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Found 3 results

  1. I need less tanks. Current: 10 Gal with Shrimp and 2 Mystery Snails. Sand Substrate. 20 Gal High with 5 Mystery Snails only. Eco Substrate. 29 Gal with 10 Green Cory's, 10 Pygmy Corys, and 4 Mystery Snails. Sand Substrate. 20 Gal Long with 6 Guppies. Eco Substrate. 5 Gal Hospital tanks with only baby mytery's in it. Here is what I'm thinking: 20 Gal Long with 10 Green Cory's and Guppies. Sand Substrate. 20 Gal High with Shrimp and 10 Pygmy Corys, Eco Substrate. Replace and sell the 29 with the 20. Sell the 10 and keep the 5. Scatter the snails in the two tanks. Your opinions and advice are welcome!
  2. Good morning all. I recently got back into the hobby when a teacher my brother works with had a Jack Dempsey she needed to rehome. I reset up my 75 gal and then restocked my 55 gal. I have since rehomed the Jack and have added two more nano tanks. My issue is I have been running into problems with a couple tanks and lost 2 bettas and have already started getting stressed and over whelmed. I am going to be down sizing to a 46 bowfront tank I had set up a few years ago and will be using sand substrate and adding in various plants and driftwood from the other 2 tanks. I would like to move some of the fish I have to it then rehome the rest. Here is the list of fish I have and my thoughts. Please let me know what you think. In the 75 I have 5 medium size Angels, about 26 black neon tetras, 11 pepper corys, 3 otocinclus cats, 3 clown loaches (still under 2") 1 Siamese algae eater and 1 male PK Betta. In the 55 I have 5 pearl gouramis, 2 otocinclus cats (all the oto's are around 1") 9 San Juan corys and 1 mystery cory (was given to me by accident as a San Juan lol) 1 male Betta. Out of all these I'd like to keep the neon's, the algae eater and loaches, move one group of corys to the 46 and split some up between a 10 and 6.5 gal. The one of the Betta's is going to the 10 gal and one will be going to the 46. Not married to the gouramis or angels. And would all the Oto's be ok in the 46? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hi, so I'm about to move, I live in Guatemala and can't seem to be able to rehome my fish. I have 3 tanks, one is a 55 with gbrs (temp is 83-86) a 16g with platys(which I can just put in my pond which is literally work) and a 15 with kuhli loaches and pygmy corys. I don't want to put the loaches or corys in the pond, would I be able to put them in with the gbrs or would it be way too hot for them?
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