetras that were pretty thin, they seem to be gaining a little weight. Been changing water and dosing Ich-X about every 12 hours since Wednesday afternoon. And it's not clearing up. Rummy nose look worse again today than last night. I know it's only 'killable' in the free-swimming stage... I bumped the temp up a couple of degrees (was at 76 got it to 78 now). If no difference in the AM, I might bump it to 80 when I redose. One thing I've noticed is that the blue color in the water is darn near gone within... half an hour? It's not there for long at all. Maybe that's normal. I've never used Ich-X and I haven't treated ich in probably two decades. Pic is best I could get on one of the rummy nose. Water Parameters: pH - my tap water comes out of the tap at 7 and ages to 8.2, this tank has Fluval Stratum which seems to drop pH to about 6.5. I change water straight out of the tap. Nitrates - tons of plants also in quarantine, nitrates are rock bottom... MAYBE "5" on the test strip this morning. Hardness - 18 degrees/320 ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 16 degrees/285 ppm Water Temperature - 76 before this afternoon, now increased to 78 Thanks!
  3. Hey, quick question about KanaPlex dosing. I have a 30 gal that has minor epistylis, saw it this morning. I have seen the KanaPlex dose chart, and saw that it’s one scoop KanaPlex, one focus and a tablespoon of food per 5 gallons, does that mean I have to do 6 tbsp food?? My fish definately don’t eat that much 😂. Is there a better way to do this or am I just not understanding right?
  4. I start a thread about these diseases to give people more information on these common disease
  5. I am at a loss!!! Take a look at this koi platy...struck down by something like epistylis, I have been treating with both kanaplex and metroplex (separately) for over two weeks with food. Everyone’s eating. Is this a disease I am missing? I literally cleaned the entire tank already, took everything out, scrubbed it, vacuumed...why isn’t this clearing up? I am absolutely losing my mind. Other fish in the tank don’t seem to be affected (hard to see on the albino corys) and one of my three dojos has a few visible spots
  6. Hoping I wasn’t going to have to post here, but just lost 6 of my 7 cardinal tetras today and the 7th is likely terminal and not sure on my next steps. A little bummed about the die-off as its suddenness was unexpected. As I am not sure what data is helpful, so I have included water params and significant events as it is a new tank. Tanks is a 20 long planted tank with following water params pH: running 7.4-7.6 Nitrates: 10-30 ppm Hardness: 10-12dgh Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: 8-10dkh Water Temperature: 76F I have been running weekly checks of the above water params with a liquid kit. After I added the fish I added daily checks with Co-Op test strips and there were no elevated levels of ammonia or nitrites and the other values, excluding Nitrates, remained the same as well. Nitrate levels did vary a bit due to fertilizer additions and plant consumption. In terms of timeline and significant events I had the following: Mid-February set up tank with hardscape, eco-complete, Fluval 30 filter tweaked with course sponge and no carbon, heater, Stingray on a timer, and a small sponge filter with air stone. 1 March added Crypt Wendetti and Parva, Java Moss, Scarlet Temple, plus Water Sprite from the Co-Op. All but the moss died back (USPS took 8 days to deliver), but everything except the Scarlet Temple had started growing well. Water params were "good" and have been using Easy Green and a little Easy Iron. 26 March added seven Cardinal Tetras from a LFS (only fish in the tank) 29 March added some additional Water Sprite to replace the Scarlet Temple which never recovered. The new Water Sprite was and is growing very well. 3 April I noticed some spots that I took to be Ich on all the Tetras (pics attached), moved them to a 5 gallon hospital tank, and used the sponge filter from the 20 long. Temp was kept at 78F. 4 April realized I had accidentally under-dosed Ich-X (0.25ml v 2.5ml) and corrected to proper dose plus started daily 30% water changes followed by re-dosing. 4 April to 6 April fish seemed to be OK, other than spots, and were eating an alternating mix of fry food and frozen Daphnia. All fish appeared energetic and water params were consistent with main tank 7 April returned home from work and 6 of 7 tetras were dead with 7th appearing unlikely to survive. Did add some Maracyn for remaining fish as dead fish seemed to have some possible fin rot that I had not noticed while they were alive. My questions are: Did I miss diagnose (or miss treat Ich), was it Epistylis, or something else? The rapidity of death, fatality rate, and simultaneous nature seem odd. The following day after I had pulled the fish from the main tank I noticed some odd white growths (1-2mm and look like small white pills of cotton) on the moss and hair algae in the tank (pic attached). Curious what folk’s thoughts are on that? Other than being time coincident may be completely unrelated, but wanted to ask. Are my water parameters just too far outside of a Tetras required range? I had hoped to get a mix of Cardinal and Rummy-nose Tetras plus some Amano shrimp for the tank, but not sure on how to proceed at this stage as I don’t know what killed the Tetras I had. Thanks for any help or guidance, Merrick
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