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Found 19 results

  1. so my endler guppys (4) , that I have had for around 2 and a half months now still dont understand the concept of eating (bit exagerated, but itll do) . I put in some tropical pellets for them but they only get the food if its in their line of sight or if they see it they miss the food, so im wondering how to approach this, i put together 3 options: 1) feeding dish 2) floating tube (to place food in so it doesnt spread) or 3) the food that sticks to glass (o-nip or something) any other options or ideas?? also how many pellets should the guppys be eating? they usually catch around 2? sometimes 1..
  2. Bought some plants from the LFS and this little guy was in the bag(trace amount of water in the bottom). Guessing it's a little guppy or endler, but I'm not sure.
  3. Christmas has not been a happy time in one of my tanks, and I'm at a loss. I had to say goodbye to my much loved Betta this morning, and my dog brought me a kuhli loach on Christmas Eve. Two more loaches are missing and presumed lost. So my 5gal Endor tank is down to 1 endler, 1 kuhli (unless someone is hiding in the At-At deco), 1 nerite snail, lots of bladder snails, scuds and live plants. I had just done regular maintenance Thursday, which includes a vac of 1gal water, replaced with some stress coat and a squirt of easy green for the plants, rinsing the filter floss in the tank water removed, AC strip test. Ph: 7.6 on the low range kit, 7.4 on the high range kit (anyone else have this issue with water right on the transition space between the two tests?) Nitrites and ammonia both 0ppm Nitrates close to 0ppm (floating plants may be up taking most as they are reproducing like mad in all my tanks). Chlorine 0ppm (we have good quality well water, no chlorine added to the water filtration in weeks). Gh/Kh: 60-80, 300 Some background info on the tank if you're still reading: Late August: Tank established with aqua soil, stem plants, terrestrial moss on "trees" and ground, java fern. Mid September: Betta and nerite snail added. Late October: 5 juvie kuhli loaches added. One never really thrived, but did ok. The other 4 always together, always out and got nice and fat from snails and sinking food. Mid November: finished QT of a group of Male Endlers, added 3 to this setup. One died the next day from stress/ph shock (he started in the other betta tank at 6.6ph and was rejected by that betta, do he got drip acclimated between 7.6 to 6.6, then back to 7.6 in one afternoon). All seemed well for 5 weeks, then one of the two endlers disappeared. No body, nothing. This portrait tank has a very good fitted lid, so it was a mystery. I started counting loaches, only came up with 4. The small one was gone. In the last two weeks the betta was increasingly subdued, which with good water parameters I wrote off as him becoming more mature (he was 4months old when I got him). The loaches were always all over the tank and he seemed a bit taken aback by their antics and preferred hanging in the floating plants. But then relaxed became lethargic. I couldn't see any issues or signs of disease at all. Everyone else seemed great. Christmas Eve: I see the dog playing with something on the carpet... one of the loaches. Still fully colored up and wet, so I tried putting him back, but no luck. Lid was on fully, no idea how he made it out. Today: awoke to find Donald dead at the bottom. No signs of distress. Signs of fin rot? So I did another water change this morning including a filter rinse. Can only find 1 loach now, but he seems fine. The endler very active, but probably distressed to be all alone. Wondering if he needs to move to one of the the other tanks. Really frustrating and sad - Donald was my favorite fish we had in three setups. The other tanks are thriving! The only difference in this tank of note is we do two light periods 8am-noon, 6-10pm. I welcome any insights. I've kept fish a long time and it's disheartening to see your animals thrive, then suddenly everything seems to go sideways. Here's my other two tanks - just got baby shrimp in the smaller setup a couple of days ago.
  4. A few weeks ago I ordered some Male Endlers for my shrimp setup, knowing I'd have too many and would spread them around all 3 of my tanks. I added the 3 largest to my Endor tank, which already had a plakat betta, kuhli loaches and a nerite snail. Parameters have been stable for a long time and everyone seemed healthy. I lost 1 endler the next day - despite drip acclimation I think the stress wa too much. The remaining two did great and were always together. I mysteriously lost one yesterday - no sign of distress... and no body. Everyone else is fine, water tests good. Soo... the remaining endler is alone. He doesn't interact with the betta ot loaches. Should I move him into one of the other tanks with more of his kind?
