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Found 8 results

  1. My sweet Goldie Blue has always had a deep blue colored body, and over the last 24 to 48 hours his color has changed drastically. He's been on the same food for two months, water parameters are all normal. I have not added and fish or made any changes since late November when I had a huge tank issue that is now resolved. The only thing new is I bought the Easy Green fert and put it in for the first time on Monday with my water change. I am adding pictures, because I don't know if he is ill or if this is normal. He is also eating just fine and active. First pic is how he's always looked, second and third and from last night and this morning. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
  2. kind of battling two issues right now - a possible columnaris infection, detailed in a different thread...but, also have three of my 18 tetras that have literally zero color - the others all are at least a light orange color, and some are that nice deep orange/red color. I am at a loss for why those couple would still not have any color at all...not even a tinge on their fins...literally grey/clear all over and have been that way since I brought them home anyone have any ideas? they all came from the same lfs, so kind of confused at this point, I thought they would color up after a few days (which most did), but these have been in the tank for 2+ weeks... any help is appreciated
  3. My guppy likes to change color some times. it usually has a light colored body but sometimes it gets almost black in a patch. Anyone know what this is about? I know fish can loose color pretty fast if they're freaked out but this guy can turn it on and off in really short order. These two photos were taking 30 min apart. 30 min later:
  4. One of my green neon tetras is pale and possibly slightly bloated (see fish in center of photo). The tetra has had this appearance for nearly a week, and its condition hasn't changed. It has been swimming fine and eating OK. One difference is that the tetra appears to be territorial or at least aggressive towards other neons when they come around, although the tetra does swim with the other neons. I hadn't previously noticed the aggressive behavior with any of the tetras. The tetra has been in the tank for about 4 months. All of the other tetras appear normal as do other fish in the tank. The water parameters are nitrate 10-20, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, pH 7.8, GH 143 ppm, KH 89.5 ppm. Does this tetra have the dreaded "neon tetra" disease? I've looked on the web for a comparable photo but haven't been able to conclude. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am just finishing up the quarantine 7 days, last day of quarantine and noticed couple of guppies are losing color. is it something i need to be worried . what could be the reason?, and i will do the water change and start the regular food schedule starting tomorrow. do i have to move the losing color ones to another tank or some disease ? water parameters are stable. i have two hang back filters with high flow of water though.
  6. Hey, so this is my first time posting on this forum. I’ve been perusing for a while, and it seems like the community here is pretty knowledgeable about all types of fish. Here’s hoping someone can help me. 🙂 I currently have a female betta that began just having a black body and flame red fins. Her name is Hestia and I’ve had her for about a month now in my community aquarium. Maybe about a week ago I started noticing some silverish iridescent type coloring showing up in her fins and body. It doesn’t look to me like scales are raised or peeling off. My husband insists that it’s just her color changing (apparently that’s a thing in bettas throughout their lives?). She’s not acting funny, still eating, and still swimming around. For a bit of back story: we keep a betta sorority (currently 4 girls) and a few days ago one of the bettas developed a severe case of columnaris on her lips with a wicked fast onset. She ended up dying before the erythromycin could do its job to help her (RIP Regina George). We also have various breeds of betta friendly tetras, shrimp, and one bristlenose pleco in our 36 gallon bow front. No other fish are showing any weird symptoms (other than two of our bettas that are always bloated because they’re obsessed with eating). The tank is currently being dosed with the aforementioned erythromycin. If this is something illness related, I also have the trio of meds from the website coming in the mail soon. Here are some reference pictures of Hestia. I apologize for the quality. She likes to move a lot and forage on the bottom of the tank. Anyways, thanks for reading all of this! If anyone can help a new fish hobbyist out, I would really appreciate it. 💚
  7. pH - 7.6-7.8 Nitrates - 40ppm (water change day) Hardness - liquid rock, about 400 ppm. Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - about 300ppm Water Temperature - 75f-79f Woke up to my rainbowfish being extra energetic and having heavy blackening on its body. He eats ok but I had never seen this so I am worried. Any idea why? The only change I've done is that I added a lot of new plants.
  8. I have some new Rainbow Shiners in quarantine, they arrived 9/23, so I've had them about 7 days. I noticed a light color spot on the heads of several fish and it travels down the spine of the fish. I don't see any spots or discoloring anywhere else on the fish. I have never kept this fish before and I wonder if this is natural for this fish. I tested my water and found about 0.5 ppm ammonia in it and did a water change of about 50%. I didn't see a large drop in ammonia so I tested my RO water and it had a similar level of ammonia in it. I dumped all that RO water and made some RO/DI water and remineralized it with a GH/KH Shrimp King shrimp salt. This RO/DI water lowered my ammonia down to 0.25 ppm in the quarantine tank after a second 50% water change. I'll change some again tomorrow so ammonia is reduced further. Water perimeters are: PH: 7.83 GH: 9 KH: 3 Temp: 71.4 F (cold water fish so no heater) Ammonia: 0.25 (after 50% water change) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0
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