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  1. I have a planted community tank where everything, but my Corydoras are thriving. My Corys have greatly lost their color and have a white hue. It looks like layers of their skin is flaking off. Whatever this is seems to be slowly progressing from Cory to Cory and each Cory worsens daily. I treated my tank for Ich about a month and a half ago. I had to dose for close to a month and did multiple water changes. It was towards the end of the treatment that I began noticing the discoloration and for the past couple of weeks it has been worsening. I've been treating with API Melafix for almost a week now with no signs of improvement. This Cory in the next picture has (what I assume is the same thing) by far worst and unique from what I've seen on any of my other Corys. pH 6.8 Nitrates 20 Hardness 150 Nitrites 0 KH/Buffer 40 Temperature 78 My Tetra test strips don't show for Amonia.
  2. Hello everyone I’m new here and relatively new to fishkeeping but not new to the YouTube channel! So my blood parrot has got this grey/black growth going on his face and body. I’ve tried to research it but not having much success. Any help would be great at identifying this. (Yes I understand the nitrogen cycle, water parameters, tank mates etc 😊) thanks so much in advanced!
  3. Can anyone help determine what is wrong. After a water change my water is clear for about a day then it starts to turn into like a brackish color. Water parameters are stable ammonia and nitrite are 0 nitrate are right around 20. I have plants and drift wood. The drift wood has been in the tank for over a month. I boiled it and soaked it for two weeks to remove as many tannins as possible before putting it in the tank.I even tried adding carbon to my filter to catch the tannins but that didn't seem to help. I was and still may be dealing with brown algea. I can see some on the substrate and some on the decorations that are in the tank. When I do a water change I make sure to vacuum the gravel to get out as much waste and mulm as possible and scrub the inside of the glass. I rinse all the filter media(course sponge, filter floss, and bio rings) and last change i cleaned the down tube and filter box. Is there anything else I should be doing to try and get rid of the murkyness. TIA
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/Cichlid/comments/j99zf6/their_heads_turned_white_today_this_is_a_week/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share i posted about it on reddit and got mixed feedback. Tank params are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate, 7.8 ph, 76 degrees. I added what looks to be the opposite sex to what I have now and after a week their heads were white and then faded in and out. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Today,I found 2 molts in my blue dream tank and found this guy. Almost brown-black. I am certain this color of shrimp was not in the tank before. Once molt, darker blue dream gets this color or is it because my substrate is black color, all of my blue dream would turn this color eventually? I have very bright sky blue colored Dream blue shrimp. Sky blue shrimp stays bright blue.... Darker ocean blue stays ocean blue but what is happening on this guy? I did not want him to breed this color in the tank so took him out for now.
  6. I'm not sure what these marks are, but I wanted to get external, more experienced insight on it before I jump to conclusions on what it is and what to do. The marks began on the lower fin, but I though it was just a coloration. Only recently have I noticed that it spread to Jello's face. This has all happened over the last two months of which I've had him/her. The tank is a 20 gallon high recently set up this past January; over the last month, the parameters have been consistently 0ppm for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates (I have a lot of plants), a temperature of 75 to 78 degrees F, pH of 7.4 to 7.6, and no reading on kH/hardness (I have yet to buy the test kit). My water was initially filled off well water which is relatively hard and basic and water changes have been with primo bottled water since. Tank mates include a second honey gourami, endler guppies, three albino aeneus corydoras, a bee shrimp, and two ghost shrimp. None of the other fish have/are exhibiting these marks. I know the tank is foggy with specs; the bubbles are from too much fertilizer which I am water changing out, and cleaning day is tomorrow. The filter jets above the waterline to create surface agitation, which adds to the bubbles. However, any other information on any other causes is greatly appreciated. :) Are these marks anything to worry about? If so, what should I do? Thank you in advance for any advice!
