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  1. I visited the store for the first time last March and I really like the design of their racks. As I prep to build my own fish room rack, I am going to build from and modify that design. I'll track my progress in this thread. Research First up, research. Here are all of the links I found covering the building this sort of rack (and variations). Cory discusses how they were built (Aquarium Co-Op) End Supported Aquariums (Scott) Building Coop-style fish racks (JCsFish) DIY Dado Cut Aquarium Rack (Greg Jones) DIY Dado Cut 60 Breeder Aquarium Stand (Greg Jones) Goal Achieve the open front of the Co-Op rack for ease of access for maintenance and access to stock. Shelves When finished, this rack will have three shelves as follows: Shelf 1: Top. Holds seven 20Ls. Because these tanks are smaller than those on Shelf 2, the cleat method cannot be applied. Instead, this will be a traditional shelf using the dado cut method (see above) with tanks being supported by the full shelf, not just cleats. Shelf 2: Middle. Holds one of the following configurations: One 125G and two 75G One 125G and four 40B Four 60B Shelf 3: Bottom. For now, just storage. But may be used to house four 50g lowboys for plant farming. Specs Rack Dimensions Width: 17ft 8inches Height: 7ft 10 inches Lumber Uprights: 2x6 Cleats: 2x4 Crossmembers: 2x4 Rack Stability: The rack will not be free-standing. Instead, the back and sides of the rack will be attached to the studs in the wall, almost like a built-in entertainment center. So, the wall attachment will create more stability on all sides while transferring some weight to the walls. Tank Style: All tanks are rimmed. All but the 125G are Aqueon. 125G is Marineland. Questions Without modification, can Cory's cleat design hold the 40Bs and up? What is the upper size limit? If anyone has photos of large tanks being supported by the cleat method, I would love to see them. Assuming there is some size limit, could that be solved by adding a crossmember to support the back of the tank while leaving the front of the tank open? Could building the back of the rack using the dado cut method outlined in research help that even further? Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance for any comments or advice. I'll post pictures as I build.
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