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  1. Let's start with the swim bladder most case of swim bladder are cause by over feeding and the stomach putting pressure on the swim bladder constipation or bacterial infection of the swim bladder and injury to the swim bladder Frist I would recommend fasting your fish for a couple of days and doing epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 2 gallons for no more than 15 minutes 2-3 times a day as eposm salt acts as a muscle relaxants to help with constipation if that has no effect then I would treat with antibiotic medication in food Kanaplex is my go to antibiotic treatment you could also use maracyn2 and furan2 are not very effective at a higher pH above 7.8 if your in the UK I would treat with Sera baktopur direct tables if it's a damage swim bladder caused by an injury it case of wait and see some will improve given time other will not improve and may have to be euthanize if you think there suffering clove oil is one of the most humane ways to euthanize your fish
  2. After losing Morocco (Betta) I went to my closest LFS and got a Lampeye killifish (Poropanchax normani) and two CPDs (Danio margaritatus). I have never kept this fish, so it will be a learning experience. The CPDs appear to be a pair, they swim together and pretty much say close to each other. One of them has a bent spine but I still wanted to give him a home. They are about 1.3 cm and not quite showing strong colors. The killifish is still very shy, but I am hoping he'll start feeling comfortable soon. Feeding them Hikari First Bites and Repashy, as well as Betta pellets (not at the same time). So far, they don't seem to go for the Repashy but it sank to the bottom of the tank, to be found by happy snails. No names yet, as I wait for them to tell how they would like to be addressed.
  3. OGC


    Does anyone know what is in Kick-Ich? I have a bottle and there is no list of meds on it and i have searched the internet. I have columnaris in a tank and wondered if it would help until I can get the appropriate meds delivered. Thanks in advance.
  4. 10G Betta tank with suspected columnaris. Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think about the diagnosis! Onset: 6 days ago, white patch behind his head suddenly appeared. Hasn’t seemed to get worse or better. He is more lethargic than normal, but is still eating and occasionally swimming around the tank (not just up for air). Fin rot seems slightly better now but is still severe compared to what he had before this started. Current treatment: water change and gravel vac immediately and again yesterday; darkness in the tank for four days and now limited lighting, Ich-X (5mL), and Maracyn (1 packet). Left the Ich-X and Maracyn to sit for three days, did a 30% water change and re-treated with both yesterday. (Yes, I did a water change but wasted a couple days trying to figure out what it was before medicating!) Thinking of treating with kanaplex, but have qualms because it’s a heavily planted tank, with a nerite and otos in it that might also suffer or die. Thoughts? This is following a bout of BGA from lack of nutrients, and fin rot from the nasty BGA tank conditions until I got it figured out, killed, and now mostly cleaned up (there’s probably a random dead piece in the gravel). Previous fin rot and BGA were treated with two rounds of maracyn two weeks apart, one round of Paracleanse, big water changes and plant prunings, and more consistent ferts. Tank is recovering and looking much better, but betta’s fin rot is worse again and now he has a big white-tinged patch. He does have the marble gene, and he is just over a year old (he’s been with me a year and was a medium-sized juvie when I bought him). This appeared very suddenly about 6 days ago, more than a week after the last rasbora death. After researching, I found that kanaplex was probably my best bet, but I don’t want to lose my corkscrew vals or my other plants, or my otos, or my nerite, and seachem says it is hard on inverts and plants and some scaleless fish. On other forums, people say most of their nerites survived, and all their plants survived, but they didn’t have vals (which can be more sensitive). Nobody said anything about otos. Parameters: pH: 7.8 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 10 Temp: 79.5F KH was high last time I checked it, but I haven’t checked it in a while because it remained steady for a long time and I do regular water changes with tap water and it is fairly hard tap water. I always have to double-dose my Prime because of the chloramines present in my tap water. Other tank inhabitants: 3 otos, one zebra nerite, 2 emerald-eye rasboras (2/4 rasboras died suddenly after I added the otos two weeks ago; no symptoms…betta may have reacted to more stock being added to his happy equilibrium and killed them…or maybe columnaris killed them due to their own stress after the otos). If this was columnaris, wouldn’t the betta most likely be dead already? Or noticeably worse? Wouldn’t the other rasboras or the otos be showing signs of it too? (They’re not, even though I know the rasboras are stressed from losing their school from the way they hang out with their reflections and zip around.)
