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  1. I have never kept a journal so I am not sure if I am going to enjoy doing this or not. I am that… I want to try things at least once type person. I spend a lot of time reading all the fantastic journals on here. Two weeks ago my bearded dragon BOOP’s suddenly passed from a stomach tumor he was diagnosed with last year. Boop’s spent nearly every minute of the day with me including the fish room. He had a shelf in front of each tank he liked to watch his fish and chase shrimp. He was probably a better plant guru than me 🤣 (you have no idea how hard it was finding info on which aquarium plants are dragon toxic) He always tried to eat them when we worked on them. For the two weeks it took me to process the worst of my grief reading everyone’s journals and posts kept me sane and filled the time I normally spent with my dragon. Thank you everyone for sharing your journey. I have had fish since around 7. All whatever I could catch with mom’s kitchen strainer in the creek when I was younger (her rule was no snakes all else I can have) and keep alive using creek water and bugs. This is how I learned anything in nature that fits in something else’s mouth is food. I also developed a weird fascination with all the nifty critters and hitchhikers that end up in aquariums. I’m the weird old lady that even finds value and cool snooping entertainment in hydra. I have been hooked ever since. went through job demands of travel so way more up and down with tanks than I want to think about I watched every video and livestream (although never in live time) the coop had. I wanted more. So I joined the forum. It’s really great as I have no one to talk fish to. Hubby only likes my giant mystery snail but loves that fish make me happy since I rarely leave the house (it’s my garden of eden why would I venture into societies current chaos) I’m new to the internet in the past few years since I retired. I used email but mostly fax before I retired but that’s it outside of works dedicated computer programs. I have never done any other social media so I feel awkward and was and I guess still am a bit intimidated most of the time trying to convey things to others in a way that seems friendly and helpful as typing seems so blunt and impersonal. I try and use a lot of the cute face cartoons. I hate offending others so I hope the cartoon faces convey niceness. Most of my fish keeping knowledge (if you want to call it that and not just ok this worked for me and this distinctly did not) comes strictly from Observations of my tanks over my life, trial error heartbreak National Geographic magazines learning about fish not aquariums and other assorted magazines in the mail. Finding the internet fish keeping prescribed guidelines baffled me and I still wonder if some of the people doing the articles ever actually kept the fish they were writing the article on. Seems fish are supposedly super delicate??? 🤣 I never knew that I always loved fish because they were so amazingly resilient. Silly me. That’s why I got hooked on Cory’s videos he seems to go with what he has seen with his own eyes and learned instead of what the internet spews and is willing to try things just to see what happens. (He also finds benefit in hitchhiking micro fauna and snails 😁) So enough about who I am…just an eccentric old lady who loves fish ….here we go…. My multi tank syndrome has taken a drastic turn since my health declined 6 years ago. Getting old stinks but is also the greatest. I cannot physically take care of large tanks anymore so now it is how many fish and different things can I keep in each tank and healthy. My current tanks that I have up and not in storage are standard 29 gal, 20long, 2 x 10g 8.75 gallon shrimp tank I got on sale and hate but guppies and snails have too many babies and it’s handy for a dozen or more things, 5G QT 2.5G QT i do not ever actually plant plants i float them tie them to something or suction cup them on the wall. Even root feeders do great that way for me. I don’t use fertilizers or chemicals I am afraid of them. I tried easy green half dose in 2 tanks and panicked after 6 hours and did late evening water changes so I could sleep. I admire the fabulous aquascapers I’m not one of them I love plants they keep my fish happy and healthy and grow well for me i stuff every tank to the gills because our water is miserable even in tanks years old with so many plants I can barely see my fish brown diatoms live on. I tried recently using jugged spring water from the store for wc and it all went away … came right back when I used hose water 🤷‍♀️ over the years I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of it though 🤪 the fish and assorted critters like it YUMMY 😋 29 g stock 11 panda corydora, 6f/1m guppy(the wolf pack and Little Boy, Nemo the nerite snail, 3 female magenta mystery snails (the wonder twins and microdot) bladder snails and some stray shrimp that migrated on a coop large sponge filter. I stopped there because my 2 longfin lemon blue eye bristlenose