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  1. I picked up 4 Mexican Dwarf Crayfish at the LFS 7 days ago and so far they are doing very well. Here they all are, the one coming out from the slate just molted. So far they've been peaceful with just a little sparring. They have plenty of places to hide, but they seem to be out most of the time. This one has a missing claw and 2 damaged legs, but its doing well. They like to get into the bubbles. Sometimes they jump in and fly up to the surface. They are in a 10 gallon tank with an under gravel filter, covered with 2 and a half inches of Safe T Sorb, and a slow moving uplift tube that cycles the tank about twice a day. I hope to create anoxic conditions. Its been running for about a month and a half, with other fish and snails, and the nitrate levels have already dropped below my tap water. The duckweed could be helping with that too. I put a cheap 4 gallon in-tank filter in to keep the flow low and more easily get the top fully sealed. I haven't figured out if I am going to put anything else in with them. I was thinking about trying some guppies or some other live bearers, so they have fresh meat to catch.
  2. Recently found my Mexican dwarf crayfish in his filter. I quickly took him out and put him back in the aquarium. he seemed to have no injuries and is eating fine, but is being a bit shy. I assume he's doing okay and I don't need to give him any medication? Sorry for the poor image, shot it on chromebook
  3. This is Gandr, a male bronze turmeric crayfish. Currently, he is coming close to 5” in length, excluding his antennae. Some of you may be familiar with him, as some of his rather interesting behavior would cause me constant worry. But, I’ve come to the conclusion after having him since this January, that it’s all just a part of who he is, his big personality. He enjoys thrashing around on his side for no apparent reason, staring at walls while swaying, throwing leaves over his molts and watching them for hours at a time, running backwards with my thermometer, looking at plants, trying to work over my siphon, tapping the front of his enclosure furiously when he wants attention, and getting what I call ‘glass pets’. He is terrified of carrots and will only eat foods prepared with bottled water; he dislikes food prepared with dechlorinated tap water. He arrived to me pretty traumatized from shipping. I kept him in a filtered and heated quarantine bin with gravel and leaf litter as a temporary setup. It wasn’t meant to last as long as it did, but he was extremely traumatized for almost a month, and I later had a lot of complications relating to my health conditions occur. His behavior of constant swaying, thrashing sideways as if he were molting, and refusing to eat for very long periods of time resulted in me trying to seek help from many people experienced in crayfish, as well as who I had gotten him from. The conclusion was that he must have some extremely rare or undocumented disease, and it was speculated that he would die very early. However, I’m doubtful that is the case. Together, we worked on confidence building and limiting his stress, and socializing him to things he’d see on a pretty regular basis. Socializing him has been a work in progress, but it’s definitely been helping. He understands that one finger means that food is being prepared for him, tapping lightly four times means I’m going to add food, a thumbs up means that I am finished with what I am doing in his setup (I particularly use this for when I am done closing the lid he previously had or when I’d have to adjust something), and that the orange bucket means I am going to do a water change (I’ve helped to encourage him to go under a particular leaf just before I water change, because he used to freeze in terror and panic anytime I would try, though now he likes to be out and mess with my siphon). He also understands that when I wave to him, it’s a common interaction and not to be interpreted as a threat. I would slowly implement waving over time to help him understand that hands aren’t always scary. He likes to sway his claw at me when I wave, and I’m not sure why, but I find it adorable because it looks like he’s waving back. He then will usually come up to the front, and I will pet the glass with my finger. He often stretches himself on the glass while I do this and moves his antennas up and down and wiggles them. To help his confidence, anytime he was scared of me in the beginning, I would act scared and back up. This would encourage him to step forward and snap out of his fright; it also seemingly helped him get the idea that his territory was his own, that any deemed threats would rather flee than bother him. After a lot of daily practice, he started eating regularly, being active and even social. He even will be in the front of his enclosure to interact with me every morning when I wake up, before he goes to sleep. Sometimes we will sleep at the same time, and he will sleep in the corner by me. So far, he is a little scared about any ceramic dish ware and forks (he doesn’t mind spoons though), but we’ll eventually work on this more. The only thing I have never made progress on his very intense fear of carrots, and I decided to not continue trying because carrots aren’t a necessity to him, and he would never see them any other time. He has always been extremely afraid of carrots since the beginning. Because I will eventually have to move to a new location, I didn’t want to get him a very large aquarium yet (I would love to make a large 75-90+ gallon aquarium into a paludarium for him in the future). I got the idea one night to break down and cut away various cardboard boxes and construct a setup for him, along with using a large but shallow food grade bin for the water portion. I was doubtful this would actually work, but I was curious that if I then applied foam, sealed it with silicone, layered more silicone and then substrate, if it would work well and repel water. Somehow, this actually worked after testing multiple times throughout the process. I started out by washing and cutting down an old yoga mat to size. I used a pen with easily removable ink to draw around parts of the bin that stick out into the inside of the bin. I then trimmed along the lines of where I marked with the pen. The yoga mat was spray painted black, and I originally tried a setup that I disliked and then deconstructed, so you’ll later see green patches because of spots that were removed. Why a yoga mat, you ask. Gandr has difficulty walking on slippery surfaces, and enjoys to dig. Any spots he digs away won’t be slippery. Next I built the area the bin would sit in out of cardboard and duck tape. I used an old light to figure out the size of box I would need to make around it. I left portions of the top open to assure the light would cool down enough, and so I could get to it easily if there were any issues. It can slide out easily though the sides as well. This wasn’t the full setup, as I later connected the bottom, and tweaked the top and some of the sides. After that, I began cutting away leftover foam boxes and worked on building up the portion of land he would later have, along with starting to spray foam the background. I added rocks throughout doing this, but changed some of the rocks, which you’ll see in later photos.
