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Found 3 results

  1. I have a cat, so I have a bunch of kitty litter buckets (Tidy cats Performance). I think they would make a nice tank for my black worm culture because I can easily put a bulk head in their side due to their rectangular shape. In my mind a bulkhead and another bucket will make it more like managing a 6 gallon aquarium as opposed to a 1.5 gallon aquarium like I am currently. I have two of the "performance type litter" containers that have been bleached and rinsed out multiple times when I was cleaning rocks. I also have a container of the "free and clear litter type" which is and unscented and carbon based variant, but it has not been rinsed as much. So, I could use the more natural one as one of the buckets if that would be better. After bleaching/rinsing the buckets multiple times do you think there would be any leftover residue from the litter that would negatively effect my blackworms or the goby's I feed them to? I can obviously buy other buckets and storage containers but these are such a good size for how I would want to use the bucket. Thank you 🙂
  2. So I have a new planted 20 g I’m setting up, and trying to move everything from my pretty much failed 10 g. The pictures will explain everything. The 1st one is my 20 g, which I’m floating stems until roots come in and I can plant (I have a dirted substrate). All clean, starting to grow a little algae, but nice and green. I got them less than a week ago so I would expect it. The 2nd one is my grimey old filter (a Tetra Power Filter 40 if it matters) , which isn’t old at all but I forget to squeeze the sponges out every once in a while. Pretty much filled with sponge. 3rd one is the 10 g tank the HOB is running on, covered in algae and I’m hoping the new one will run a bit better. Still pretty damn dirty. I do water change once a week but it looks grimey as well. I don’t have a lid because….I’m using mine for the 20g currently. So I put the HOB on the 20g, I have a sponge filter in there and wanting to switch it out with the HOB thinking the HOB has more beneficial bacteria in it with so much sponge. Well the first thing I noticed in the clear water and bright light was a strange scum flowing from it (probably protein and other things) and these weird brown bubbles that came off that I assume were full of dust (they don’t pop and I remember having them when I put pool filter sand in my old tank and brown bubbles formed at the surface) , represented in the 4th, 5th, and 6th picture. Will the grime contaminate the nice plants? Because it also is bringing some algae.
  3. Matt_

    Fry Food

    I am so happy to have just received my first 1 lb refill of the aquarium coop fry food. Do any of you clean out the squeeze bottle before refilling them and if so what is the recommended cleaning method? I am thinking of just rinsing the squeeze bottle out if I clean it because I am concerned about contamination from soap or from the aquarium on all my cleaning brushes.
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