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Found 5 results

  1. I understand that these things take time but my frustration is quickly getting the best of me. The Instagram pics and videos of beautiful algae free tanks doesnt help either... My tank is cycled but I am fighting what feels like a losing battle to both diatom algae and now hair algae. I have two Oto Catfish hard at work on the diatom and I have recently cut back my light to 8 hrs. I don't want to take anything out to put chemicals on but this is getting ridiculous. I'd love some help on what else to do. If "be patient and stay the course" is the best option that is totally fine. Other things: should I get something to eat the hair algae? Should I get more plants to help combat the nutrients that algae is taking in? Should I just enjoy the messy beauty of my tank? Pics below of my tank (20g Innovative Marine). Thanks in advance!
  2. My 110gl tank has a problem that I can't solve, this have started about 2 weeks ago. The tank was cycle for about 7 weeks before plants and fish were introduced around 3/6/. I had all sorts of algae and fungi growing, they all have gone, some with the help of the 4 Ottos. Currently there is no brown algae and very little Green Spot Algae on the glass and some plants. However, all the plants are covered with what I can only describe as 'brown dust'. The water is cloudy and many small particles can be seen. If I gently shake the plants or the roots of the floating plants then the water fills with debris that slowly sink or get pulled in by the filter. There are no rotting or melting plants. I use NTL Light fertilizer for the floating plants, the Anubias Java Moss etc. The rooted plants are planted in a substrate made by Tropica. The fish inside are: Cories (Sterbi/Adolpo) - 12 White/Gold Cloud Minnoows - 14 Emperror Tetra - 8 Hengeli Rasbora - 8 Celebes Rainbow - 8 Threadfin Rainbow - 6 Ottos - 4 Last weekend I have tested the water (X2 as all seemed strange) results were: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphate - 0ppm PH - 7.5 - 8.0 Temp. - 75F (24C) Every 2 weeks I change 30gl. of water and syphon the sand and gravel. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hello everybody. I recently have started to develop brown Algea and was looking for some advice on what will keep this at bay. I know we shouldn’t rely on fish to keep our tanks clean but it gives me a reason to get more fish😁
  4. I have 10 week new planted aquarium with fish and I cannot tell if the plants are on a good path or showing signs of poor health. I have read that new plants will often end up being trimmed back to allow healthier new leaves/growth to come in. Stats: kH 6 pH 6.8-7.4 75-76 F CO2 3.5bps on with lights Lighting 5000k, 27W, 10 hours Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0 - .1 Fertilizer: 2x/week Flourish, 2x/week Pottasium, 1x/week Iron (all Seechem products) Exhibit A: This Buce has been in the tank for 4 weeks. Some yellowing leaves but some new green/reddish leaves coming in. Several (new) leaves beginning to unfold. Algae growth seems under control. I assume this is doing well? Exhibit B: I added 4-6 Java ferns on 3 different occasions. These are the larger basic Java Fern. They have stay green with little browning, but are rapidly growing offspring. The offspring look healthy - great color, long roots. But is that algae on the roots? Do I remove the offspring and plant them? Is this a sign of stress or health? Exhibit C: These are smaller Trident Java Ferns (they might actually be Petite, I got them mixed up). Out of about 6 plants a couple are starting to get tips melting away, brown spots, and algae collecting. Snails love eating the algae off of them. Are these plants struggling or is this a case where I have to trim and wait for new growth? All comments feedback welcome.
  5. My oto's feasted on the brown diatom algae (BDA) in my tank but then refused to eat anything else after all the BDA was gone. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to grow brown diatom algae? I know most people are trying to get rid of the stuff. I read somewhere that people have grown BDA on rocks in a separate tank and added those rocks to a tank with otos.
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