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Found 7 results

  1. This little alpha Pygmy sunfish reminds me of “Toothless” from How to Train Your Dragon...
  2. Shy guys! Just arrived today. 2x pairs. Photo (female, I think) 2x short videos...
  3. Good morning, I’m in search of as much information on these little guys as I can get. There is not much out there on them. Aside from being easy to keep, they are native to the states, not aggressive unless spawning (which makes sense). And would require live food. Do any of you keep these guys and have any information on them you would be willing to share? I’m looking to be a sponge on knowledge with them. Thank you!
  4. I have some juvenile Gulf Coast Pygmy Sunfish that I might have to move soon. Currently they are in a holding tank for fish that will eventually go into the 1930s aquarium. This male (the dark colored fish behind the swordtails) is now king of this aquarium and all the other fish give him a wide berth. He hasn't fully colored up yet, but he has colored up enough for me to know he is a he. I guess they aren't juveniles anymore. I might setup a breeding tank, but I am waiting on @Randy and @Bob to get theirs going (and see who can breed them first).🙂
  5. The male undulates and flicks to the nearby female and leads her into his nest. There she snacks on a few eggs but also lays a few eggs. He vibrates with ecstasy as he fertilizes the eggs she deposits. After she leaves he continues to vibrate.
  6. So I have a pair of pygmy sunfish in a 20 long with some zebra otocinclus. One of the fish, I believe the sunfish, have spawned and I have tiny almost microscopic fry scattered about the bottom. My tank is medium planted as you can see in picture, I've added a few more stems since I took the photo and has some catappa leaves in the bottom, plenty of microscopic foods on the glass and in the substrate. My question is do I need to remove the parents to get survivors or will they get eaten? They are tiny fish and the fry are even tinier so I'm not sure. It's a bigger tank than they need probably but they spend most of their time at the bottom. The parents are really good at hunting small foods
  7. I caught the sun lighting up this little breeding jar and felt I should share. This jar is a no-tech jar with no light other than the sunlight and no filtration other than the pothos, Java moss, susswasertang, and hornwort. They’re real hard to get a picture of as any movement spooks them, but in the second photo you can see a bit of one of the females
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