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Found 3 results

  1. what your dream tank list the tank tank material, dimensions, gallons, filters, other equipment, stocking, hardscape, plants, okay here's mine dimensions plywood/acrylic FT12x4x4 gallons 1400ish filters a 360(IN96x30x30) gallon sump that I could use to hold fry other equipment aqua logic inline heater, a closed loop style thing for flow, shop lights so I can have dim light near the bottom hopefully making it look like a deep lake lake Tanganyika fish/inverts Neothauma tanganyicense(the kind of snail that the shell dwellers use there shell) 50-100 multis 10-20 simulus 10-20 gold occellatus other shell dwellers that I don't know of 30? Tropheus Brichardi 6 pairs? Neolamprologus Brichardi 6 pairs? Neolamprologus leleupi 10 trios? Julidochromis marlieri 150 Cyprichromis Synodontis catfish hardscape we have a lot of massive grey/white rocks around our farm so i would use those and different sizes to make caves and crevices no plants except for in the sump btw I did almost no research when coming up with the stock list and I know it would cost a fortune to stock
  2. Hello I had a dream once where I was at my lfs and I saw a butterfly discus with half lime green stripes and half our stripes and that had been my dream mutation that doesn’t exist ever since and I wanted to know what everyone else’s where
  3. So.... on some thread a little while ago, someone asked for “dream tank” setup... or dream fish.... can’t quite remember. ANYWAY— my answer was “Native North American Species tank featuring Rainbow Shiners + Rainbow Darters.” Today (drum roll....) the Rainbow Shiners arrived! We’ll see how they settle in long term. Here’s specs + a few photos: 29 gal. 63-degrees Fahrenheit. Emperor bio wheel 280 HOB filter + sponge filter. Mexican beach pebbles (large) plus smoothed landscaping stones. Small dried oak leaves added. Valisneria Americana. Bronze crypt. Hydor powerhead. Cheap LED filtered light + 1x blue coral fluorescent tube. Eco Complete substrate. Small aged piece of mopani wood. 35x Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners). 1x pair of Etheostoma caeruleum (Rainbow Darters).
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