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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all. First topic I've created here. I have a 75g Clear for Life acrylic tank (b/c of 1 year old son who has already learned to throw) on the way. I've got my stand secured and I have two tanks of fish that I'm going to combine into this tank. They currently run the same water parameters and have compatible fish. Tank 1: 20g. 5x Panda cory, 2x peppered cory. Tank 2: 36g bowfront. 7x peppered cory, 5x bronze cory, 1x 4" yoyo loach, 8x Colombian tetra. Tanks are both WAY overfiltered for their size/stocking, but no fish has ever complained about water being too clean, I'd think. My filtration on the 75g, when assembled, will be 2x Tidal 110s, each with prefilter sponge, additional sponges inside the filter and additional biomedia, plus a Fluval 207 stuffed to the gills with sponges and biomedia, and a prefilter sponge. Hardscape: sand bottom, with rocks and driftwood. Plants: I've had anacharis, dwarf hairgrass and hornwort in both of my tanks, and I'm not a fan of how much they shed, particularly the hornwort. Someone has repeatedly dug up one of the sections of hairgrass, too. None of those will be in the new tank. I have anubias, java fern, vallisneria and pogostemon stellatus octopus in there right now. I'm liking what I'm seeing from all of them, and will likely add more of those to fill out the 75g footprint. I'll glue some java moss and anubias to the driftwood, and everything else will be in the sand, fed with root tabs. Per the (rather conservative, I know) calculator from AqAdvisor, I'll be at 374% filtration, 16% water change per week and 62% stocking level. So, naturally, I'd like to get more fish. The first concern is the single, solitary yoyo loach. I haven't seen him actually hurt anyone yet, but he's twice the length of any of my other fish and likes to play "chase the cory cat", perhaps a bit too vigorously; he ends up body checking one of them. So, I'll likely get some more yoyos. But, how many? Some people say they are best kept in odd numbers, some people say 6 is the minimum. Let's say I get 5 more, and they all grow out to 5" long. Still only at 82% stocking, plenty of filtration and less than 25% water change a week (I'd do 25g, minimum, anyways). Next, I want a "centerpiece" fish. Cichlids? A school of Denison barb/redline shark? I want something that can coexist with my current fish, obviously, but the bottom of the tank will be on the crowded side, so that might rule out a couple of Bolivian rams, as I'm not sure that they'll be pumped about the yoyos prowling around for egg snacks. Denison barbs look great, but they are pretty big, and bump my stocking level over 100% if I go with 6 of them. Any suggestions?
  2. I've had a group of Denison barbs for several months now. All of them have been healthy, but one has a very weird trait--its coloration keeps changing. When I got them, all had the same markings, but after 2 months, one began to lose its color entirely. After a few weeks, it looked like an albino. I tried and failed to catch it to medicate it, as it otherwise seemed completely healthy. It eats well, swims fast, is a similar size to the others I bought at the same time, etc. After a few days of having an albino, I noticed that its black stripe was returning, and within a couple of weeks, it looked mostly normal again. Since then, it has regained and lost its color regularly, taking around a month to complete the cycle. The attached picture shows it halfway to recovering all color (with a non-color-morphing Denison at the top-left for comparison). I'm guessing a stomach parasite maybe?
  3. I've noticed that my Denison barbs have been somewhat lightly scratching themselves on the sand in my 125 gallon aquarium. Thjis started the day after I added them and is continuing a couple days later. They did not do any of this in quarantine and I pre-treated them for parasites in quarantine. I know this is a symptom of flukes, but that doesn't make much sense when I've already done all this. So what could it be and what should my. course of action look like with such a huge volume of water? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  4. Though I would see what your favourite barbs are Here are my favourites barbs Oreichthys crenuchoides and dawkinsia rohani and red panda barbs
  5. I need suggestions for middle or top part of a 125 with L134s, high water flow tank. Thanks
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