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Found 24 results

  1. I've got a pair of German Blue Rams that I'm planning to move into a 20 gallon long tank soon, and I'm trying to figure out what kind of cleaning crew I can put in there with them that can survive 82-85°F water temps. Unfortunately, my favorite cleaners (Amano shrimp and Nerite snails) max out at 78-80°F. I've got a "naturally occurring" population of rams horn snails in all my tanks, and while they aren't my favorite they seem to do seem to be able to withstand the lower oxygen levels of warm water thanks to being air-breathers. Do you have any recommendations for building warm water cleaning crew?
  2. So we’re gonna start with a bit of a backstory to get the full scope. I have a 10 gallon tank (which had a divider) and my 2 bettas passed away within 2 weeks of each other, one from old age(I had him for 2 years) and the other from a tumor(he was with me 20 months). The water perimeters stayed stable and I took out all the silk plants, but kept the gravel, rocks, moss balls, and wood. I deep cleaned, suctioning the gravel, and did 3 water changes (80%, 50%, and 70%) and added new plants over the next 2 weeks to prepare for my new fish. Harry (an opal) and Adam (a delta) seemed to be doing well in their new tank, but Harry only lasted 8 weeks, the last 2 of which he was dealing with swim bladder issues. After 1 or 2 deep cleans of Harry’s side, and a month of water changes, I took out the divider and let Adam have run of the tank. He was never happier! It has now been 4 months that I’ve had Adam, and as of Wednesday, I thought he was a little constipated, but daphnia, peas, and fasting didn’t help, then last night he was more bloated and started pineconing, though he was still alert and attentive. (Picture from last night) He looked worse this morning and was slow to respond, though he did eat with some difficulty, but now it’s evening and he hasn’t eaten dinner, seems sluggish (though he can still zoom if the net gets close to him) and I don’t think it will be much longer before he passes. If I diagnosed correctly, he has dropsy. I know the success of treatment is really low, and though I love him and don’t want to lose him, I feel that trying to treat him would do more harm than good. My water has always been at a safe level and I’ve always been really careful when cleaning and everything. I don’t know what could have caused this string of deaths…. Am I doing something wrong, or could it just be that I’ve gotten bettas with hidden health issues? It’s just been hard, soon to be 4 deaths in 6 months. Especially as my fish are my emotional support. Also, when the time does come, what do I do to clean the tank to make sure it is safe for a new betta? I will definitely be replacing all the silk plants, and doing a standard deep cleaning, but is something more needed? (This is the first case of dropsy I’ve had) And what about the gravel, rocks, moss balls, and driftwood? Or the filters? Can they all stay or do they need to be replaced as well? Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Hello All, First post here. I got a never clod air stone a couple months ago and it has been working well. I have noticed a slow change in bubble output, which I am assuming is due to it getting dirty (very hard water where I live). So, my question, how do you clean this thing. Can the felt portion be cleaned, which is where I am assuming it is clogging. Can it be soaked in vinegar and then rinsed throughly? Do I just need to replace the felt parts?
  4. Anyone have any good tips on cleaning this part on an AC? A have two of these: one for the filter, one as a back up. When algae builds up, I soak one in a tub of vinegar for a few days, and switch out the other one. This only takes a little portion out. I've tried tiny baby bottle brushes, and that doesn't help a ton either. Does someone have a DIY fix, or another type of brush that does the trick?
  5. I have a tidal 35 hob filter. When you pull the media basket out , the water flows through the sponges backwards, effectively back washing the filter media to some extent. What comes out is a lot of algae, plant detritus, and probably some fish poop. This water does not really have any positive value to the filter and can/ should be removed, correct? I mainly want to confirm my understanding. That the bacteria in the sponge is the most important thing so not touching the sponge as often could be good. Then by back washing it could just make it not clog as quickly with detritus which also could be good. Thank you
  6. I have this stuff, that i think might be algae, on many of my plants. The main issue is that it holds onto all the grey detritus, or is the collection of it in my tank. The water is super clear, but when i try to clean the stuff, all the much goes everywhere. When i get the muck off, the fuzzy things are almost clear. Is anyone familiar with this?
  7. The intake filter on my alita 25m air pump is full of dust. Couldn’t find any info online on best way to clean it. I just took it off last night because it was restricting airflow and I’m out of town got a few days.
  8. Hello everyone. This is my first time here. Forgive me if this question has been asked before. Recently my tank has become pretty well balanced and hasn't needed a water change for around a month. I've just been topping off for evaporation. But it's time to rinse the filter materials in my hang on back. Question is... should I rinse them with dechlorinated tap water? Will I lose beneficial bacteria this way?Or should i break down and do a water change using tank water to rinse the media? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a 10 Gallon fish bowl that I would like to use for acclimating my fish when I get them or possibly as a fry tank. It is pretty dirty so I would need to clean it but I don't know what I should clean it with. Should I just do water or can I use soap with it? It won't be used for a couple weeks.
  10. Just curious because I hear that sometimes you don't need to really mess with the filters if the balance in the tank is good. Do you need to rinse them? Or how often should you really change them, if at all? I have a slot for two filters, I changed one once, and read that you shouldn't really need to change them at all. So I haven't changed any since, but I have rinsed them one time in aquarium water.
  11. I just upgraded my tank to a 20 gallon and I used my quarantine tank to house the fish plants and wood while I was making the transition I’m planning on getting some more fish and my question is do I need to sterilize my quarantine tank before I get them or should it be fine? There is a bit of mulm and gunk in the tank from the plants and wood and I cleaned out the majority of it I just dont know if I need to sterilize it or not or would it not matter? Since I was just using it to temporarily house the things in my main tank.
