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Found 6 results

  1. After I finish my fight with Ick (different thread), I plan on combining my tanks and rehousing some fish. What is the best way to move carpeting plants? I have a Dwarf Sagittaria that is blowing up in my 5.5 (I am very new to plants) along side it is my dwarf hair grass which is growing well. What is the best way to move these plants? I have been very nervous to disrupt my tank (cleaning or otherwise) since the Ick started. Please be kind, I am aware that my 5 gallon looks abysmal.
  2. I have a large outdoor pond-ish tub that I use to grow out plant trimmings and propagate plants I want to add to my tanks. Anyways, I let the dogs out to do their business and found two flowers at the surface of the water, but was unaware of any plants I have in there that would do that. It looks like Dwarf Sag is the source though. Is this common? I've never seen such a thing.
  3. Hello everyone, I keep finding floating leafs from my dwarf sagittaria. I have a 20g with zebra danios, celestial pearl danios, nerite and mystery snails, and some amano shrimp i this something is eating them/ breaking them but don’t know what. If I could get some suggestions on what is causing this. I added some pictures one is a bundle of leafs that are kind of floating and the other one the plant I think they came from thanks in advance.
  4. Ok, so about a week ago I ordered several plants. 3 C. Parva. 2 C. Lutea . 1 Dwarf Sagittarius. All in a new set up 46 gallon bow front. Also 1 Micro Sword. 2 C. Lucens. These plants are in a well seasoned 125 gallon tank. What follows is the same for both tanks and procedures of the planting. Substrate is mostly river gravel (about 75%)from landscaping supply company that was rinsed, but not washed. Leaving dust/dirt that comes with it. Remaining substrate (25%) is eco complete. Before planting I removed plant and wool from basket covered bottom of basket with eco complete and then ez tab. Carefully opened wool and placed another ez tab below roots put it back in basket. Once a day ( five days a week) in the 125 - 2 pumps of the following EZ iron, EZ carbon and EZ green, the temperature in this tank is about 84 degrees (this is a discus tank). The 46 gallon tank with the dwarf sag is about 76 degrees and it receives one pump five days a week of the same three EZ fertilizer products. Oh yes, lighting. Both tanks receive 14 hours of light per day. my question is 01. Is it normal for the dwarf sag to melt back? 02. Or, am I doing- or have done something wrong? also I was home when delivery was made. Outside temperature was around 32 ish I think, but inside box temperature was around 55 degrees.
  5. Nope...not a plate of salad greens! The wisteria had gone a little crazy in the 20 gallon Long, and I had no idea until I got in there trying to tease the "branches" apart to trim them! There were more "trunks" than branches and I really had quite a bit to cut out of there. My favorite thing is that as soon as I'd thinned and trimmed them, the green tiger barbs started darting in and out of them. I love it that they do that...it's so fun to watch! We added a new ACO plant - a dwarf sagitaria there in the background. I've never grown this plant before, so I'm eager to work with it. And then I did maintenance on the Marimo moss balls. It was hard work, I tell you!😆 Yeah, I gave 'em a squeeze and plopped them back in there. They'll float for a bit and eventually settle down somewhere. Interestingly, they've been dropping little tufts of green lately. I took one little piece of fluff out and tried to roll it in my palm, but it wouldn't quite ball up. Instead it came out a little tear-shaped. I'm hoping I'll be able to eventually get it to go into a ball shape and "grow" more moss balls that way. @Irene mentioned in one of her videos that they were super-slow growers, so I'm hoping I'll have the patience to see it through. The other little green tuft you see there was full of snail eggs, so I just left it as it was. Couldn't bring myself to smoosh it between my hands.😜
  6. Sorry for the second post in a day... this all thing is new to me. So this weekend It went to a very nice fish store here in NYC and they helped me set up my first tank (no fish yet) a lot of things and information went on at the store ( I was very impressed by the knowledge form the little I know) but I forgot to ask what plants they gave me 🙂 I emailed the store but I guess that I will get quicker response here ... so trying out my luck . here are some pictures 🙂 Thanks!!
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