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Found 17 results

  1. Brief background: my oldest son has earned his Advanced Breeder award in our Fish Club’s Breeder’s Award Program, and I’m chasing his score now. By way of perspective, if Master Breeder is 500+ points with C.A.R.E.S. species breeding and some difficult types of spawning, Advanced Breeder is the milestone below that — 300 points. I share this just to say... we have a few years here of breeding tons of fish. I still feel pretty bad at it, but my LFS owner thinks I’m performing witchcraft in my basement. Now, this same LFS owner has tried in vain to interest the hillbillies in our region in discus. All to no avail. No one here is going to spend $75 or more on a fish that requires an experienced level of care, a decent sized aquarium, and might die unless parameters at the outset are excellent. He decided he’d set up his own Discus tank at home... but realized that his responsibilities were too much for that... SO what’s happened is that we’ve gotten a bunch of discus virtually at cost ($25-$50 each). It started for us with just a couple to see if they were as impossible to keep as “the internet” said. And it turns out that, generally speaking, they’re really not that much different than Angelfish to keep. Now, as these reach breeding size, I’m beginning to imagine breeding them. Like with other fish we’ve bred, I’ve done a lot of reading and video watching. I get the water parameters typically necessary... the light colored sides so that fry will go to parents to eat from their slime coat, the breeding cone, etc. What I’m trying to figure out is colorations. We have 10x discus. Of that, there’s the possibility that two color patterns could yield similarly colored / patterned offspring. There’s these two... And there’s these two... But I’m questioning what would happen if they’re not male female pairs (discus are hard to sex) and if, instead, two very different color morphs pair off? Like these two... Last week, we visited an old fish store that had “locally bred discus” for sale. It’s hard to make out here... but, in my opinion, they were just bleh. Colorless. Barf-sided. I’d never buy them. But is that what happens when you cross-breed color strains? Here’s a bad photo from the fish store... Now I’ve seen wild-caught discus. They have their own appeal. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of color expectations for fry from differently colored discus parents. Any ideas?
  2. What’s your favorite color variety of the betta!!
  3. What is your guys favorite platy color breed! Mine is the Beautiful dwarf red coral platys I have!!
  4. I bought a tank yesterday and took some fish with it. There was one male guppy in a 55 gallon with a bunch of albino cory cats and some platy. He isn't acting abnormally, and his fins look really good, but he's white towards his head. Pictures are linked. Guppy
  5. We had 3 Amano, 4 Cheery 1 Bee and one Green with a florescent line on the back. Today I have cleaned and changed water in all my tanks, this caused all shrimps to come out so we could count them. The green shrimp disappeared but instead of 4 Cherry shrimps now we have 5. Does it make sense that it has changed its colour?
  6. I recently got a pair of Dark knight rams and they are good quality black but they are not pitch black. I heard that if I breed a black ram to a gold ram intensifies the black. Is this correct or is there another way to produce darker color in my black rams?
  7. I've been looking at lots of different angelfish, and knowing that lots of people here keep them, I was curious...what are your favorite colors in a planted tank? What shows off well against the plants in your experience? Is there a color you just keep coming back to as your favorite?
  8. So, I have been thinking a lot about this. For guppy fans, what is everyone's CURRENT favorite strain? Now, no fair saying "Mutts" and leaving it at that. I LOVE mutts, but I am more curious about strains people have kept, and strains they wish they could keep (or hope to keep in the future). Call it a guppy bucket list. 🙂 I am loving my metallic mutts, but I have recently gotten some of those purple dragons. They are so far slowly adapting to my water and I am gradually acclimating them to Seattle instead of Texas/Thailand. They have actually been pretty stinking awesome, popping out fry and putting on weight even as I slowy lower hardness and temperature. Beautiful, hardy so far, and prolific. But my kid picked up some red snakeskin from ACO on a whim on last trip. They have been a little more fussy about water parameters and we have had some touch and go moments (admittedly we have been a lot less cautious, expecting them to be acclimated to local conditions already--that may have been a mistake) but they dropped their first fry and remain a fan favorite--for this fan! What are you loving right now? Maybe you will show me my next favorite!!