  4. Have any of you had a CPO or Mexican dwarf crayfish before?
  5. I've tried to breed crayfish a few times now and have not been successful at all, this tank is well established, i fed them well, water parameters are all good, both were similar in size. -my first attempt the male cray in the picture beat up the female and ripped a couple of her legs off. I separated her and let her heal up and molt and the legs came back and still waited a few more weeks for her to harden up and get really healthy, put them back together and a few weeks later he attacked her again and pulled almost all of her legs off and she didn't make it. -i figure maybe he is just a murderous jerk or something so i purchased a 2nd young pair to hopefully grow up together and they grew well and got to be about breeding size and then one looks like it died after a molt, no missing limbs, just looked like a purplish fresh cray molt in the fetal position all curled up dead. My only thought, researching after the fact, was possibly a bad molt and i might need to add more calcium then I had been. -I have read about these quite a bit online but finding limited information about actually breeding them, curious if anyone here has first hand experience breeding these and any observations/ suggestions. Thanks.
  6. My local mom & pop pet store got these guys in. They say that they were marked as "regular crayfish". The ones they usually have are red and black, you know, the common kind. Does anyone know what kind this is? Google search only revealed that there are TONS of brown crayfish species...
  7. SO I have had a worm infestation for awhile now and what I have been trying isn't working and I think the only other thing I can use to get rid of them is the API General Cure but I am afraid it will hurt my crayfish I have had her almost a year and she was big when I got her so she isn't a baby but I wanna make sure it will be okay for her. They are not only all over the tank but also on her so I need her to be in the tank when I dose it! Thank you!
  8. So my blue crayfish overnight laid eggs. I woke up and saw some eggs on the gravel floor and also some still attached to her she wasn't like this yesterday and I assume because they are not attached they are not fertile right? I read they are suppose to stay under her until they molt two times but this just happened overnight and they are already released.
  9. I want to put some in my pond, but also want to have pond plants. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, Thought I'd upload a quick post about how I'm slowly fazing out all purchased fish foods and am transitioning too DIY dried fish food. My first attempt at this was replacing the food I use for dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus sp.). I currently have two different tanks with two different dwarf crayfish species and was running low on food. After a lot of research I discovered the analytical constituents and composition I deemed best for my dwarf crayfish. After doing all the fun math, calculating dry weights of different ingredients, percentage of protein fiber and calcium each component added too the food I finally had my recipe. Some of the ingredients I used were: Spinach, Spirulina, Moringa, Krill, Bee Pollen etc. The analytical constituents are Protein 43.5%, Fiber 7.2%, Available Calcium 0.5%. The food also contains all trace minerals the crayfish needs to molt. A lot of the credit for how too make this video comes from Mark's Shrimp Tanks. He has a nice video about a three ingredient dried food (not sure if it's ok if I link this video). I used this video as a guiding light, but heavily tweaked the recipe as I wanted many more different ingredients and much less filler. Here are some images of the process and finished product: Overall I'm very pleased with the results as the crayfish are devouring this food. I will need to test it long term and make sure I don't see any deficiencies and my breeding rates don't decrease. The next dry food I will be attempting is going to be for my Super Red Ancistrus. Later down the road I will also be making a Mineral food for my inverts, as well as a snail food. Feel free to ask questions in the comments!
  11. I am looking for any ideas on good decor/hiding places to put in my 10 gallon tank with my CPO Dwarf Crayfish. I know there are lots of options but has anyone done anything that turned out cool and the crayfish used often? Thanks!
