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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I've wanted to join the forum for a while and my sick goldfish prompted me to finally join. I have 3 comet goldfish that are about 2.5 inches in body length. They are in a 55 gallon (with intent of upgrading when they get bigger) and it has 2 filters and a few plants. Just a few hours ago I noticed that 1 of the 3 fish had a curved spine and was laying on its side on the bottom of the tank. It is still breathing and looking around and occasionally swimming around while its spine is still curved. The ammonia is between 0.25 ppm and the Nitrate is 20ppm. I was away from home for a while so they haven't had food in a 2 weeks and have been in the dark during that time. I moved the fish into a 10g hospital tank with 5 gallons of new water and 1 gallon of old tank water. He has been swimming around a little more since going in there in the past 30 minutes. I am going to petsmart to buy meds tomorrow morning so I want to figure out what is wrong tonight hopefully. I have read people talking about ammonia or nitrate poisoning or bacterial infection. The other 2 fish are fine which makes me think it isn't the parameters. Thank you for any help or suggestions! These fish mean a lot to me so I am trying to do as much as possible to help him. Note: the image is him in a quickly put together hospital tank.
  2. *New to fish keeping so... sorry if I forget anything important* I guess a bit of preamble, I have a 29 gallon aquarium, inside, where at the moment I have five 1-1.5 inch comets. Yes, this is currently my only tank. My plan was to give the ones in there back to the pet store when I actually decided what to do (and find the fish I want) with my indoor tank. My problem is I kinda fell in love with them and now I wanna keep them too(MTS already hitting me). Sooooo.... I have an idea for a 35 gallon pond in my back yard year around. I’d like to keep it simple and use a medium sponge filter for both agitation and filtration. I’m not sure if I should use a substrate or not but if I do it’ll be some gravel from my other tank. I’ve also already put some extra bio rings in my filter so when I do set it up I already have some good cultures on there as well. I’d like to keep duck weed in both my indoor tank and in this pond. That way, (as I don’t plan on having anything indoors that’ll eat it) as the goldfish outside eat it all, I can transfer some from my indoor tank to the pond as it propagates. I do have food in case the duckweed dies or can’t keep up with the fish. My climate is fairly mild here in central California with winters only having a few nights per year below 32*F and no snow. The summers frequently go into triple digits for weeks at a time. I am concerned about it getting too hot as I know goldfish like cooler water. The place I’m thinking of gets afternoon sun as well. I’m hoping the duckweed will help with water temperature as well. Id like some advise on this. About any of it really. Is this an ok set up for them? Is there something more I should do? Maybe you see an obvious problem that I just don’t see. Like I said, new fish keeper here, so I don’t even know what questions to ask. Maybe you’ve done something similar and I’d love to learn from someone else’s experience. I’ve tried to educate myself the best I can but there’s no way I found ALL the info. I guess I’m nervous as I want my fish to be happy. Thank you
  3. Will Sarasa comets breed true? In other words, Sarasa crossed with Sarasa will result in all Sarasa's? Or some solid silvers and golds? Thanks for your input!
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