  7. Hello! I noticed last night that my betta seems to have some scales on his head turning a brownish bronze color. I just wanted to make sure that nothing is wrong. Background: I've had him for 6 months. When I got him he had a white head and some white mixed in on his back, so I actually thought he was a koi. However, within a week of good care, almost all the white disappeared and he's been dark blue with a few light blue scales dotted throughout for the entire time I've had him. His lighter scales don't seem to ever change locations. So I'd kinda ruled out that he's a koi, but I wanted to mention it in case these new colors could just be a koi gene. He appears to have the tiniest bit of loose skin around his bronze scales (like a really small amount. It's hard to even notice). I just rescaped my previously all silk planted tank and replaced everything with dragon stone and live plants, so maybe he just scraped himself a little while exploring? (all the plants were quarantined for a month and alum dipped.) This morning, he also has some dangling stringy poop (just a short bit). It's brown, not white. He doesn't appear to be bloated at all. He's acting totally normal, active, eating. So that's what's going on. Hopefully it's nothing but I wanted to check! The bronze doesn't look like velvet, it looks like scales to me. I only see it on his head, not his gills or the other half of his body. Nothing on his fins. Oh, he does have some missing pieces of his fins that was from fin rot, but his fin rot seems to be gone after treating it. His fins grew in about half way before kinda stopping, but they haven't gotten worse again, so I think that might just be how his fins will be now. Tank: 10 gallon Heated at 79 degrees F, filtered, fully cycled Fully planted with anubias and java fern No tank mates No ammonia or nitrites. Nitrates are around 10-20. Weekly water changes, usually 30-40%
  8. So a few things I got questions about, not all breeding related but my biggest concern is that I haven't seen any babies since I saw 2 almost a week ago. First I have a shrimp that has brown patches after molting. I posted on a shrimp specific subreddit and everyone seemed to think it wasn't a concern for the health of the shrimp but I wanted another opinion. It's been a few days since this picture was taken and the brown seems to be going away. Before molting the brown areas were very very dark blue almost black. Second concern is about babies. I had 2 berried females for 3-4 weeks then I noticed they were no longer carrying eggs. A day or 2 later I saw 2 small shrimp that hadn't gotten any color yet but that's the only time I've seen any babies and it was almost a week ago. Third is a dead adult I found yesterday. I checks water parameters with my new coop multi test strips and nitrates were between 10 and 25, nitrites 0, Gh was was even more purple that the chart goes, Kh was 80, pH was 7.2 and chlorine was 0. Did a water change just to be sure. It's a heavily planted 10g with a nicrew light, medium coop sponge filter, and a mix of aquarium sand and crushed coral for substrate. I use easy green and easy root tabs. Here is an older picture of the tank it has grown in more since.
  9. Hey All, First post, but ive been creeping for awhile. My Powder Blue Gourami just started losing its color like its retracting from the tail fin going up its body? Any ideas? The other fish in the tank are fine and no issuehttps://photos.app.goo.gl/vtbQT1Vi7HfqtMSW8
  10. Les

    Dirty faced fish

    My cichlid looks like it has a dirty face. Not sure this is not just its markings. It is a relatively new fish. it appears happy.
  11. Hello, today one pleco is white, I dont why. He was fine yesterday. His moving and eating fine. I did a water change 2 days ago. I had them for about 3 months now.
  12. I bought this really nice imported betta from a reputable fish store, 3 months ago. He’s been great from day one, super interactive, very peaceful, loves to eat! However, last week I noticed a white spec appear near his tail, and over the past few days it’s grown into a lump. He’s also lost a lot of his coloration in about a week, maybe week and a half. I was wondering if anyone can help me identify what the lump is and how to treat it. Also if the lost in coloration is caused by the lump? He lives in a relatively stress free 15-gal tank. I used to do water changes every two weeks, but recently I had a filter failure which caused an algae bloom, now I have been doing water changes once or twice a week. I am also 3 days into a black out to fight the staghorn algae that had started to grow. This week the lump has not grown, but his back fin continues to get lighter in color. The first picture is how he looked healthy before any issues. The second picture is from last week. The last three are from today. Behavior wise, he still eats normally, he still as peaceful as always, and he still follows my finger like he always has, so I have not noticed any changes. Tank Spec and Water Quality: Tank size: 14 gal cube Heater and filter: aqua clear 30 with flow baffle, 75w heater with ink bird temp controller Tank temperature: set to 80, drops to 77 on really cold days How long have I had the tank and fish: tank for 4 months, fish for 3 months Water changes: Every two weeks before, now once-twice a week for 40-50% Any tankmates?: 7 shrimp and 9 green eye rasbora and 2 nerite snails Food and amount: bio gold betta pellets about 6-9 of them once a day Decorations and plants: Fish safe temples, tree shaped driftwood, and many many plants PARAMETERS: API test Ph high range: 7.4 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm Water Temp: 77-80 Hardness: Not sure of the exact numbers, but I live in Los Angeles, CA so its on the harder side KH/Buffer: I don't know
  13. So i have set up a 8gal shallow, bare bottom, plastic tank,then cicled a sponge filter in with some sponge that i had layng in the filter of my established aquarium,fed the tank a bit every day, tested the water until 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0.20 nitrate then filled it of water column feeding, fast and slow growing plants. now water parameter are fine and i started add 1 female "virgin" guppy every 4 days till reach 4, waited 2 weeks and yesterday i've put 2 males. temp is 75/77. ph 7.8 and my water is so hard, you can't brake it with an hammer. in the past weeks, when the females were still alone, i have noticed some inactivity and floating on top of the water just under the light, no heavy breating or any other sign of distress, good apetite. so i just raised the temp of the tank a bit(at the time was 72/74) and all looked normal again despite the paleness. I have noticed in general the females looked a bit less colorful in that tank but, i tought was my impression, that maybe the satin plastic side of the tank was giving me that impression. Now looking at the boys I've put yesterday thou i can see a clear loss of color respect the aquarium were in before. so i decided to take one back home and observe.. in the round of 15 20 minutes his color is back as deep as before. Now all the fish behaviour in the breeding tank is normal, picking at stuff on plants,i see breeding behaviour, good apetite, no sign of stress like inactivity, heavy breating, swimming up and down the wall. i do not understand, do someone have any experienced this? ill post a photo of the tank soon. I'm eager to hear you guys opinions.