  9. Hello my name is Oded and I’m a fish keeper and a high school student from Israel. I have imported a group of panda morph platies and one popped out white. I think it’s a female but it’s steal to young to sex for me. I would like to know if any one had worked with panda or white platies before? If so, do you have any tips?
  10. Good morning all! My cherry shrimp was acting strange last night -- furiously doing laps around the tank then sinking to the bottom. Today he's acting ok but he's turned almost clear. Is this a death knell? I did do a water change and add a bunch of plants to the tank yesterday but I checked the water before I went to bed and all the levels were fine.
  11. I had a question about getting a color out of shrimp. About a month ago I found some shrimplets I must have missed in my blue dreams I’d got 2 weeks prior. Maybe some eggs I didn’t see that were about to hatch. Well I noticed 3 of them have patches of black on them. I was wondering if it’s possible to breed that into an entirely black shrimp down the line? I’ve already separated them just in case.
  12. Some of my MTS are showing reddish purple in their shells.... is their anyway to encourage this trait to express more?
  13. First off: M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! (or as my little brother says, "MERRY GRIMMACE!") So . . . not an advanced breeder (yet) . . . but enjoyed a talk Greg Sage gave on selective breeding at our Fish Club last year (pre-COVID). He has some really cool fish, and lots of experience to draw from. Check out his work over at selectaquatics.com We have enjoyed breeding Rams for awhile, and ended up crossing a Gold Ram with an Electric Blue. The fry came out mixed, with either blue dominant and gold recessive, or gold dominant and blue recessive -- but the fry all articulated aspects of both, once they matured. If I understand right (and from Greg Sage's talk) they were heterozygous. But eventually, we crossed the fry -- blue with blue, and gold with gold. And a little bit of "magic" sparked. Here was what one of the _females_ looked like from the blue / blue heterozygous crossing: And here is what the gold / gold rams looked like (note the blue-flame highlights on a few of the males): I know that Tom (aka the coral bandit / the ram bandit) has been trying to selectively breed towards a line of red rams. I'm thinking that Rams are a bit more friendly to selective breeding for color strains than is commonly thought. The Black / Dark Night Rams . . . and the Blue Frost coloration are just two that have been worked on in recent years. Anyway, I'm curious what colorations anyone here has been working on with different species of fish.
  14. I guess I never really looked that closely in one of my tanks, but I have some assassin snails that are white/cream colored. The tank they are in is also over run with Malaysian trumpet snails that are a similar color, I guess thats why I haven't noticed them before. Is this common? I don't think it's a calcium deficiency. I mean they do have some pitting at the point of their shells, but all of my snails do.
  15. When I started keeping fish all the guppies I had access to had females with no colour. The books I had then (now 40 years out of date) said the genes for colour were linked to the Y chromosome in guppies. Most of the strains I see now seem to have females with some color, "the best guppy in the world" strain has females which are more colourful than any males I've ever kept. Would I be correct in assuming that breeders have broken the link between the Y sex chromosome and the color genes? Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out more about this, both historically and the present situation? Thanks
  16. Picked up some White Clouds from a LFS recently. They were smallish and pretty drab when I bought them. Now that they have put on some weight and started coloring up I have 5 that look pretty normal and this 1 that is a goldish yellow from eye to tail but the body is grey. Is this a normal color variation? Or is there some muting of color in females? I really have only seen the standard, full golds, and longfins before. Pardon the pic they were zooming around after eating.
  17. I noticed last night while staring at my tank when I was supposed to be listening to my wife (she shouldn't sit right next to it if she doesn't want me to get distracted) that several of my neons have areas on their fins that have a red tint. Mostly a large patch in the middle of their dorsal fins and then the red coloration from their bodies extends about half way through their tail fin. And it got me wondering. Are redfin neons a thing? Can selective breeding produce neon tetras with fully red fins? Has somebody already done this? Should this be my breeding project once I get my fish rack running?
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