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Found 4 results

  1. So my shrimp has a line down it's back and I've had them for only a few weeks now and I was curious as to whether this stripe down their back was from stress or just their color pattern
  2. Is there a certain fish food/vitamin/mineral that will enhance yellows in fish (specifically guppies). I currently feed xtreme krill flakes and frozen foods (blood worms) along with BUGBites tropicial food and then live daphinia and seed shrimp (naturally occuring in the tank and they have started hunting them). The male guppies have a yellow body with bluey/teal lines that flash through it while the females jsut have yellowy bodies and yellow and black tails.
  3. I bought this really nice imported betta from a reputable fish store, 3 months ago. He’s been great from day one, super interactive, very peaceful, loves to eat! However, last week I noticed a white spec appear near his tail, and over the past few days it’s grown into a lump. He’s also lost a lot of his coloration in about a week, maybe week and a half. I was wondering if anyone can help me identify what the lump is and how to treat it. Also if the lost in coloration is caused by the lump? He lives in a relatively stress free 15-gal tank. I used to do water changes every two weeks, but recently I had a filter failure which caused an algae bloom, now I have been doing water changes once or twice a week. I am also 3 days into a black out to fight the staghorn algae that had started to grow. This week the lump has not grown, but his back fin continues to get lighter in color. The first picture is how he looked healthy before any issues. The second picture is from last week. The last three are from today. Behavior wise, he still eats normally, he still as peaceful as always, and he still follows my finger like he always has, so I have not noticed any changes. Tank Spec and Water Quality: Tank size: 14 gal cube Heater and filter: aqua clear 30 with flow baffle, 75w heater with ink bird temp controller Tank temperature: set to 80, drops to 77 on really cold days How long have I had the tank and fish: tank for 4 months, fish for 3 months Water changes: Every two weeks before, now once-twice a week for 40-50% Any tankmates?: 7 shrimp and 9 green eye rasbora and 2 nerite snails Food and amount: bio gold betta pellets about 6-9 of them once a day Decorations and plants: Fish safe temples, tree shaped driftwood, and many many plants PARAMETERS: API test Ph high range: 7.4 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm Water Temp: 77-80 Hardness: Not sure of the exact numbers, but I live in Los Angeles, CA so its on the harder side KH/Buffer: I don't know
  4. i thought that we could start a thread sharing our fish glow-ups from the store to established. here are some chili + strawberry that are established (6+ months) next to some new ones i added in today: its hard to believe these are the same fish.
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