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Found 16 results

  1. My betta died after an almost 2 week bout with dropsy. Question... Since I have no idea what the cause of his illness was, I'm thinking I need to sanitize. I understand the bleach method (1 gallon bleach + 9 water), but that seems like a waste. Wouldn't a bleach solution that is sprayed on the glass be more efficient or is it not as effective? I do plan to do about half that amount to do the gravel, decor and filter. If the spray is possible, what is proportion? Also, another note... I know people say toss the gravel, but I don't plan to reuse immediately. I was thinking of bleaching, drying, and storing it away. Is that okay?
  2. So I’m currently taking down and disinfecting my 10 gallon because I suspect it was harboring a bacterial shrimp disease. Whatever it was came in with a group of cherry shrimp from my LFS and survived several months with no shrimp in the tank, reinfecting a group of amanos I added later. And yes it could totally have been a nutrient deficiency instead of a disease, but it had enough of the signs of a disease that I’m just being safe. Part of the substrate was Fluval Stratum that I got from a friend. I know it’s a very porous substrate, so is there any way for me to disinfect it? If I soak it in dilute bleach will it totally fall apart? Will the bleach even penetrate? (I know vinegar is recommended for penetrating moldy surfaces rather than bleach.) Or is this just a lost cause and I should trash it? I’m more worried about it absorbing and holding onto something that could harm fish in the future, rather than losing the stratum altogether.
  3. I have a ton of java fern I put in a bucket while I’m running a tank through a salt treatment. How do I disinfect the plants? Do I even need to, or should I just hold them in a bucket of clean water for a bit while whatever is present dies off? Sorry I have no idea what’s wiping out one of my grow out tanks, so I can’t give info on what I’m treating for at the moment. Just losing multiple fry per day. (The tank next to it, with identical params, fish and setup is healthy as can be). I don’t want to lose the java fern even if I do lose all the fry. Advice?
  4. I have 2-3 pea puffers in an overgrown 20 gallon long, I placed them in there for quarantine around 2 months ago maybe longer and now they live in there, I don’t know if all 3 made it because the whole tank is covered in Christmas and Java Moss so I only see one or two at a time, I usually scoop out some snails and frogbit from my indoor guppy pond to feed them as I know the guppies are healthy but today I accidentally double dipped the spoon I used to grab the snails, how worried should I be about spreading disease from my puffers to my guppies? thanks, Jerry
  5. What’s the safest and most effective way to sterilize all your aquarium tools to prevent recontamination?
  6. So I think I may have the start of disease outbreak in my tank (I think it could be columnaris). Although only one fish has died and the others look fine, its only been a day. Backstory: I've been QTing new fish in my very nicely planted tank that I had been establishing waiting for an expensive betta to arrive. I realized now that was dumb because with a fish dying I'm terrified whatever could still be around for when the betta comes... So whether this is columnaris or something else I need to know how I can disinfect the tank or what I can do to make sure its safe sometime down the road for the betta. So far my plan is to set up a third tank somewhere and start cycling a sponge from my healthy tank to have ready for the betta that will be here in two weeks. But if all the fish die in the "QT tank" or if the other fish live what can I do to disinfect it for the betta eventually? Also this tank has a lot of plants in it, deep sand substrate, and lots of snails (mostly MTS, but also a few nice nerites that I really like) with sponge filters. I don't really want to have to tear it all apart or harm the plants or snails. Plants I'm worried about are: java ferns, banana plant, anacharist, dwarf sag, a struggling jungle val, and some sort of sword I think? Tank survivors thus far: 2 Guppies, 1 corydora, 5 anchor cats, nerites (I could technically return the nerites still). The anchor cats were supposed to stay in the "QT tank" with the betta and everyone else is supposed to go into my 29 gallon with the other schools. If all the fish die, could I leave it set for two months and everything be okay? or could the snails harbor something? I also considered dosing with hydrogen peroxide and/or salt, but what levels would be safe for the plants? If fish live, how long should I QT for until deeming them safe to move to my other tank or add the betta too?
