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Found 5 results

  1. Sergeant Ruby is my first puffer. I got her for $50 from a local hobbyist who was breaking down his tank. She's been such a joy to have. She gets along with all her tank mates and never makes trouble. She used to have a best friend that was an American flagfish. Sadly he passed away and Ruby barely moved for a week after that. She is fed a diet of ramshorn snails, bladder snails, and a variety of live worms raised in my worm bins and cultures. Anyone else keep this cute species of freshwater puffer?
  2. Hi I have a question I have a 40 breeder with a congo puffer and 3 panda garas. And their doing great. Im in college so moving a 40 gallon tank every semester can be a chore so what I was going to ask was could a congo puffer live solo in a 20 long ? If not that is perfectly fine I was just wondering. The other thing is could he or she live comfortably without overstocking and live happy and not stunt growth.
  3. Hi yall so I have a question I have a spotted congo puffer. I would like to take her to college with me she can she live happily and healthy and grow to max size. I think think she is close to full size now. It would be only her I am only aloud ten gallons in my apartment. It is a waterbox cube 10 gallon heavily planted and I'm diligent with water testing and changing water.
  4. Hey I have a question I have a spotted congo puffer that I got 2 weeks ago I did not have a quarantine tank at the time so I put him or her right into the tank. He or she is eating great, but look like he or she has some ich along with possible fin rot he or she's tail was a little banged up from shipping. I got a quarantine tank today 10 gallon. Is it fine if I do maracyn, Para cleanse, and ich x all together. I know Cory does that with all his fish regardless if they have anything, but I want to make sure if I combine all those medicines that it will not kill my 300 dollar puffer. Thankyou for any info.
  5. Hey guys I have a 125gal that I have Nicaraguan Cichlid, a small Synodontis Catfish, a Porthole Cory and a Congo Puffer. The Nicaraguan's are shy and need a dither fish. So I was using Giant Danio but when I add the Congo Puffer I noticed them bothering the Puffer and I don't want that. So I removed the Giant Danio and am looking for something else to help make the fish more comfortable. Anything out there that won't pester the puffer and would be fine with the Nicaraguan's? I worry about Tetra's out competing the puffer. Barbs, Mollies, Platy and Swordtail pestering the puffer. Guppies getting eaten bye the catfish.
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