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  1. Hi! I'm Crow, 20 year old University student from the UK, I used to keep fish when I was a kid and do lots of research on forums for my stepmother who had multiple FW tanks and a gorgeous 120 gallon reef tank. At the beginning of September I realised I was in a position to have fish again and have been obsessed ever since. The image is of my 15 gallon display tank, currently home to 8 corydoras habrosus, 6 CPD's+1 juvenile, and very soon to be home to 3 sparkling gourami (they're arriving in the post on Wednesday, I'm incredibly excited). At some point I really want to do an ecosystem tank, i.e look at a few images from underwater in the Amazon and decorate a tank+use stocking that would be found in that habitat. I adore my current tank and the way it looks but at the same time I really want to feel like I'm staring at a piece of nature, my current aquascape is as natural as a golden retriever. Edit: also home to some number of shrimp, I got a random assortment of 18 neocaridinia for £18 and some of them have been very berried lately
  2. Hey Everyone. I'm Penny and I've been lurking around for a little while, trying to absorb some of your knowledge bit felt it was time to say hello 😁 I'm super new to the hobby and I am trying to find out as much as I can to give myself the best chance for success. I'm going to be setting up 3 nano tanks, I want them to be heavily planted and possibly keep a few shrimp and maybe a Betta in each. I plan on getting the tanks planted and settled for as long as possible before even thinking about putting anything alive in there. I'm interested in any plants you think are must haves in nano tanks I have 3x 2.7 us gallon/10lt and one 4 gallon 15lt.. I'm thinking lidless to let the plants get big as possible. Thanks for all the super interesting posts... I know these won't be my only tanks.. the hobby just doesn't work that way! 😂
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