plecos are trying a second time he has not left the cave in 3 days other than to get a quick nibble of the green bean I put outside his door. I’m hoping it’s a fruitful spawn and may need to rehome the pandas and set up another 20 long for them? This is a newer tank set up with established filters gravel plants from other tanks and such so we are waiting for the micro fauna to establish. I think the Pandas and guppies are eating most of it so I may not get much. 20 long is my pleco pair (sweet pea and baby girl) 4 huge male mystery snails 2 magenta (the baby boys) 2 chestnut (chestnut and bandit) 10 celestial pearl danio(only one has a name she is huge and eats everything Meg as in megalodon) more neocaridina shrimp of every color than I can count. Some bladder snails (someone keeps eating them I do believe 😕) many random assorted micro fauna and a gorgeous little colony of tiny green hydra in one corner that never seems to travel or grow bigger even though I feed cpd bbs. I may actually like this journal thing. I’ll detail the rest another day and add more pictures. my pointer/typing finger is cramping at this point 🤣
  2. Hi All. Curious to get your thoughts on moving a young female betta (Cambodian Red sold as a baby betta from PetCo) from her 3 gal into a 5 gal with 6 CPDs? The only other inhabitants in the 5 gal are a single Amano shrimp and a nerite snail. The CPDs seem quite happy and healthy and colored up. The 3 gal that the female betta is in has been my plant holding tank which I'm planning to move the plants into other tanks and take it down. I'm running 7 nano tanks and 1 20 gal at the moment and I've reached my MTS limit, sadly. The female betta is quite a fireball. Very feisty. I know it's hit or miss with betta aggression but the 5 gal is on the small side. Not sure if she'll be as territorial as males, but like I said she's a fireball, flares at her reflection, very active swimmer, jumps at my fingers before I even drop her food in. I've had her since March this year. What about the other way around? Could CPDs be nippy even though she doesn't have flowy fins?
  3. Medaka Ricefish Fish (1) The year long local search for ricefish came up empty so a few months ago I decided to try ordering from Aquahuna upon Cory's recommendation. Well they did not disappoint. I received six very healthy Pearl Galaxy and Orange Youkihi Medaka Ricefish, 3 males and 3 females of each. I keep them on the top shelf of the rack with no lighting other than sun from the window. Each variety is kept in its own bare bottom 10 gallon tank and a DIY static K1 biofilter. One week after moving inside the Orange (scroll up scroll up copy paste) Youkihis bred for the first time. Two weeks after that the Pearl Galaxies bred. Eggs stick to the vent of the female until rubbed off onto a surface. I tried a few methods to collect eggs but the easiest so far has been to place a large scuff pad flat on the bottom of the tank. The eggs have been taking about 10-12 days to hatch so once a week I inspect the pad for eggs which are usually found around the edges. The eggs are removed with a pipette and placed in a hatchery made from a deli container with a screen hot glued over holes punched on each side. A small air lift continuously drips water through the hatchery container. I've been getting good hatch rates with this method. Feed The adults are fed daphnids, scuds, and flake food when I'm feeling lazy. More rarely I feed them live baby brine, blackworms, or frozen bloodworms. The fry are being fed infusaria through a slow drip overflow siphon. Recently I found my neglected rotifer culture was packed with rotifers so I added them to the regime. And once a day I pipette in some vinegar eels. (Edit: not surprisingly the rotifer culture was not very sustainable while being harvested on)
  4. Firstly, I do not have a picture, sorry. I was at my LFS a few days ago when a tank with very large CPDs. I mean far larger than any CPD I've ever seen. They were 2" and chubby, very mature looking fish. When I inquired why they were so large I was told they are a hybrid between "Emerald Rasboras and CPD". Due to the size of these fish I thought the clerk meant Emerald Eye Rasboras, but now I think they were talking about Emerald Dwarf Rasbora. Can two tiny species produce such a big size difference in offspring? I know it happens in other animals but was still very surprised and puzzled. Is this done on purpose?
  5. I have been breeding CPD’s for over a year and recently had a juvenile that is very transparent. Is this a genetic mutation and can this gene be singled out for breeding? Currently keeping juveniles and adults in a 29 gallon with only shrimp and snails and I don’t have any other fish, so I don’t believe it is a different species and I have added any new plants for over a year, so I don’t believe it’s a hitchhiker. Has anyone else had any experience with this? I will plan to update this as the juvie matures, if it survives. I attached a picture of it eating with its spawn mates, to show color and opaqueness differences.