  12. I have a 20 gallon tank that is heavily planted. Do I still need to vacuum the gravel? Right now I try to do it every time I do a water change which is about every week, sometimes two weeks apart. It's getting harder and harder to do so as the plants fill in more and more of the space, and I add new plants that are not yet established and would be uprooted by vacuuming. I have rock in the center where my corys spend a great deal of their time. Now I mainly just remove the rocks and vacuum where they were sitting.
  13. I figure this is the right place for a random story. I was cleaning out my HOB today and found 4 shrimp in there trying to weave in and out of the coarse sponge. 2 of them were juviniles and I just dropped them back in the tank. the other two were tiny babies that i didn't notice until they fell into my sink. they were too small to scoop up in a spoon so I had to carefully give them something to hold onto and then tap them into a spoon. after a lot of trial and error I finally got the first one safely in my spoon and set it free in my tank! I watched it swim away only to get sucked up by a guppy 3 seconds later. 😲 I learned my lesson and released the second tiny baby shrimp into my floating plants. I feel like i went from a dozen shrimp that I never see to a carpet over run by shrimp in a few weeks. In any case, I have enough now so I'm not too sad but for whatever reason I was really not expecting that shrimp to get spotted and eaten so fast.
  14. I see people talk about clogged overflows, or losing the siphon on external overflow boxes. They explain that the return from the pump would then cause the main tank to overflow. I don't understand this. Is there some advantage to positioning the pump inlet so this could happen?
  15. I was running a Ziss filter in a tank with a bunch of mystery snails and guppies and the water went green. I took the tank down and the Ziss filter has been dry for a few months. Can the media be replaced or cleaned so I can use it in a different tank without starting green water again?
  16. Is there a way to clean the ceramic disc in a co2 diffuser? Mine has some algae growth and the bubbles coming out of it aren't so fine anymore. They are mainly coming out of a spot in the middle that is maybe 1/4 of the diffuser. I tried rubbing it with my fingernail and an algae scrubber pad, but that didn't really help. Can they be bleached? I'd hate to have to just replace it, it has only been in the tank and running for maybe six weeks, that would be quite a bit of money spent on diffusers a year, especially when I plan to get it going on a couple more tanks soon.
  17. Ok party nerms, I have a questions in regards to gravel vacuumIng. I have a heavily planted tank with a heavy stock of community fish. My substrate is pea gravel. Plants seem to do fine in it as long as I use root tabs and easy green. I used to gravel vac every week with my water changes. I decided to run an experiment and not gravel vac for 3 months to see how things did. I did water changes only, and I monitored water quality and only had a minor increase in nitrates, but enough to make much of a difference. The plants flourished obviously, as they were getting more food (fish poop, left over food). The fish also seemed to be more healthy and active, and have began to breed more without gravel vacuuming as well. I just gravel vacuumed yesterday for the first time in 3 months. There was lot of gunk that came up. After gravel vacuuming, a lost a seemingly healthy fish the next day. He was old, no signs of illness, but was this just a coincidence, or was it because I removed a lot of mulm? With that being said, what do you guys do? How often do you gravel vac? Or do you gravel vac your planted tanks? There is a lot of back and forth on the internet about how often and the benefits of gravel vacuuming and not gravel vacuuming, but what are the nerms doing?
  18. I just got my towels today with my Aquarium Co op order. They were made to go here! Shout out to Aquarium Co op for sending me a replacement pump for my Easy Green the other day. Mine wasn't working. You guys are second to none. Thank you.
  19. I’ve got my 10 gallon betta tank up and running added 3 live plants and my sponge filter with a betta conditioner going to let it cycle before adding my betta fish. Was wondering how often to clean the sponge filter I’m new to this system my other 10 gallon is a hang on filter. Ive seen where you rinse the sponge out with the tank water in a bag video was Cory lol anyways any suggestions or ideas can help.
  20. I bought 2 pieces of ghost wood from a local fish shop they were sand blasted. How do I make these pieces of wood aquarium safe?
  21. Bought this from a freshwater tank at LFS. It appears it used to be live rock in a saltwater aquarium. After having it in my tank for a year, I've decided I want to remove the purple stuff. Anybody have any good methods for doing this? I think it is Ohko(dragon) stone, but not sure.
  22. How are you all cleaning your nets to keep from transferring diseases from tank to tank? I use this on my SS planting/water change tools as well. First I let my nets completely air dry and then I am using a mixing tub from lowes/homedepot so I can completely submerge my nets. I add ~3 teaspoons of Potassium Permanganate (I just want the water to turn a dark purple) and let sit for ~20 minutes, remove and let completely dry again. I picked this up from a few people in my local aquarium club, join your local club! Of course read up on the dangers of Potassium Permanganate before you handle it. Do not use dechlorinator with this as it will neutralize the Potassium Permanganate quickly.
  23. The products by Fritz are really good and their exterior aquarium glass & acrylic cleaner doesn't disappoint. The type and size of cleaning cloth, to my preference that I like to use, is eye glass cleaning microfiber cloth. I have a scratch-prone, acrylic aquarium and that size cloth and texture is very nice. These cloths clean all my tanks, both acrylic & glass easily and don't soak up or waste any extra product. These microfiber cloths are made by many manufactures, inexpensive and can be easily found online. They are reusable and washable, as well. I found them to be much superior to just an ordinary paper towel or a cotton rag.
  24. I love these sponges. They work great and easily rinse clean. I make sure to add a few to every order. I found its easy using mandoline slicer to trim the sponge down into thin sheets. Perfect to use under a magnet cleaner. Depending on the strength of your magnet, slice the sponge thinner or thicker. When cutting apply even light pressure with the palm of your hand, go slow, and be careful . Most slicers come with an attachment to hold things while slicing, that may work too.
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