  5. i saw this on my swordtail. i cant tell what it is. it looks like a white patch that is mostly smooth. some of the scale appear to be white but it is really hard to tell cause she wont let me see it. she currently has ich and im in the process of treating the tank with ich-x.
  6. Trying to figure out what disease this is. I’m thinking it’s columnaris but I’m unsure. I have Maracyn and it says it treats it but apparently it’s gram positive. Maracyn 2 is gram negative and supposedly better for treating columnaris. Is anyone able to identify what disease this is? She had a great appetite today and what eating a lot. She wasn’t lethargic either. I did have a power outage for a few hours and the males tend to chase so I’m wondering if the stress from that caused it. I didn’t lose any fish from the power outage either. I appreciate it. Thank you. parameters: tetra strips ph: 7.5 gh: 250 Kh: 80 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 40 dosing easy green, and have lots of plants.
  7. vividjs24


    Is this columnaris? I noticed what seemed like gray freckles last week on its head and this appeared yesterday and got worse over night. 5 gallon tank with another sparkling gourami, glass chuno gobies, nerites, spixi snail, Thai micro crabs and neocaridina shrimp. Do you recommend Maracyn?
  8. Currently feeling sad for my new tank. 20 gallon long stocked with 3 otocinclus, 4 Endlers males, 3 guppy males (still alive, started with 8), 3 platies (started with 4) and 2 mollies and a mystery snail. Sponge filter and HOB on opposite ends of tank. Lots of potted, planted, and floating plants + pothos with well developed root clusters. Tank was set up with wood, plants, gravel and filter media from my 2 and 3 year old betta setups, plus new plants in pots and floating. Here's my water: Ph 7.5 GH120 KH180 Nitrite .5 (was zero until yesterday) Nitrate 0 Ammonia .25 (right now it's .25, it has gone as high as .5 for 2 days at a time. My tap water treated with Prime tests at .5 consistently, so I've used spring water for water changes or spring water mixed with treated tap water to bring down high ammonia levels) Temp is 74 ( I turned the heater off due to fear of the ammonia) I've had 5 guppies die over the course of the two weeks since I set up the tank including after I did med trio. Guppies have died one every other day or so, physically looking perfect but sitting at top of tank in the evening, followed by death the next day. One looked like his chest had a white bulge/burst area when I found him, though he had been physically intact when I went to bed, just sitting at the top of the tank. Lost a platy this morning after 2 days of hiding in filter corner--a rough red meaty-looking area on his side. Moved him to a hospital tank before work, he was dead after work. After work today one molly had white bumps on mouth and tail fin, and another platy had what looked like a "saddleback" wound, very hard to spot due to his coloration (red tailed dalmatian, the affected area is normally white with little red and black specks, only close examination reveals it's not healthy white, it's cruddy looking). They are currently in hospital tank with salt and Ich-X. I'm out of antibiotics (completed med trio a week ago) and will be unable to get more until tomorrow, if then. Within hours of being in salt/Ich-X, molly looks normal and has no white spots I can see, which seems bizarrely fast for even a surface-level improvement. When I started this tank my goal was to have a peaceful community tank that the younger of my bettas might enjoy living in. Now, I can't picture this tank ever feeling safe enough to put a healthy fish in. Photo is of my lighter orange platy, who has a red spot in the same location the deceased platy had that meaty area, and who was sitting at the top of the tank some this evening. Is poor water quality the root of the problem? Would .5 ammonia cause these deaths while Endlers remain alive and double in size?
