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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I know I have met some of you in either the chat or youtube, but if not, my name is Steve and I live in northeastern CT with my girlfriend and our two bull terriers. I kept fish when I was a kid but recently got back into about two years ago now. I started with a 39 gallon and decided to plant it. Its a fairly basic community tank with couple pleco and cory cats, along with an angel fish. About a year ago I set up a 10 gallon tank for my girlfriend because she wanted shrimp. I battled that for about 8 months and I did ultimately figure out the problem of why they kept dying, but i had to totally strip down the tank to do it. Now I am breeding guppies in that tank. I did plant that one as well from propagations from the 39 gallon. I am still fairly new and I always have questions, but I also do plenty of research as well. It took me so long to join the forum though because we also do a nice size garden and that has pretty much come to an end, so I figured I would join the fun! Attached are a couple pictures of how I started my planted tank and what it ended up becoming. Looking forward to talking with you, Steve
  2. I started my first fish tank when my son was in kindergarten because his teacher had one. Intrigued, I went to the pet store and purchased a 10 gallon with everything I needed, or thought I needed. Well over time, fish came and went some lasting longer than others. I cleaned the glass, changed the water and even bought a live plant. Well, since that plant (from the pet store) came with snails I figured I was done. I had replaced the live with the plastic once again and had one living fish left and that was after a few years of just watching the one fish swim around, alone, lonely. Then I was inspired once again (don't know how that happened) and I thoroughly cleaned the tank, bought a few Rosy Barbs to keep my one fish company and even bought several live plants (from Aquarium Co-Op) because in searching for live plants the internet directed me to Cory and Murphy. After falling in love with Murphy I purchased several more live plants, lost the barbs (and the one fish) and bought Lamb chops and Black Skirt tetras. They all seem to be much better. I even started a small tank my son bought while in college (2.5 gal) and put live plants in there (Water Sprite) with more Lamb chops. It's a really fun hobby for me now. I test the water, change the water and love to watch my fish enjoying their space. For my birthday my husband bought me a 20 long that I haven't set up yet because were re-doing the living room and there's no place to put it right now. But when the time is right, you can bet I'll be looking at this forum for inspiration. The photos are the 2.5 gallon with the water sprite that I bought in early July 2020, it's September now and they have just gone crazy in there! (First pic is before thinning and second is after) I took some out so I can see my Lamb Chops and put them in my 10 gal.
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