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Found 7 results

  1. For those of you who don't know or are confused, immersed is under water, emersed is growing out of the water. I haven't tried very many plants, but of the ones I have grown monstera deliciosa is my favorite.It's the big one by the way.
  2. I know that converting a plant from emersed to immersed will cause some die-back or melting until the plant becomes accustomed to underwater life.... but what about the reverse? I have a couple of Anubias nana that have been growing well immersed.. that i want to put in my new tank where they will be Emersed... what can I expect?
  3. I had asked earlier this year on this form whether or not anybody thought a geranium would be able to work in an aquarium so I decided to test it out and I've had great success my geranium in my tank has started flowering I think I'm going to continue and spread it or get different colors only issue cuz every once in awhile about once a week I wake up to find it sitting all the way into the water assuming my Oscar pleco or manganese have knocked it in very happy with how it turned out
  4. Been wanting to do this with my paludarium for a while now. Any ideas.
  5. this is charlie mint i had in an aquarium previously and converted it to partially submerged, partially emersed. it is vining like crazy but it has also started flowering! ive never had this plant flower before. this is the nano pond style tank i have going with shrimp and juvenile daisy ricefish
  6. I have been growing Pothos out of my tanks with endless and snails, but I need something that will grow with a low light environment. If I put the tip of the plant in the filter, it will grow slower, but if I put it in the 48g community tank, my Buenos Aires tetras destroy it before it has time to grow. I’ve tried pothos and English ivy. So far I’m still waiting to see something on the ivy from both low light and high light situations. The pothos grows great straight into the tank water under high light and then once the root systems are established, I put them in the other tanks. I have a 48g, 2 ten gallons, and then a 2.6g. Because of how the tanks are set up, only the 2.6g fluval tank with a clear lid and clip on light has a high light setting. Any ideas on other trailing or growing plants to suck up nitrates? My nitrates are 40-80 on all tanks. I’m running filters maxed with sponges with established media. I don’t over fed send have cut back feedings. The largest tank is planted. I like my nitrates in the 20s.
  7. I’ve had some unexpected aquatic plant successes and wondered what you all have seen. I was propagating some pothos in a tank and got lazy and it fell fully in and I left it because who doesn’t want to feed snails? Lo and behold it started sprouting smaller, slightly differently shaped leaves fully submerged. I have started throwing it into my outdoor tubs and the loose floating/submerged stems don’t rot. I guess pothos truly never dies. Similarly, I took cuttings of a raspberry bush in my yard and put them in a foam holder/aquaponics cup suspended in my pond. They grew great roots but also have fully submerged leaf growth that looks very healthy. Now to get not-lazy and actually plant them somewhere. What pleasant surprises or failed experiments have you had?
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