  5. So, a few weeks ago I rescued two guppies, an endler and an ADF from being tossed in someone's back yard because they didn't want to take care of them anymore (after less than a month). Well, the tank they came from was only about 8 gallons and it was divided - fish on one side and originally three ADFs on the other. I'm pretty sure the water had never been changed and the ammonia was so bad you could smell it. Fast forward a few weeks and I have sadly lost one of my guppies, I think the previous tank conditions as well as some bullying from the other guppy took its toll on him and he unfortunately just didn't make it. The remaining guppy and the endler get along pretty well - or at least I haven't seen any damage on either of them. So I am going to start replanting and rescaping the tank to "tailor" it more for the ADF and her future friends. I am hoping to get the plants to settle in and start growing and then I'll get two more ADFs to keep my solo girl company. As I get new plants and new scape in I'll update and then hopefully there will be pics of some new ADFs in the fall 🙂 when I first set the tank up - anubias have since died from anubias rot 😐 My lonely ADF 🙂 Endler Guppy RIP 😞
  6. Happy Wednesday! I'm thinking of getting a couple Endlers for my 5g but it's also a snail breeding tank and has a few shrimp in it. Would that be a problem? Is there a better choice of super hardy, colorful little fish to add?
  7. These are some of the offspring of a single (ostensibly) yellow tiger endler that has spawned twice in isolation. Must have been fertilized before I ever got her. I don't know what these mutts will turn out to be but they sure shine when the light hits them.
  8. Just popped up today one of my female endlers has a blood red spot on her side behind the fin. It’s a bit raised. I’m not having much luck googling what this could be. not sure if this is parasite, internal, or an external injury. My plan is to try a salt bath tomorrow. checking here if there’s something else someone would recommend. Other meds I have on hand: - maracyn and maracyn 2 - paracleanse - prazipro - IchX - pimafix (which I’ve never used, but am now reading some scary reviews on it and not sure I want to) video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BIWGoShY7sypCUwGySrYfDrOK7ok9qgL/view?usp=drivesdk 16 gal with 3 adult, 2 “teenage” and 10ish Fry - all Endlers, cherry shrimp, mystery snails, nerite, and bladder/pond snails. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20-30 nitrate. Tomorrow I’ll do a 20% water change too. Thanks!
  9. Female Endler with weird eye condition. I have quarantined the fish. Should I do a salt bath? Use Maracyn?
  10. My lil boy endler has something going on with his gills. They’re bright red and there’s red in his underside too. It almost looks like they’re bleeding. I don’t think it’s ammonia burn because I’ve been testing daily since I got him and two females on Sunday night - and ammonia is zero, nitrites 0, nitrates 10-20. Ph is 6.8-7.2. Temp is 72. Also the two females and two surprise fry seem unaffected. I’m keeping a close eye on them though. i found him this morning hiding under the sponge filter base, almost kinda rubbing his belly against the substrate, I knew something was wrong. i threw together a 10 gal qt tub (thank you so much Irene!) and decided to start treating with maracyn after some quick internet research. The qt tub is the same temp as the main tank and has a seeded sponge filter and heater. in the qt tank, even though there are hiding spots he’s out, swimming erratically/glass surfing often. I don’t see him shimmying or clamped fins. (Sorry for all the description, I can’t get a good picture of him, he’s so small and fast). a few questions about treatment: - should/can I treat simultaneously with salt? -should/can I treat simultaneously with paracleanse in case it’s gill flukes? Or should I run the full maracyn treatment, and then try paracleanse if it’s not better? -I know you don’t feed during the quarantine trio, is that true also of the maracyn treatment? Should I withhold food until at least day 4? With one tiny endler in a 10 gal, would feeding still lead to an ammonia spike? - hoping he gets through this, how soon after symptoms are resolved can he return to the main tank? i don’t know how y’all do this! I am beside myself with worry! 😥
  11. I bought two endlers today, which I thought were male and female due to the difference in the tail. However, now that I'm looking a bit more closely, I'm wondering if they are simply different strains, and I got both males. It would certainly make breeding more difficult if that were the case! Can someone shed light on if I made that mistake? Sorry, the pics aren't great.
