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Found 6 results

  1. Any suggestions on hiding spots for larger fish, such as Discus, in quarantine? I typically do pvc pipe - but this obviously won't work with larger fish. Suggestions?
  2. We have been working on getting a tank established over the last month. Today I changed it up a bit. I had all fake plants in the tank and I added in a nice piece of driftwood that I attached a java fern to. Thanks for the suggestion on a previous post I made. 🙂 We had all fake plants, and now with the java fern and driftwood, I want to go a more natural look. I'm going to be setting up a future 20 gallon tank with all natural type stuff, but for now I'm just trying to work on some easy changes in my 10 gallon tank. It's a month old tank still working through getting fully established. We have added some hardy fish, and added the java to help everything along as well. I would like to add more of a natural type cave in the background. Right now I have an octopus glo decoration and a barrel decoration. Had a few plastic plants, but we removed two of them today when adding the driftwood and java fern. Really wanting to change up the blue gravel that is in the tank. Also looking for some suggestions on where to get a nice natural rock or driftwood type cave setup in place of the octopus. Here an old pic of the tank just to show the size. I'll update soon with some newer photos of current layout. The octopus and barrels are in the same spot.
  3. Why did I never think of this before? Why are all the cabinet knobs in my house so boring? What would you choose for a tank stand (will attach picture if I'm smart enough)? I have community freshwater fish and shrimp, but I'm not averse to knobs outside of that. My husband built this beast of a stand for the new 29g that will replace the ancient 20hex. That's just paneling "skin" from Home Depot.
  4. Starting off with, hey! I just joined because I thought this place might be able to help. I tried Google and FB to try and find this out to not much avail. But would real bird feathers work as aquarium decor? Plastic ornaments always make me nervous because they can be pretty sharp at times. I know feathers are part of the debris of aquatic nature and if they would be safe as more... homemade aquarium decor ideas. Obviously after enough inspection for things like mites and such. Thanks for any insight on this. :)
  5. Hello! One of my newest aquascaping ideas includes medium - large rocks from the ocean that I collected. Is it safe to put it in a freshwater aquarium? If so, does anyone do anything to the decor before adding? Thanks!
  6. Basically, I got VERY bored one evening, had a bunch of spare large pvc fittings, silicone, container of river rocks, and a bag of pebbles...AND wanted some more hides for my 2 juvenile BN plecos 😊 And so..I ended up with these 😁 They'll do for now! 😊 Let me see some pf y'alls DIY decor!
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