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Found 4 results

  1. Hi y’all I am going to start a saltwater tank for my dorm room. I am going to be getting the SCA 50 gallon starfire complete package. Also I am going to be getting the kessil tuna blue light. With these two things is the tank big enough for a pair of snowflake clowns, and can it support an anemone. Thx
  2. So I've gotten tired of trying to get good pictures with my cell phone, and I needed a new hobby.. So I bought a DSLR and picked it up a Best Buy on my lunch break yesterday. I got the Canon EOS RP Mirrorless with the 24-105mm lens bundled together. I know relatively little about photography, so I was wondering if I could get some basic tips on getting good pictures of my fish. Here's a few from me playing around with it last night: https://imgur.com/a/J4CBRK2#jxhDCOS Some of these turned out okay, but they're obviously not as good as they could be. I'm finding that the auto mode on this camera prevents me from getting too many unrecognizable photos, but rarely produces anything of decent quality. So, I turned off some of the auto settings and used manual ISO, manual focus, and manual shutter speed. Then I shut off all the other lights in the room, and focused on one tank at a time. Here's what I came up with. https://imgur.com/a/NXpsAsW#O68hfqt I tried some tips I got on another forum, and added a bright (150W LED) floodlight to the top of the tank to serve as a flash of sorts. I ended up getting tons of Limia Nigrofasciata glam shots, as they're my newest addition - how do you think I could improve on these? The glass could obviously use some deeper cleaning, and this particular tank is a bowfront with limited viewing angles, which makes it hard to photograph. https://imgur.com/a/oqP9ru3#rBUTCzh Thanks for any tips!
  3. Hello all I am looking to set up a 29 gallon saltwater aquarium and have a couple questions 1. What size/brand filter should i use 2. What lighting do I need 3.what fish should I put I. There I was thinking about 2 clown fish for sure and 2 four stripe Damsel fish what other fish should i gay or is that to much and last but not least how long should I cycle it for? is it 4-6 weeks like freshwater usually is
  4. Hello! I am hoping to stock a 10g with clownfish. What kind of anemones do you recommend for clownfish? Thanks!
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