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Found 11 results

  1. If this is a violation of the community guidelines, please remove this post. Typically, I buy most my plants from Aquarium Co Op online because of the quality and customer support. However, with the recent edition of my 90 gallon aquarium, I thought I would check out other places. So all together I bought wendtii crypts from 6 stores from youtube, 5 stores from TikTok, and 6 stores from ebay. Man, y'all, I got to tell you something. Aquarium Co-Op has it going on. The quality and size you get from the Co Op for their wendtii crypts dominates hard everybody that I compared them too. The only ones that came close were those who had TikTok channels selling the crypts out of their own tanks. Most wendtii crypts I have bought from the Co Op also tend to be more than just one, and usually have one to two babies coming off the main The baby plants were on average the size of most of the wendtii crypts that I received from everyone. Also I think it is worth mentioning that nearly all of the youtube stores and all of the ebay stores sent fully uncoverted wendtii crypts. Where as the hobbist from TikTok sold converted wendtii crypts. Something else that made me a bit puzzled with this whole thing is that a lot of these stores from youtube and ebay sent wendtii crypts that looked near identicial in every which way, including the little bags they were packed in. I almost wonder if they didn't buy it from one place and immediately repackage it for sell. Something else that I have been a bit surprised about is how little melt I get from the wendtii crypts from the Co Op in comparison to everyone else that I bought from. I can't really explain this one as I have fairly hard water. Anyhow, I just wanted to write this post to brag on Aquarium Co Op for a bit. So yes, I did spend a bit of money to satisify my curiosity in wanting to know how is the Co Op in comparison to others. And I am happy to say the Co Op is amazing and I regret that I didn't buy all my crypts from them. I would have been much better served if I did. Plus I could have added to my sticker collection 🙂 Anyhow this little mini experiment has for sure helped to solidify my trust in the Co Op. So y'all if you are thinking of getting crypts, get them from the Co Op. Based on my experience they dominate the competition.
  2. I see many pictures online of Crypt Wendtiii growing nice and compact. Mine grow more like Amazon Swords. They are nice full plants, but they tend to get close to 18" in height. I've actually started using them as background plants in some situations. For anyone with more experience with these, what should I do to get more compact growth? Higher light? Lower light? Feed less? Don't feed root tabs at all? I do like using them to add some color to the background, but I was really hoping to have nice full, small clumps of these in the mid-ground. Right now they dominate that space and i have to thin them frequently.
  3. My crypt was doing really well and didn't even melt when I got it about six weeks ago. I just added a root tab and it is now shriveled up and looking awful. Did I overfertilize? Should I pull it and start again? Should I get rid of the leaves and leave the roots to see if it grows back? I feel like this helicopter WERM just killed a nice plant because I did too much.
  4. When I started my 29 Gallon tank at the end of the summer I got a Cryptocoryne Wendtii red. It really became one of my favorite plants, my Pygmy Corydoras love resting in it’s leaves and my Kuhli Loaches also rest near the bottom of it, hiding in the plant. I have small rounded river stones over some special plant eco complete substrate. Recently I made a few changes in my aquarium and suddenly the Crypt started melting like crazy. It’s been depressing to see how bad it has suddenly gotten compared to how vibrant and lush it used to be, Note it’s a red Wendettii but is mostly green, that’s because I don’t dose Easy Iron, just Easy Green. I had decided it wasn’t worth adding iron for just that plant, and my understanding was that the plant would be fine it would just be mainly green instead of red if it didn’t get enough iron. -Past parameters (About 3 weeks ago): Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 PH: 7 KH: 40 GH: 60 -Current parameters (Today): Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 PH: 7 KH: 0 GH: 30 The attached pictures show the progression: 1. After first planting in the end of the summer of 2020, 2. Two to three months later 3. Sometime after I added a sandbed near it and it started to melt, 4. Today after I removed all the leaves that melted off. That’s some Val grass on the right of it. I have had an algae problem for a while and I’m finally getting some Easy Carbon to add once the shipment arrives. (Half dosage so as to not kill the Val) NOW - Why is my Crypt melting? I think it’s because of the addition of some sand substrate but here are some possible culprits: -I recently dosed Fritz Paracleanse in the tank then did a 25% water change afterwards. None of the fish looked or seemed sick, I just did it as a precaution. -Fish overuse it. I have pygmy corydoras and kuhli loaches, a huge mystery snail that is always getting on it and pushing the leaves down with its weight. The Kuhli loaches may sometimes disrupt the top parts of the roots. -I haven’t added any new Easy Root Tabs in over 4 months. Now the main culprit and probably only culprit is the new sand substrate, my KH is 0, down from 40. The Ph is still 7 though. I got some Habrosus Corydoras a few weeks back and felt they would prefer some sand substrate to rummage for food in, and they do sure love it! I only added a small patch. I would have added it in the corner where the Crypt is but I didn’t want to disturb it! So I added it just by it in a small flat area that was clear of plants.. The sand I got is “CaribSea Super Naturals Moonlight Freshwater Sand” I see now that it said on the bag that this sand was a “Perfect way to detoxify metals” I’m wondering if that is what lead to the drop in the KH? Any plant experts would have any guesses or think that is definitely what happened? Will it ever recover? Should I add crushed coral or wondershell now so i don’t get a sudden PH drop?
  5. Clockwise from top: Abubias barteri, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Anubias golden. All soaking in alum solution now. The anubias should make it okay but I'm a tad concerned about the crypt - we shall see! The C. barteri's leaves are really hefty - I love it!!
  6. Hello, I have noticed something with my crypts that i havent noticed in other aquatic plants ,but is common with my land plants. It is that they raise and lower their leaves throughout the day. When the light first comes on the leaves are laying very parallel to the ground and as the day progresses they will raise their leaves up towards the light. I havent noticed any of my other plants doing this. Could this be a cry from the plant that it needs more light? Is this a normal thing crypts do?
  7. I’ve been having trouble with my crypt wenti red. It’s grows for a few days and then the leaves die off and it does it again. Not sure what to do. I’m currently running a nicrew led on this tank for 10 hours a day in a 20 gallon with all easy green and root tabs. Needs help to figure out what to do.
  8. I have a crypt wentii red in my 20 gallon community tank and it was thriving for about ten months but its been dying back for about a month now. Not sure if its a nutrients problem but i dose easy green weekly and the gravel is very full of mulm. It also has a small GSA problem but i dont think thats the problem. Please help.
  9. My crypt wentii isnt turning red at all in my tanks i dose easy iron and easy green as well as i use plenty of good light and root tabs to help the plant grow. However my plant is still a brownish black. Any idea why and or what to do to make my crypt turn red?
  10. Hi all, Not sure how well the color from the pic will show this but I had stocked up on some of these a long time ago from the COOP and had kept them in pots when I finally planted them they have now turned almost like Pink Panther or something anyone else experience this? Maybe they were sold incorrectly?
  11. My Crypt Wendtii Green's leaves are turning a brownish color, that I think isn't normal. All other plants are doing fine. First shot is straight on. Second pic is a birds eye view. I dose Easy Green 2x per week in my 10 gallon, 20% water changes weekly. Substrate is Eco Complete. Ph 7.4 Kh 7 Gh 13 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 20 Thoughts?
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