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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! Hoping someone that has owned dwarf chain loaches can chime in and help me out. Recently I lost one of my yoyo loaches and only have 1 left in my community tank, and am wanting to figure out a solution to his social needs now that his companion is gone. You can check out my thread here for more context. Basically, I have a tank that is pretty stocked and smaller than I would feel comfortable to have 3-4 yoyo loaches in it. But I don't want my remaining yoyo to be alone for the remainder of his life. I was wondering if he would school with and interact with dwarf chain loaches? I would be much more comfortable having a higher number of these in the tank with him, instead of just 1 or 2 more yoyos. Any input would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. A bit of an oddball larger characin in which the males guard the spawn. This guarding is a bit indirect and is a result of their aggression in defending their territory. The fry hatch within the males area and no one bothers them. I hope to witness that in the coming months and years. The red gold body and deep red fins are impressive in person. I didnt even know these existed until 3 weeks ago. Not yet fully grown male chasing off a female Not entirely against other fish in the tank. These dwarf chain loaches are happy to be out with them feeding on live baby brineshrimp. The loaches have created the MTS graveyard you see
  3. Hi all, soon I will be setting up a 75 gallon planted tank with nano fish. I love dwarf chain loaches and am looking forward to finally having a large school of them. But I also have 5 Venezuelan corys in a smallish 20 long and I feel they need more space, plus I would love to see if they might breed in the 75. Both of these species mostly inhabit the bottom of the tank, although the dwarf chain loaches tend to use the whole water column. can I have a good sized school of each that will be happy in the same 75 gallon? TIA!
  4. I did a pre storm water change, tank temperature Slight raise and added more tanins on a 50 gallon tank reset. Primarily seeing a ton of breeding from khuli loaches in floating plants. The tank is 50 gallon higher flow with colony of L169 candy Stripe pleco / colony of L129 Columbian Zebra / colony of 12 Dwarf chain loaches. My question is I fed frozen tubifex for the first time post reset and they really lost their minds to me this has the look of breeding behavior with the faded colors being the larger loaches and the thinner loaches being highly defined in stripes. Anyone have any thoughts?
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