  14. My daughters gouramis have scale discoloration. Fish is acting fine. Water parameters are okay. Dosed some aquarium salt today. Any ideas what the issue is?
  15. About two weeks ago I received an Anubias Nana from the COOP. It looked good at first, but it has since shed some leaves and then the remaining leaves started to turn a lighter green and now have yellow parts. I dose with Easy Green and the floating plants are doing great. Any thoughts?
  16. To sum it up, last week I picked up two apistogramma hongsloi. These are my first species of apisto. They’ve been doing well and eating well. The last few days I’ve noticed minor chasing and the male seeming to “dance” or “show off” for the female. Last night I noticed a weird gold patch on the head of the male. Today I noticed an even bigger one on the female. Gh is 8, Kh is 5 and has been steady for several months. Temp is 74 Fahrenheit. I have really high nitrates because I ended up overdosing easy green trying to clean out the pump head and get it to work. Is the high nitrates causing the issue? Wednesday’s are my normal water change days so it’ll get a water change regardless tomorrow, should I wait and see? They’re still acting normal and eating. The intake sponge on my HOB filter was clogged to the point where there was little water flow, but I also have a sponge filter on the other side of the tank. It’s a planted 20 long with 6 celestial pearl danios, 7 habrosus corydoras, the 2 apistos, and a blue stiphodon goby. Nobody else seems to be affected or acting different.
  17. Greeting! 2 of my nerite snail tip of their shell is white. Is it normal or a sign of a deficiency? 20 gallons high, temp between 76 & 77. 0/0/30 ph : 7.4, kh 4 and gh 8 I put a piece of cuttlebone in the hob filter for calcium purpose.
  18. Some of my MTS are showing reddish purple in their shells.... is their anyway to encourage this trait to express more?
  19. I'll try to get a better pic, but these little guys don't stop moving. I've had this heavily planted 40 breeder set up for a couple years. Everything else seems to be healthy, but 3 or 4 of my Emerald Danio's have developed some "bumps" around their body and in the right light some bumps appear to be internal as well...I've tried salt for 7 days so far with no improvement. Any suggestions?
  20. Hello beautiful community! This is my first foray into a sick fish situation so I'm hoping for a bit of guidance. This is a female guppy that was part of my original tank setup. She started exhibiting a strange swimming pattern about 3 days ago and then I realized it was her back fin that wasn't opening up. Yesterday I noticed the back half of her body developed a slight discoloration. Water Parameters: pH: 7.6 Nitrates: 15 Hardness: ?? Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: ?? Water Temperature: 80F
  21. I got my betta Radio from a local fish store around the beginning of this year and he's been doing really well. A few months ago around September I noticed his fins beginning to whiten. I immediately went and bought treatment for bacterial infections. I assumed it was fin rot but I was confused. His water parameters, space, live plants, everything was in great condition and care. I still treated him for a good month and did water changes but- no improvement. Eventually it stopped spreading but the color didn't return. Now months later its really hit him hard. Its never affected his appetite, personality, or anything. Just his appearance. I notice it spread to scales and now his gills. He's starting to have good days and bad days. Some where he's weak and tired. Some where he's perfectly normal. I just really want to help him so I tried treating again with bettafix and what not for his fins and scales. I've researched everything there is on the internet, YouTube, etc. and can't find a single thing on what it is. I have no lead on what it is. I was wondering if I could just get some help. I'm not really looking for treatment as I don't think I can do anything else other than let him live his life out. Today was one of his worse days yet, Just laying in his floating hammock décor by the surface. His mouth is tipped to the surface but he isn't gasping or showing signs of dying at all. I've noticed after starting treatment again his fins are flaking at the ends where the whiteness has been for a long time, maybe it's trying to clear? I would think if its a color change he wouldn't get "sick" or act that way. Update: Radio's condition has accelerated in an extreme amount. He's been gasping and moving in very spastic ways, his fins and scales look awful, fins are all clamped, he's tipped sideways and I still have no idea what happened to him or what caused this to happen. He'll probably die soon, I would have humanly euthanized him so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore but I don't have the necessities to do so. Hopefully I can find a lead to what it was. Please note Radio is in a separate tank in these images while he's being watched and treated. It is a temporary tank with a heater, filter live plants, air stone, etc.