  9. How do I treat columnaris. I think its that, swelling in the mouth. One of my bettas got it, now they are all getting it. HELP!
  10. Hello everyone, Can someone please confirm if my betta has columnaris? I have only just stopped treating him for fin rot, but just today I notice there is white stuff coming out of his mouth. It also looks like he is discoloured underneath (can be faintly seen in the second image). He has also just gone off his food and is lethargic. I have treated the tank with aquarium salts and primafix (this stuff). The last fortnight I did 100% water changes and dosing with primafix and salts to treat the fin rot- which finally seemed to be getting better, and now this! I appreciate any advice as this is a very new hobby. Thank-you
  11. Hello! Unfortunately I've spotted a small patch of columnaris on one of my leopard danios in QT - I've already dosed Ich-X (was already treating for it) and put one treatment of maracyn in today, although I'm still concerned because..well I've never hard anything survive columnaris unfortunately. Would it be helpful to supplement with a low amount of aquarium salt, or do you think the meds are enough/salt would add just more stress? Thanks!
  12. I have been struggling with what I believe is a very slow strain of columnaris. White patches in the classic saddle back formation, some fin rot. Some deaths, some fish are totally fine. In the past I was able to stop the spread by treating with Furan 2 but my plants didn't like it very much. But I was very new to the hobby then and I may have overdosed (3 years ago) With this illness once again active in my tank anyone have a positive experience with Furan 2 and plants... or will it always trash plants. Thank you all for your time.
  13. Just gone through some water quality problems which are hopefully now addressed looking into the future (I had issues with PH dropping and disrupting the cycle of the tank massively.) 2 blue king tetras have showed symptoms of what I believe is Columnaris? I've moved these guys over to a small hospital setup I have going and have begun dosing salt at 1 tbsp per gallon as I'm told Columnaris can kill very quickly so I didn't feel there was much time to mess around. (I had previously hoped to try a Methylene blue treatment, but in the end I ended up water changing 90% of that out as the fish were hugely distressed and franticly darting when it was in there.) It's been around 2 days now in the salt, and I do believe that I've seen small cotton like threads come loose from the affected areas of the fish. As you can see, there's also quite a clear black outline forming around the affected areas which has become more prominent as the treatment continues. Is there anything more I can do to help these guys as a UK resident? We cannot get antibiotics legally. I'll take any advice and help I can get as I'm very attached to these guys and want to do right by them. Thank you!
  14. Last month, I bought a Kissing Gourami and a Blue Gourami to add to my Gourami collection. I kept them quarantined for about a week with meds before moving them both to my 55g with 3 Dwarf Gouramis, aHoney Gourami, Red Lizard Whiptail, Zebra Angelfish and several Mystery Snails. They all got along great which is what I was worried about. However, 2 weeks after I bought him, the Kissing Gourami developed white spots across his body. I assumed this was Ich as that was one of the only two diseases I've ever had experience with, the other being Popeye. I wasn't worried as I had always easily beat Ich when I kept fish 10 years ago. I treated with Ich-X every day with water changes. Unfortunately, the Kissing Gourami didn't seem to get any better. The 3 Dwarf Gourami's and the Zebra Angel also developed these spots after about a week. I set about researching what else it could be and I really couldn't find a definite answer on what it was. I decided to settle on Culminaris and began treating with Melafix. I only had two treatments left of Maracyn and the local petsmart doesn't sell it. None of the infected Gourami's got any better but the Angel completely lost her white spots so I moved her out to an empty tank along with the Honey Gourami, Blue Gourami and Red Lizard Whiptail. After nearly 2 weeks of treating Melafix and finally the rest of the Maracyn when the Melafix ran out, all 3 Dwarf Gouramis and the Kissing Gourami passed I've since completely drained the tank and filled it with new water. I let the decorations dry out and kept them dry for 24 hours, this includes the sponge filters. I wasn't really sure how to clean the plants so they are as is. I also installed a HOB filter with floss to filter out any crud in there. Any mulm has been completely removed. My question is, how do I ensure this disease is gone? More medicine? Just wait a few weeks? Thanks for your help EDIT: The Angel has completely recovered. None of the other fish in the tank developed any signs of a disease since removing them.