  7. I had to euthanize my betta, can I leave the tank running for a month or so, preform weekly water changes and have all the "whatever needs a host fish to live" die off? What should I do before it's ready to house new fish, thinking about substrate and plants in there (java fern, stem plants and moss ball) as well as it housing the same sponge (in hopes of keeping it cycled) in the HOB filter. Should I sanitize everything in bleach solution and rinse the substrate or throw it out? Here's the history of the tank and betta below if it helps. I had a betta that developed a moldy ventral fin, I added "tetra all in one" tabs, I think two, but stopped after and kept up increased water changes and it was all looking good. A few weeks would pass and saw maybe only 4 ich spots or so show up, I preformed water changes at the sight of anything and we were back to normal and what seemed healthy. Then some time passed and he was at the bottom of the tank breathing really heavy, tested the water all was good, no ammonia, no nitrites and super low nitrates, but did a water change added aquarium salt.. after some time that did not resolve and I had to euthanize, heartbreaking. Now the tank is running with some plants, a moss ball and fluval stratum. I syphoned all the water out (as low as I could) and added fresh with prime of course. I'll add that my fear is that I introduced something to that tank from another when adding a plant. I had gotten a sick glowlight tetra, breathing super fast since I got it but stayed like that for weeks, looked maybe malformed, I never really knew. I've since euthanized that fish in fear of other inhabitants in the tank (this is a separate tank), but all other fish have been doing well for some time. Maybe my betta was old and low immune system (don't know the age we were his third home). Should I be scared of fish TB (possibly from glowlight tetra infecting both tanks), or unlikely the case? Thank you for reading, I've tried to learn as much as I can and I don't want to be too stress out that it turns me off fish keeping. I really appreciate any input.
  8. I recently purchased few guppies from my local fish store, noticed having columnaris after a day unfortunately. and few of them passed away. now i want to clean the tank thoroughly and re-stock with new ones. is there a recommended procedure to do this. i don't want any new ones to have columnaris infection because of this. how to disinfect the tank and get new ones. any advice.
  9. In conversation with discus breeder who appears reputable on website, he advises bleach (dilute!) soaking of new plants, followed of course with dechlorination, to remove contamination before planting my 125 gal tank planting. Do you fell this is necessary with you quality plants?
  10. 5 Weeks PraziPro, 3 weeks Paracleanse. Before that, 1 month Med Trio in QT. Just did my 30 percent water change and flashing has started. No flashing while I was dosing Paracleanse. Ph 7.3, GH 6-5, KH 3-4, All three test 0. What am I fighting? Julli Cats suddenly developed red gills, dying every day. Seriously, when do you give up and try again?
  11. Would letting a tank and it's filters and accessories go bone dry basically kill any bacteria and parasites? I'd rather do that than go through a bleaching process.
  12. In the last few days son's cat has decided to peeing and pooping on my fish tank shelves (only on one shelf). I have cleaned it multiple time with peroxide based product. Thinking about using 1/10 bleach. Worried about the fumes because the tanks are all 5 gallon portat tanks. Please I need ideas. I cannot rehome the cat son has MS. Trust me I would love to.
  13. Hey all, I had an ich outbreak in one of my aquarium and so I am making sure I sterilize everything!! (just to make sure). I dipped the fish nets and aquarium siphon i used with a vinegar remedy with BOILING hot water. would letting a fish net/ other equitment dry kill the ich parasites? Also should I buy a different net and siphon for my qt tank to prevent cross contamination? Thanks guys, this really means alot!! -JAMES
  14. Hi fellow fish keepers! Been a rough week here in my fish room. Learning many lessons as I’m new to the hobby. I lost my betta yesterday, it was a young fish, but stopped eating and within three days was dead. 😩. I had a small ammonia spike, I think because of the food it wasn’t eating. It had no outward signs of illness. PH 7-7.5, nitrates 20, moderate hardness. Temp 80 deg F. I am treating another tank for internal parasites (I stressed the fish out moving them) so I do wonder about that, and could I have cross contaminated them. My question is, the tank is nicely cycled, I’d like to put another creature in there (it’s a 5 gallon). How long should I wait, and do I need to treat the water with anything? Confidence is shaken, but I think I need to try again. appreciate your advice!!
  15. I recently purchased a tank from someone off of craigslist along with several fish and a canister filter. Well all the fish are diseased and most of them have died (dropsy). I have the remaining fish in a hospital tank and I got rid of the tank. I would still like to salvage the filter. What is the best way to sanitize the filter? I was thinking of running a strong bleach water solution through the filter. And then follow it up with water treated with a large dose of treatment to remove the chlorine. Thoughts? Thanks.
  16. How are you all cleaning your nets to keep from transferring diseases from tank to tank? I use this on my SS planting/water change tools as well. First I let my nets completely air dry and then I am using a mixing tub from lowes/homedepot so I can completely submerge my nets. I add ~3 teaspoons of Potassium Permanganate (I just want the water to turn a dark purple) and let sit for ~20 minutes, remove and let completely dry again. I picked this up from a few people in my local aquarium club, join your local club! Of course read up on the dangers of Potassium Permanganate before you handle it. Do not use dechlorinator with this as it will neutralize the Potassium Permanganate quickly.
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