  6. This year is my first time summer tubbing. I live in an apartment in London, UK and I have a covered balcony as my outdoor space, so no chance of top ups from rainwater. My plan is to have lots of plants and do regular water change. I set up two 65 litres/17 US gallons tubs at the end of March when temperatures were pretty cold, ranging from 15C/60F during the day to 5C/40F at night. Temperatures have recently warmed up and are currently around 25C/77F during the day and 15C/60F at night. In one tub, I have Fibre optic plant Water mint Creeping jenny Dwarf water lily and various cuttings and floaters I raided from my indoor tanks The plants have grown well since March. Last week, I put in 6 CPDs and 7 red cherry shrimps. Both the fish and shrimps are always hidden, I have to look very carefully to be able to see them. In the second tub, I have Corkscrew rush Succisa pratensis (devil's-bit scabious 😄) Miniature bulrush Water chestnut and various cuttings and floaters The plants in this tub seem to be slower growing, this tub gets slightly less sun than the first tub. The good thing is that I see less of an algae issue. Last week, I put in 7 medaka ricefish and 7 snowball shrimps. The medakas are always out and about. The shrimps are harder to see but more visible than the red cherries in the other tub.
  7. One of my cpds has gotten a large belly. She is much wider than any of the others. I tried to get a photo of her girth but couldn't get one in focus.I don't think I have seen her without poop barely protruding from her. I've not been able to see her defecate and have never seen her with string of poop trailing from her. I went on vacation and did not feed for 4 days and there has been no change in her appearance. When I do feed i feed extreme krill flakes, frozen baby brine or Hikari micro pellets she eats well. She is still active but I'm afraid she's going to pop everytime I feed the tank. It is possible she is eating cherry shrimp fry but I've never witnessed it. Not sure if she's bloated or maybe parasite releated. Any input would be appreciated.
  8. Over the past week or so I have lost all but one CPD. Every day one or two would die. I did the med trio on the entire tank and they kept dying all week. I continued to feed normally half the week. This morning I fed the two that are left with my normal food, but had not been feeding recently and almost immediately the remaining adult CPD began the twitch of death and listing that was the sign I recognized all week at the sign that the fish wouldn't make it til the next day. Is it possible that my putting wet fingers in the food over a couple of months would cause it be poisonous? All other fish shrimp etc. have been fine??? I looked at the remaining food on a white plate and don't see anything obvious. I see all over the internet people loosing all their CPDs one at a time and so bummed this keeps happening to people. Thanks All! Chris
  9. Over the past week or so I have lost all but one CPD. Every day one or two would die. I did the med trio on the entire tank and they kept dying all week. I continued to feed normally half the week. This morning I fed the two that are left with my normal food, but had not been feeding recently and almost immediately the remaining adult CPD began the twitch of death and listing that was the sign I recognized all week at the sign that the fish wouldn't make it til the next day. Is it possible that my putting wet fingers in the food over a couple of months would cause it be poisonous? All other fish shrimp etc. have been fine??? I looked at the remaining food on a white plate and don't see anything obvious. I see all over the internet people loosing all their CPDs one at a time and so bummed this keeps happening to people. Thanks All! Chris
  10. So I’m a huge fan of cpd’s, if you couldn’t tell by my name?!?! Lol. Anyways I had bought a group of 6 cpd’s months ago and I had to grow them out. Unfortunately 3 died so I had 2 females and 1 male but I didn’t know untill they grew a little more. So they were just about sexing out and I decided to buy 6 more to build my colony and add some extra blood into my colony to strengthen the colony for when they were old enough to breed. My 3 from the first order had grow and now just sexed out and is raring to go and breed. Luckily I was blessed with 2 females and 1 male. The other ones are still a month maybe two out from sexing out and breeding. Anyways so I have them all in a 10 gallon with a couple panda corys to grow out and albino bn plecos. Everyone leaves each other alone. So the 1st 3 cpd’s started doing the dance a couple days ago in the Java moss and deli cup. I noticed the younger ones go in and out of the moss at times too quickly... so that has me a little scared because idk if since this is my cpd’s first time trying to spawn if these first couple of days are “dry” runs? Or are the little guys eating the eggs? With as much as the females and male dance in the cup I’d expect to find at least one egg but the couple times I’ve checked I haven’t found not 1 egg? I know the panda corys are leaving them alone (surprisingly) and so are the plecos. So I’m curious and would love to hear what you guys would think is happening? Or any advice on how I should go about this?!?! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and have an amazing day! p.s. don’t judge my tank lol, it’s not a show tank it’s a breeding tank. I’ve had more success with “dirty” tanks and breeding!
