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Found 4 results

  1. A road I drive every so often has a spot where the river, tree line, and foreground are nice to look at. Nothing real spectacular but enough to notice. About a week ago as I was driving through this spot, the sun was setting at just the right time and it made the sky behind a certain color and I was instantly almost overwhelmed. Inspiration hits me sometimes with a rush of emotions and my brain starts clicking, next thing I know I’ve got the baseline idea for a whole project. How does a setting sun color turn into a fish tank? It’s amazing how inspiration works! I’ve always been on the artsy side of everything but never took much of it seriously. It works the same in my work as well, being a finish carpenter I get to use design, flow, vision, problem solving, and more to create custom cabinetry and interior woodwork. I find inspiration to be a very useful tool I use every day. It comes from some of the strangest places too. What are some of the ways you’ve been inspired in aquascaping? Hardscape, plants, water parameters, stocking, types of equipment, whatever it may be as long as it’s fish keeping related.
  2. Hey folks, show me some of the ways you guys hide sponge filters in your tanks. I love the natural look of my aquarium with the exception of the massive sponge in the back corner.
  3. Have you ever wanted to build a tank in the 150 gallon range from glass or acrylic? Have you done it? Where could one find design plans for that and for custom wooden stands?
  4. So I'm making a fish room in my basement and I gott frame and insulate it and all that, so its gonna need painting and I was just wondering what a good color to paint the walls would be. I want the tanks to pop and I dont want too much light reflecting off the walls. I was gonna go with a flat finish, and the tanks were gonna have black background and be on black stands. Theres also a picture of the soon to be fishroom, which I've cleaned up some but still has more cleaning to do before starting construction. Anyways thanks for any advice you guys give!
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