  12. I was asked in another thread to video this tank today, so here goes. The sera o-nip tabs featured here are the classic original kind. I only have 6 left 😞 Enjoy the music which was included with Cyberlink Powerdirector. Fun fact: every plant you see in this tank was purchased from the co-op, except for the cabomba.
  13. I recently set up a 20 gallon tank with Endlers and Blue Neocardina shrimp. I bought the endlers as a group on aquabid with 2 males and 4 females with a few fry. Most of the fry have grown out to be males. It looks like the males are starting to gang up a but on the females, so I guess my QT tank will be getting a population of males while I figure out what to do with them. I have 2 questions. First, how often should I pull males to maintain the proper male to female ratio? I am planning to pull some out tomorrow to balance the ratio. Second, is there a set if conditions I can maintain to help favor a higher ratio of females to males? I've seen some internet articles that suggest cooler temperatures will cause a higher female ratio while higher temperatures will favor males. Does anyone have any practical experience with controlling the male to female ratio of Endlers?
  14. One of my female endlers have started to develop a sunken belly and a wobble swim. The male endlers seems to be having issues as well. The last female endlers seems to be doing just fine and so do all the other fish fry in the tank.
  15. I have what I think are Endlers and they will go to the bottom of the tank and wiggle like they are swimming in a strong current. This will go on for 1/2 a day or so and then death. 😞 They are in a quarantine tank and I've dosed them for Ick (3x)[kordon], Erythromycin (3/4x)[API], and parasites (2x)[API]. Any ideas what could be going on? Thanks, Zack Wiggly Fishes video These are the meds I've used on them since Thursday:
  16. Please help identify what might have happened to my Endler. She is the newest addition to the tank but was doing ok for a week before this large white spot showed up on her dorsal fin area. It doesn't look like a fungus, no fuzzy edges that I can see. The fin is almost gone as well. I'd guess a bite or something but the only thing in the tank that could do that is a honey gourami that doesn't seem to pay any attention to the other fish. So far she seems to be swimming around and eating, her fins aren't clamped and she's not hiding much. Any thoughts? Treatment? Thank you!
  17. I want to get endlers soon and put them in my 5 gallon planted tank that I use for quarantining before I move them into my 20 gallon planted tank. My normal tank parameters are 7.4 pH, 3 dGH, and 3 dKH. For my best chances of success, should I raise all 3 to higher levels and slowly bring them down over a few months before putting them into my normal water in the 20 gallon? What products should I use to do this? And how high should I get them? Thanks everyone for the help!
  18. I saw last minute that we would have a temperature drop last night into the 40s after it had been projected to stay in the mid 60s for the next week. I have N Class Endlers I got from Adrian HD himself both inside and outside in a 15 gallon container pond. I raced to setup another indoor aquarium and net the Endlers out through all the guppy grass and floating plants in the dark with a headlamp. I did my best but worried I might have missed a few. This morning I went out and sure enough in the sunlight I saw a couple upside down on the bottom and the water was about 48 degrees (laser thermometer). I netted them out and they wiggled! I got a container to put them in and then added just a bit of warmer water and they started to revive. I went back and found another 7 all of whom looked dead and were lying on the bottom upside down and all of whom revived. Here they are after reviving and are now with the rest of the colony. Amazing.
  19. Any ideas on this spot on her tail? The other female also has a fin missing. The only thing in the tank big enough to do this is a honey gourami but I've never seen him interact with them at all. Thanks for your help!
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