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Found 6 results

  1. I'm semi-new to keeping cherry shrimp and after about 4 months I've started to see them breed but have yet to be successful. I have a large female who is berried and it all seems to be contained under her abdomen area and the process seems to be going correctly for her. I have two smaller females and some of their eggs are hanging out of their abdomen, they don't fan their eggs nearly as often and one has been berried now for almost 5 weeks which from what I read is too long. Ill attach a few pictures of the smaller ones. Could the smaller ones eggs maybe not be fetilized? Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Just spotted a cherry shrimp with a fuzzy green addition to its rostrum. I couldn’t see anything elsewhere on its body, but the carapace does look generally dull and worse than it should. Any chance this is treatable? Or should I catch it out and euthanize?
  3. Like the title says I have Ellobiopsidae in my shrimp for profit tank. I'd like to find a way to cure it that is effective and permanent, I don't want to be selling people a nasty surprise sometime down the road. One thing that stuck out to me in all of the reading I have done is that many of the treatments use products intended for parasites that are animals yet Ellobiopsidae is a parasitic algae. I wonder if Easy Carbon or Excel would kill it? Has anyone read anything like that, or had real success with any of the published cures long term? Sorry no pictures, I immediately culled the obviously infected ones.
  4. I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. I have a ten gallon tank with approximately 25-30 cherry shrimp of mixed varieties. This morning I noticed that one of the shrimp that I previously thought was maybe just berried was growing a green like growth outside of it's underside around it's legs. I promptly removed and unfortunately had to euthanize this shrimp because a Google search showed that this disease is infectious and potentially can destroy entire colonies. The parameters are as follows as measured by API test kits. Ph7.2-7.4, Gh-8, Kh-4 , ammonia-0, nitrite-0, nitrate 0-5 ppm( it's a heavily planted tank with floating plants, I dose easy green twice a week and it always trends toward 0) water temp fluctuates between 73.9 and 75. I'm fairly certain I know what disease this is I'm just not sure from my online research how to proceed. Has anyone had any success preventing this from spreading? It's a green Growth that starts on the shrimps pleopods and grows out from there.
  5. Jeepers... a double hit. Delivered to me via friend from LFS, so I did not view myself, not that I would have seen it in the fish stores tanks. Very easy to see in substrate free quarantine tank. Has anyone had success with treating this fungus and parasite? Here is an article that suggests Kordon Rid- ICH for the fungus. I have ICH-X, Paraguard, and Malachite Green in my arsenal. Salt baths for the Scutariella? I'm not holding my breath for cleaning them up, as I know shrimp are sensitive not only to some meds but large water changes. Probably will end up getting a store credit, but not replacing these imported shrimp from the same store. Lucky for me I quarantined them. https://aquariumbreeder.com/ellobiopsidae-or-cladogonium-ogishimae-green-fungus-in-shrimp-tank/
  6. I recently spotted my one of my cherry shrimps with green feathery like things coming out of its stomach and near its face. I did some research and found that there are few treatments/cures, and very few articles or studies on it. I resorted to euthanasia as not to let it spread too quickly. But if my other shrimp do get it, or already have it, do you guys know how to get rid of it???
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