  22. We have a Opaline Gourami that has half its body change color. We do have other Gourami a in the same tank and they are ok. It’s been doing everything normal. Just curious on what’s going on?
  23. Hello, we just recently bought four new bronze corydoras. One was very pale and had white circles around the eyes(white iris), this fish died in about 2 days. A few days after this another one of the corydoras started to lose color and the eyes also changed color (top picture, this was one of the darker ones from the bottom picture). She also swims a bit peculiar, with stomach facing the glass sometimes. She is swimming around in the top/middle area of the tank more often than staying at the bottom of the tank as one would expect. We also noticed that there was a bubble attatched to some feces. Now another one of the corydoras have had it's iris change color to this white outliner. we are quite concerned. They are eating well and shows no other physical signs of illness. Any suggestion as what we could do regarding this, I have not found any conclusive evidence as to what can be the cause of this can be on google. The three fishes are currently quarantined in a 13 gallon tank. Ammonia: 0 No3: 0 No2: 0 Ghd: >250 Khd: 6/107 PH: 6.8 I would very much appreciate some assistance, thanks in advance. /Felix
  24. Hi, I'm at a loss on what to do with these two Dority rainbowfish. One has 4-5 areas with maybe 8-9 white or discolored areas. The second fish maybe has one area with 3-4 spots. It is only on this hump area of the fish in question. There are no other spots/areas anywhere else on the fish, except for maybe on the lip. It's hard to tell. It is definitely not on the sides or fins. These fish were in my 125g display tank. I had them for close to two years. In March, I noticed the discolored area on one fish and I thought maybe it had just ran into something (several rainbows have injured themselves by running into stuff, but it usually healed by just doing frequent water changes). None of the other fish seems have this issue, including 7 clown loaches, a hypostomus, several other rainbowfish, and panda garra. The only other issue is that a Dority rainbowfish died of swim bladder in Feb from this tank (I had isolated him). July 25, I decided to post on another forum as I started to get concerned it might be something contagious and I was afraid it might spread to my other fish (including some 20 something year old clown loaches I have). On Aug 3, I decided to move these two into a 10g hospital tank as I thought I might have noticed a new spot on one of these two. I remembered that Salt livestream video and watched it again Aug 6 and began salt treatment. I started with the 1 tablespoon per 3 gallons. August 14, I noticed one fish had a bunch of dropped scales (I think he might have rubbed against a heater during sparring/fighting. When they were first in the QT tank together, they seemed to keep bothering each other. That area has healed up over time but I can still see where that damage occurred. August 26, I tried feeding Hex shield food from NLS on the off chance that it was hex/HITH. I also upped the salt to 1 tablespoon per gallon. They been at 1tbsp per gallon since about August 26 until now (Oct 23). The dropped scales seemed to have healed a bit but these marks are still on this fish. I remember one of the recent livestreams said not to throw random meds at the fish so I've kept the salt but decided to post here for advice when I found out about this forum. I have the original med trio on hand (Ick-X, erthyo, and General cure), kanaplex, and furan 2 in my fish room if any of these might help. I changed the water 2-3 times a week in this tank as the poop starts to be noticeable on the bare bottom tank. I replace the salt for the water removed. I do either a 25% or 50% water change. PH 7. Nitrates (I think the salt might be messing with the strips) but it was around 10ppm when I'd water change. Ammonia is 0 Temp: In the display, the tank was/is around 78-9. These QT tanks were at 77-78 but since weather has gotten cooler, they are at 73-74 (I don't run a heater as the room is this warm). I appreciate any help. I will try to edit and post pics from my phone as I have typed this on my computer. I'm not sure if this forum allows edits. If I can't edit, I guess I can just reply with the pics. Thanks for any input. These two were taken today. This was back from July when still is display 125g
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