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Found 8 results

  1. as the title says, what would be some good tank mates in a 32 gallon? i have a school of 8 of them currently. i keep the temperature around 75-76*F. i have a hard time finding information online cause everything online is for celestial pearl danios and not for pearl danios the tank so far. its a wip in the aquascape department but it is cycled. i had to place the danios in here before i finished the set up due to some aggression in quarantine with other fish
  2. Three of the fry have started to move around a bit more. I'm feeding them Hikari First Bites and spirulina powder. I'm not sure how many are left - only counted 5 today but they are still so hard to see. Didn't see any in the aquarium today but there are lots of hiding spots. I guess I'll be real lucky if even one makes it.
  3. I've been closely watching the danio fry in the breeder basket from above, but haven't been watching the rest of the aquarium as carefully, since I'm also dealing with back issues and new guppy fry in the quarantine tank. Well today I turned down the room light and turned up the tank light and look what I found!!! Now most of these are larger than the ones I have in the basket which means they've been hiding very well and are pretty much too big to eat. There are also many really young fry hanging with this group, too, so I included a pic that might show them better. Tomorrow the rest of of fry are coming out of rhe basket.
  4. Hi everybody! I got repashy super green for my otocinclus but it seems like my zebra danios are scarfing it all down. I even fed them before and I waited until the light was off for bed time to put it in. Does anyone have any tips on how to get some food to my otos without my danios sniffing it out like it’s the last time they’ll ever eat? 😂 thank you!
  5. tank stats: 65 gallon, community tank, heavily planted, canister filter, plus power head for added current. ph: 7.5 Nitrates: 10 ppm Hardness: 300 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm Kh: 120 ppm temp: 78 degrees fahrenheit We have about 10 orange fin danios and have had them for approximately 2 years. Over the last month or so I noticed ones body shape slowly changing. She swam and ate exactly like the others, and I thought it odd so I did some research but found nothing about it. And time went on. Yesterday I thought I was watching her and realized it was another one of the danios with a similar body distortion. This morning I found her and was shocked! She is completely distorted and has a bulging red sore in her stomach now. I never saw her because she was hiding and not swimming with the others. We added aquarium salt to the tank last week at 1 tsp per gallon since I didn’t know what to do yet but knew something was up. (Now my crypts are melting but that’s a topic for another time🙃) But that’s the only medicating we’ve done so far since we didn’t know what we’re were dealing with and salt is a good place to start. I caught her out this morning and she is in quarantine but I don’t know what I am dealing with or how to treat it. I suspect she is not one I can save and may euthanize her but I want to try to treat her first. But it’s spreading! Now I see 3 female danios with the same shape but she is the worst. None of the male danios look odd. None of the other fish are exhibiting symptoms.(rummy nose tetras, mollies, rasboras, a betta and some cory cats.) I have found nothing helpful on the internet, some people have posted similar issues on other forums but there was no information or resolution offered. Have any of you seen this before? If so how did you handle it?
  6. UPDATE: GREAT NEWS! My Danio is alive and well! I treated him for 10 days with Tetra Lifeguard, plus 2 days at half the dosage. For the first 6 days, he hid at the bottom of the quarantined tank and every attempt to move he'd make was triggering the uncontrollable frenzie 😞 😞 But then, he slowly started to slow down when moving, then swam around the tank, and finally, I saw him eat. This took 4 extra days. At that point, he was swimming almost perfectly normal. I added 2 more days of treatment using half the dosage and his behavior remained steady. I didn't want to stress him out more and undo the good of the treatment, so I cautiously put him back in the makin tank. The other Danios swam around him and he was back on the team!! :D I still watch him with particular attention to make sure whatever got him sick in the first place doesn't come back. ***** *** * ORIGINAL POST * *** ***** What's happening to this little guy??! I couldn't attach the video of his behavior but basically, he hides in corners, motionless, then something or somebody spooks him and he twists and flops and loops frantically in the water, usually going back towards the bottom (giving the impression that he's scratching on the gravel, but I'm not sure this is his goal)... I hurt for him! My quarantine tank isn't ready yet so I had to put him in a pet carrier fixed inside the main tank. I did a 20/25% water change, isolated him in the carrier and gave him his first Tetra Lifeguard All-in-one treatment today (as close to the proper dosage as I could measure). Here is a picture of my water parameters.
  7. I have recently been experiencing some highs and lows of fishkeeping, and I want to document my efforts at breeding Ginga Rubra guppies. I bought them online cheap, and now I see them selling for quite a bit online! More importantly, I love these little buggers! The first part of the roller coaster was finding that my community tank was really thriving- massive cherry shrimp colony, the guppies had bred without much effort from me, and everyone was happy. I decided to get a little fancy and feed better foods, start really taking care of the plants, etc. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake that I am still recovering from. Apparently liquid CO2 kills things (I plead ignorance,) and feeding different food for the guppies left my inverts suffering. My corys started acting hungry and my bamboo shrimp weren't filtering. Nearly the entire cherry colony was wiped out- nearly! Now we get to the good. Turns out some cherry shrimp hitchhikers had made it into my quarantine tank on the hornwort, and bred too! Now I am afraid to put the new, fresh out of quarantine fish in the community tank because the guppies are breeding. What if I mess it up?! But thats the fun of it, right? I decided to "back up" my guppy colony by placing a handful of fry in a few other established tanks and an outdoor tub. A few magenta mystery snails are into the tub too. Is it a little late in the season for tubbing? Sure, but whats the worst that can happen? It's hot here in Northern California and I think we've got a lot more time. You never know until you try! I will use this thread to document my success or failures with my efforts at breeding and trying new things. Current tanks: 60 gal Community tank: ginga rubra guppies (lots of fry!), Beckford's pencilfish, bronze corydoras (aeneus), assassin snails, cherry shrimp (population recovering), 2 bamboo shrimp (also recovering), orange fin "kyathit" danios (recently added after 4wks quarantine) 10gal Magenta mystery snail tank: very overstocked, need to sell some before adding guppy fry Shrimp quarantine tank 5gal: blue dream neo shrimp, 3 tiny mystery snails, 5 guppy fry Fish quarantine tank approx 5gal: recently vacated and filled with 5 guppy fry 29gal outdoor tub: 10 guppy fry, 3 mystery snails, lots of hornwort. Currently has sponge filter and airstone disk. This is the one I am most interested in following, and I plan to add cherry shrimp to see how they do, but only once my population recovers.
  8. I woke up this morning and saw my Zebra Danio is very injured. I want to quarantine it but will it die either way because it will be by itself and not with the rest of the Danios?
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