  15. I cycled my planted tank fishlessly and added my fish a little over a week ago. It’s a 29 gal. I added a sixth tetra on Sunday and yesterday I noticed white cotton mouth appearing on my fish and now I’m panicking. I dosed with Maracyn but from what I’m reading that won’t be enough. I ordered more meds but they won’t be here until Thursday... water parameters: 75 degrees (lowering temperature steadily) ph 8.0 kh 12 gh 12 amm 0 nitrite 0 nitrate around 10 to 20ppm (hard to read) I am scared and new to the hobby and feeling incredibly disheartened. Is it safe to wait two days and start kanaplex? I have three snails in the tank and some Cory cats too.
  16. I have a quarantine tank set up with plants that I am going to put into my big tank. I am almost finished hardscaping the tank and then I can add the plants and water. I purchased 3 platys for my son's tank and put them in the quarantine tank w/ my plants and ran them through an ick treatment. During that time one of them had babies so now there are fry in the tank too. Towards the end of the treatment I noticed they started getting fin rot. So, I started a med trio cycle last Thursday afternoon. Yesterday I was confident in my suspicions that all 3 platys have columnaris. 😑. This morning one the platys died and the other 2 are starting to display the same hiding sick behavior. Questions: Do I euthanize the remaining 2 fish or continue on with the treatment. They don't look too happy or healthy. What do I do w/ the fry? Do you automatically assume they have columnaris too? One of them is floating at the surface about ready to die. What about the plants? Are they now contaminated and is it a terrible idea to use them in my 75gal? I am just so worried about messing up my big tank that I have been working on for so long. Thank you for your insight and help.
  17. Ok so I have a new 40 breeder with 2 baby fancy goldfish. It is "cycled" no ammonia, no nitrites, under 20 ppm nitrates. Yesterday they looked completely fine and swimming normally. Today they are super lethargic and have a thin white ring around the edges of their fins. It's progressing very fast and I wanna make sure I treat it correctly now. Please help!
  18. After a long battle with columnaris, I lost 10 of my 12 guppies. 😞 They were in a receiving tank and went through one round of ParaCleans, Ich-X and Maracyn, as well as two rounds of Maracyn Two, and aquarium salt. The surviving two are doing great, but I am very hesitant to stock anything else. What is a good time period to wait to ensure that I don't get another outbreak? Thanks!
  19. NewFishMom


    Hi! My husband and I are treating for fin rot, because I new something was off, but someone mentioned Colomarius, and I looked it up, and that explains everything. But now I feel guilty for being wrong, and am not sure which meds to use. Some people say one thing, and others say another thing.. Please help! I want to be a good fish mom
  20. Pretty positive I've got Columnaris in my tank killing off my fish one by one. Inevitably a new fish will get white columns on their side and die every 12 hours or so. I've been following the guide from fishlab.com recommending Furan-2 + Kanaplex. I'm getting discouraged as I'm on day 4 of 5 and still have a cherry barb on his way out. Somtimes it's one or two neon tetras at a time or a cherry barb. I was hoping to salvage most of my tank but I don't know if this will ever stop. Any encouragement for me? For whenever this is over....do I have to restart my tank? I hope not.