  12. The crayfish is approximately a 4.5” Australian Red Claw crayfish. I got him recently, and he was shipped to me while he was nearing the beginning of molting. This seems to have stressed him out, and he seems to be struggling to molt. He never has eaten since getting him (this month the 21st). the 22nd or 23rd, he started being less active, waving his legs around above his head, and laying somewhat lopsided on the ground. Fast-forward to the 24th til currently, and he’s been falling onto his side and waving his legs and claws around periodically. Occasionally, he gets up to walk around, and does so very clumsily, while some of his legs remain completely outstretched. Tonight, I finally got a better glimpse at him (as he’s now doing the behavior in front of me every now and again), and some of his legs are looking twisted up. I have iodine in the tank that was added a few days ago (maybe two). But I want to know if there’s anything else I can do. Should the molting process be taking this long, and is it normal to not see any progress so far? I’ve heard of people intervening, and I’m curious if that would be on the table if no progress is made by the time the molting should be done. Though I wouldn’t want to risk it, if it seemed far too dangerous or stressful compared to just leaving him be (as getting involved usually makes things worse). Here’s how he’s been looking, if that will aid in any advice. Him when he’s laying on his side (often what he’s been doing: Him when he was walking a little today:
  13. So originally I posted about my crawfish having molted and one of her claws having been stuck I was told to let her chill and get it off herself but now she picked off some of it and her meat or flesh or whatever is showing!!! Should I continue to leave her be?? I tried to help her in the beginning BUT she was WAYYYYYY to stressed to let me near her I feel I will for sure stress her to death if I even attempt to help her remove this.... First photo is hours after her molt second is today!
  14. My orange dwarf mexicain crayfish passed away today du to a bad molt. I am sad - I had his parents so I raised him since he was a tiny little thing. All the memories I have... I saw him terrorize him siblings until they all died, I saw him try to eat his dad when he passed from old age... 😲 Peaceful, they say... 😬 S.I.P. My little terror.
  15. I am repurposing a tank to be heavily planted. My intent is to keep some or just my breeding pairs of cpo crayfish in it. The dwarf orange crays. Easy iron says it is shrimp and snail safe which is usually what I look for in being cray safe as well. Does anyone have first hand experience or knowledge if the easy line will work with my dwarf cpos? They are my favorite and I would be heartbroken to lose my little dudes. Thank you!!!
  16. So my crayfish molted and her claw is very much stuck I have read lots of different opinions on wear to help them get it off or leave them but this is really stuck i tried to slightly tug it to see and it isnt budging so what should I do?
  17. So my crayfish molted and her claw is very much stuck I have read lots of different opinions to help them get it off or leave them but this is really stuck i tried to slightly tug it to see and it isnt budging so what should I do? Any time I try to help her a bit she gets very stressed and flips over I don't want to stress her and kill her that way! I am so worried 😞 She is still trying to get it off and watching her struggle is breaking my heart
  18. I was looking thru the fish at my petsmart and I noticed where they keep the neocaridinas they had this crayfish in there, and I was like wow I'm gonna buy this and was fully expecting to have to buy it for the price of a shrimp, which is like $5, but I asked the lady about it and she was like yeah it's free, you want it? So now i am the proud owner of a crayfish and I do have a place for her(?) Bc I was planning on getting one anyways to use as a way to more naturally get rid of culls
  19. So My crayfish loves to climb and I have a small part of her tank divided off for her plants because she will destroy them but I love what they do for her water. So naturally she climbs the divider. She seems to love climbing it but occasionally she loses her grip and falls. Is it going to hurt her?? It seems like the only thing it hurts is her ego but I just wanna make sure she will be okay i thought they were good climber but I'm not so sure now.
  20. So I'm still very new to this hobby but my son and I started a 55g guppy tank that was doing quite well. I planted some Water Sprite that quickly grew to the point I was able to seperate into 3 sections across the tank. It was great for the fry to hide in and all was well... Then my son spotted an "orange lobster" (we live in Syracuse, NY and he is obsessed with the Syracuse Orange) and all hell broke loose! I'll admit he is a cool addition, but my beautiful plants have been stripped to stumps in little over a week!! Does anyone know of any plants that he won't devour?! I like the idea of cover for the fry, but I do have a seperate tank I was letting them grow in before the water sprite took off. At this point anything would help it from looking so bare! Thanks a bunch, Mike
  21. I was doing a big water change today because I have been sick and was unable to change my crayfish's water for a couple extra days more than preferred when I was pouring the water in her filter bag must have had a hole in it or something and now there are a few carbon pieces on the bottom of her tank. will they hurt her if she trys to chew on them??? I use the Fluval carbon external filters
  22. Would it be fine to put a single Pea Puffer in with my Cray? MY Cray, Skeeter, is maybe 3 inches from head to tail. Maybe 5 inches with his claws extended. My Skeeter is my most valuable aquatic friend, the only, aquatic friend I have. He will get a 20 long with sand and plenty of hiding spots. I just don't want the puffer to bite ate him while molting and possibly killing him.
  23. What is considered to be a good ppm of calcium for shrimp, crayfish, and snails?
  24. Can I have a mexican dwarf orange cray with african dwarf frogs in a 30 gallon tank or do I have to use a divider
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