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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Forum, My Ivanacara bred for the first time about 36 hours ago. The dominant pair had 20 to 30 eggs in their cave. Mom stayed inside the cave with eggs. Dad was posted outside (at a safe distance from wifey!) chasing off all other fish. Over the course of yesterday their eggs were disappearing. Last night I counted fewer than 10 left and this morning zero and the pair are not guarding their cave like they were. Are they like Angels where they have to learn to take care of their eggs? Anyone know if this species is known for egg eating? Any other advice? I'm really not upset that their eggs are gone in that I am not really in a place to care for fry at the moment.
  2. Discus and humans may not be all that different. First attempts at mating may be awkward and clumsy, especially the males. This male doesn't quite understand his role yet, but I sure with patience the female can bring him along.
  3. Could use some advise. I have pair of angelfish in a community tank that have spawned multiple times. Eggs hatched, usually beyond wiggler stage, but I never made any attempts to feed or save them as I only had one tank. Usually the batch of fry would disappear like overnight. I don't know if the parents ate them or the few other tetras in the tank, but didn't really care as I wasn't in a situation to do anything. Recently I setup multiple tanks and would like to attempt to keep these. All other times, they laid the eggs on the HOB intake, this is the first time they laid them on the heater. I'm going to turn off the heater and put a new one in. I'm going to remove the tetras. My options are: 1) Leave the eggs with the parents. I don't know who ate the fry other times. I can see the female protecting the eggs from the tetras now. I know they learn overtime to care for them. 2) Remote the heater and try to care for the eggs outside the tank. Best option? Thanks! Bill
  4. So I have a pair of Discus (Red Cover & a very Blue Cobalt) playing house on the filter intake in my 120 gallon display (Discus) tank. They’ve claimed that side of the tank as their own and are doing a very good job of keeping the rest of the inhabitants away. Unfortunately I don’t have an unoccupied tank to put them in right now. Keeping my fingers crossed they can do the good parent thing until I can free up a tank.
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