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Found 3 results

  1. 40 gallon community tank, very heavily planted with shrimp, snails, glofish and Otos Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 5, GH 10, KH 7, PH 7.5, temp 77 F, Light Fluval 3.0 planted setting with night time off. They are fed Tetra Flakes, Hikari Blood worms, Bacter AE, algae wafers from Hikari and API and xtreme. I recently tried to get rid of black beard algae so I dunked my infected moss balls and plants in peroxide, then rinsed and put back in tank, well of course my moss balls died and looks like they grew fungus. Now I had one Oto die with cotton mouth on the day I started treating them with Maracyn and ParaCleanse. After 4 days, I am losing another Oto that it is spreading on his tail fin. I started adding Ich X starting today. I will be removing the moss balls. I just wanted to go through one full round of meds first, then I was going to clean during a water change and repeat another full round. My question is maybe should I be using other meds, I keep seeing articles recommend Maracyn 2, I guess the regular Maracyn only affect gram positive bacteria while the Maracy 2 attacks both the gram positive and negative which is the more common type. Thoughts? The infected Otos are fairly new to us but I quarantined them for three weeks with all three meds before I added them to my tank. I think its my dead moss balls that created this problem a month later and maybe the fact they don't have as much algae since the tank was thoroughly cleaned recently in the process of ridding the black beard algae. Please advise. Thanks Elizabeth
  2. This is my very first visible disease issue ever (I've only been in the hobby about 2 1/2 years). I moved my 20 gallon tank last week, which involved draining almost all of the water. I essentially ended up with about an 80% water change. I'm not sure if that's at the root of the issue or not, but I'm thinking that the stress of the moving/water temp possibly swinging/large water change may have upset something. Anyway... Temp: 78 Ph: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: was 0 before meds, now .5 Nitrate: 20 Gh: about 300 Kh: about 200 I have 11 neon tetras in the tank, 1 betta, 5 cory habrosus, and 1 lone WCMM who's the last of his small school. 2 of the neons are showing signs of something being wrong. Neon #1 has a white bump near his mouth, like this: Neon #2 has a dull whitish patch on one side and it looks like the scales are slightly raised. It takes up about 1/3 of his side. I cannot get a picture of him with the cloudiness of the meds in the water, and I can't find anything really similar online. The other fish look good. Everyone, including the affected neons are swimming and schooling normally. They are still in their normal community planted tank because I have fish in both my QT tub and 10 gallon QT tank that I've been getting ready to put in the 95 gallon community tank. I've treated with Maracyn and Ich-X for 3 days so far with no improvement and also no worsening of the disease per this article: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/fish-fungus I'm not sure what to do at this point. Should I remove the affected fish? Do salt baths in a 5 gallon tub? Keep going with the meds and hope they start working? Different meds?
  3. I have a juvenile molly who is really has not grown much. He seems to get picked on whenever I feed frozen food, for some reason. Three days ago, I noticed a cotton patch on his head. He is eating fine, and I separated him in a own breeder box. Since then I have given him a few 15 minute salt baths a day, and added some more salt to the tank he's in. (I'd say approx 1 TBSP/5 gallons.) I also added one dose of Ick-X and one dose of Maracyn to the tank. There has been no improvement in the cotton patch, but it hasn't worsened either. I have access to other meds, but don't want to go down the rabbit hole yet. Any other suggestions? All help is appreciated.
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