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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, quick question, have any of you had any luck breeding rams in hard water. My water out of the tap is 7.4 ph with a gh of 8-10 per the api test. Edit: the Columbus 2020 water report states a ppm of 120 which lines up with the api test. Is this too hard for rams if I keep the water clean and temps high? dean talks about high temps, but doesn’t mention soft water. I know he has soft water, but I also know he lived in Ohio for a little. I wonder if dean had any luck breeding them in Ohio. I’m very interested in this fish, but idk if they will fall apart in my water. Thanks!
  2. Howdy Nerms! Ok I am now ready to attempt a Dean Master breeder fry and egg grow out "like" system. I saw a video (way back), and I cannot remember where it is now in the Coop Universe, where Dean demonstrated his system. I would like ideas on similar system to increase my success. Can my fellow Nerms suggest ideas or videos for me to check out? Many thanks, Tedrock PS Isn't this the greatest picture of Dean! It makes me smile to see it. I want it on a T-Shirt!
  3. Always have had a soft spot for GBR's but scared to try with having ph lvls at around 8 living in Wisconsin. Am I just wasting money if I get them? If not would they ever breed? I keep my tank at 79 degrees.
  4. So you need to start a thread somewhere so mine will start with yesterdays happenings in the fishroom. Not that little water spills happen all the time in a fishroom. But generally floods don't happen much as you hopefully gain experience. I even know the various little tasks I can get done while draining the brine shrimp hatcher, so as to not create a smelly mess on the floor. So may as well start a fishroom thread with water on the floor. Yesterday I was slow filling a 5 gallon bucket with a 1/2" line from my water change system. This generally takes about 8 minutes so I go about lots of other stuff in the process. But. . . yesterday my phone rang right after I started the water. You already know the scenario, I had to leave the room to get the person some information, it all took longer than expected, get off the call, and BAM!, it hits me, I'm still filling that bucket. Run down the hall to find the fishroom floor flooded. Didn't think to snap a picture, next time I will, my whole thought process was to keep the water from hitting the carpet (it was literally inches away). Attached is my text conversation I had with Randy whom of course said "post it to the forum", well here you go.
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