  11. Hopefully this is an easy question for people who've kept pearl gourami in the past. Long story short, I started building a tank stand for a 29 gallon. Realized as I was getting started that I'd only need to stretch things a tiny bit to fit a 40 breeder. Petco has 'em on sale at the moment, so voila, I'm down a 29 gallon and trying to stock this 40 breeder. I'm a big fan of pearl gourami and was hoping to keep 3-4 as the "centerpiece" fish of the tank. My plan was 1 male and 2-3 females to keep breeding/territorial aggression to a minimum. After picking the largest fish, I went through a bunch of smaller species to help fill the tank out and then it hit me: I've got 40+ celestial pearl danio that are basically ready to sell! If I put them all into this large tank, I could run a giant school of ~50 CPD alongside the larger pearl gourami. Water parameter wise, they seem like a good fit. I'm just a bit nervous about putting such a large fish in with such little guys. I've seen folks recommend neon tetras with them, which makes me think they could coexist without too much trouble. Any more experienced fish keepers, especially those who've kept pearl gourami, able to weigh in on this stocking? Is my all pearl all the time tank idea doomed from the start?
  12. Hi, everyone. I have noticed my Celestial Pearl Danios have clamped fins and look sluggish and don't seem to eat well the past couple of days (and I've lost two today). I've done water changes, but my water is testing okay (other than high pH of 8.2 and it's super hard). Their shrimp, snail, and Endler's Livebearer tankmates don't seem to be suffering as much, if at all, from whatever ails the CPD. Any suggestions where to go from here? They have been in this tank since late January and seemed fine until recently. 20L with sponge filters, room temp, and a few live plants (that also seem to be dying slowly). The java moss and duck weed are doing great.
  13. Hey you wonderful folk. I was hoping to reach out to you to seek some advice. Today I received an order of celestial pearl danios from a reputable company that has me a bit concerned. They are on the smaller size. The two doa that I measured were abit less than 1/4". I am assuming it is ok to feed live baby brine at that size. I just don't know. I do have access to green water if I need to be adding it to the tank. Also should the dealer have included a heat pack? There was none included and I am thinking that may have made all the difference in the two doa. Our temperatures here have been in the high 30'f at night and in the day we have been in the mid 50'f to low 60's here on the coast of NC.
  14. Please help. Let me start off with tank info. 10 gallon aqueon regular rectangle tank. Relatively new tank. Started around 12/30/2020. But I believe it is cycled. Parameters are (as of today 2/4/2021) 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite and generally between 5-10ppm Nitrate. Water tested with API master test kit. Water temp usually hovers around 76 degrees. PH is 7.5, GH 120 KH is 80. I used the API test strips for GH and KH because that’s all I have to test those parameters. I usually do a 15-20% water change with tap water treated with Seachem Prime the night before it’s put back into the tank. Substrate is eco complete. Filtration is Aqueon quietflow 10 with Fluval sponges and fluval bio rings. I also have the aquarium co op intake sponge on the intake. Lighting is Fluval nano 3.0. Tank is planted generously but I wouldn’t say heavily as most of the plants are new to me and still growing. I have 10 cherry shrimp in this tank that are absolutely thriving. They have been in there for about a month now. I have kept fish before many years ago as a younger person and never really had any issues. Just getting back into the hobby. My problem: I recently tried to add 8 celestial Pearl danios that I purchased from the LFS. I acclimated them with bag in tank. Waited 30 mins and added approximately 8 oz of my tank water to their bag. I repeated this process 4 times for a total acclimation time of around 2 hours. I then netted the CPDs and added them to the tank. In 3 days all but one have died. Most of the CPDs seemed on the small side to me even for nano fish. I’m just wondering if perhaps I got a bad batch from the LFS or if I’m doing something wrong. I have heard these fish are quite hardy and can tolerate relatively wide range of parameters as long as they are steady. From what I’ve researched, my parameters and tank set up should be adequate, perhaps not absolutely ideal, to support these fish. Just wondering if anyone with more CPD experience can chime in with some advice or anything. I’ll do my best to respond to questions or responses in a timely manner. Thanks in advance. frustrated and confused
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