  21. My 1.5yo Ember Tetra suddenly swam around the tank erratically, I believe hitting driftwood and gravel. I accidentally bumped the tank I recently had to place on my desk and I feel terrible for stressing it out like that. I have done some research, and I am not sure if my fish may have just been injured from acute stress by swimming like that, or if it now has developed a columnaris infection and needs to be removed / euthanized. Unfortunately I do not have a hospital tank now since I am away for college with just my two small tanks. I also do not have a water testing kit, I do weekly 20% water changes, dose with Easy Green 1x weekly, and have plenty of live plants. I have had this tank established since February of last year without any issues, and I have a healthy breeding neocardia colony. Please help - what should I do now? Do you think this is columnaris or another infection, or that it will heal on its own? If there is a shrimp and plant safe medication I could use, what would you recommend? https://pasteboard.co/JQ5eqwA.jpg
  22. I think I'm dealing with columnaris. As i live in Canada meds aren't an option. I have put 1Tbsp per 3 gallons of salt so far. I have only had it for 3 days so far but it seems to be spreading. another platy has white patch and seen guppies and a Synodontis Lucipinnis( some one really has to come up with a easier name for these) rubbing them self's against the substrate, this isn't happening very often maybe notice it once a day. All fish are active and eating well. I was wondering how long should i let it go before increasing the salt and is it even safe to do so with the Synodontis Lucipinnis, albino corys and snails to go to 2 Tbsp per fish. and if i do increase the salt could i move my plants to a different tank with out spreading it. I have Hornwort javafern and moneywort for plants. priorities are the Synodontis Lucipinnis since they cost about as much as the rest of my fish, then the rest of the fish and plants are dead last as they where only like 15 dollars so if its not 100% safe to move they are easy to replace.($10 to you guys) I am limited to Melafix, Pimafix , API® Liquid Super Ick Cure which from googling is not effective if its columnaris so salt seems to be the only option almost forgot water condition. I probably did have a ammonia spike as i removed half of my substrate then spread out the remainder this caused a lot of clouding once it settled i added a fine gravel substrate on top about 2 in thick. any ways when testing my water today Ph ~ 6.8 matching my tap water. ammonia > .2ppm Nitrite 0ppm and Nitrates ~ 40 ppm and tomorrow is my water change day was going to do 50% since missed last week and the nitrate lvl. any suggestions welcome and if the worst happens and i lose them all how should i clean the tank before restoking.
  23. I just noticed this on my original guppy? What is it? and is it treatable? I know everyone is probably tired of my drama posts, but I am thankful for any help I can get
  24. 3 days ago I bought fish from my local fish store that I've never had a problem with until this time. I bought a cardinal tetra, a corydora, 2 guppies, nerites, and 3 anchor cats to add to my schools in my display tank. Thank goodness I quarantined them!! I woke up this morning and the cardinal tetra that looked fine yesterday is definitely dying with what I'm pretty sure is Columnaris. Tail is completely gone, gasping, body is white/bleached dorsally behind his dorsal fin and ventrally just back from his head. I yanked him out and put him in a quarantine bucket right away and then dosed both tanks with Fritz Maracyn (thats what I have from the QT meds trio). I also added a tsp/gal of salt to the bucket with the sick fish. But now that I was looking it up it sounds like Maracyn likely won't treat Columnaris (although the box lists it). I'm mostly worried about preventing it in the rest of the fish in the QT (the cardinal is probably a goner) which I can't add salt to because it has a lot of plants and the anchor cats (3 new ones plus 2 I had from before). What should I do? Should I find another med to add to the QT tank? Everybody looks okay for now anyways. Parameters: I can't check until later today, but they were totally normal just a couple days ago (it's a well established tank, picture included). Temp: 78 F Ammonia: usually 0 Nitrite: usually 0 Nitrate: usually lower - 20 Very hard water with a pH of 8.2-8.4 (not sure exactly what it is, I rarely test pH)
  25. I recently purchased few guppies from my local fish store, noticed having columnaris after a day unfortunately. and few of them passed away. now i want to clean the tank thoroughly and re-stock with new ones. is there a recommended procedure to do this. i don't want any new ones to have columnaris infection because of this. how to disinfect the tank and get new ones. any advice.
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