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Found 2 results

  1. For at least a week now my two Dwarf Gouramis (1m/1f) are showing some alarming signs, eating and moving less, losing some scales, one of them has damage to his eye that's not healing. I have purchased them a month ago. They're sharing a tank with 4 Corydoras (bought from the same shop) and 3 snails. Is there any way I could help them? Is it possible that it's Iridovirus and I won't be able to do anything to help them heal? If its the Iridovirus, what do I do about the tank inhabitants and environment/ decor (live plants, rocks, substrate/ gravel)? The water parameters are as follows: pH is 7.4, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are all 0. Lights are on from 4 to 9pm on a timer. Fish were fed once every two days like suggested by our fish shop until the cycle is stable, Stability was added daily, Prime every other day.
  2. My dwarf gourami has been acting strange for the past two days and today he has stopped reacting to me outside his tank. All he does is float now, even lets the (not too strong) filter output push him around. He has a very slight spine curve when he moves but not as severe as some pictures I've seen. His fins look fine but he looks a little paler than usual. Stomach is definitely bloated and he is just floating around. He is not upside down although sometimes I see him lean sideways. It is just him in a 10g cycled tank with some mystery snails and shrimp. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10. All other parameters good and what he is always used to, so no changes. In the time I was typing this I watched him sink down to the bottom but quickly fight is way to the top again to float. I have done some research and tried to feed him a boiled frozen pea a few times, but he did not eat it even if I held it right in front of him. I have not fed him for two days at this point. I love this fish, can anyone help!?
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