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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! I'm finally setting up my first ever tank. A 55 gallon. Just ordered my aquarium co-op plants (we won't discuss the amount I spent 🤣) and I'm wanting to clean my glass on the inside and outside. What is the best method to do this? So far, I'm just moving the smudges and steaks around and it doesn't look very nice. Thanks for any help!
  2. I’ve used lots of glass scrapers, but in the end, nothing works better on the inside than an old VISA gift card. And on the outside, honestly, basic hand sanitizer (as long as there’s not too much added moisturizer) on a rag works fine. Everybody’s nice and clear now!
  3. White streaks on the inside of our 65 gallon appeard a little over a week ago. Since then, there are more. So far it is contained to one corner of the tank. What is it? Is it dangerous for the fish? I'm a little worried about scrping it off and having the residue float in the water.
  4. Does anyone have some advice for cleaning the outer glass of your fishtank? I have some hard water stains on the outside from a few messy water changes, but I'm too scared to take any glass cleaner to the tank itself. How do you get them off?
  5. After setting up my 20 gallon aquarium on the 27th of March and getting help from you guys from the forum, now finally got the water clear which I was freaking out at first, now Im noticing there are two spots where there is adhesive from a clear tape I guess inside my new aquarium walls. what can I do. Any suggestions 🤔
  6. Afternoon Forum One of my neighbors toss out a 29 gallon set-up so naturally i picked it up for a spare tank...anyway the inside of the tank was just NASTY...dried algae and just dried up gunk is best i can describe it...any suggestions for a cleaning solution that is safe other than a straight edge and elbow grease?? i know the razor is risking but this stuff is really on the inside of the tank... or is this just a useless cause??? Right now i`m just soakin the tank with soapy water.. Thanking everyone for you time Be Safe out there!!! Frank C
  7. I’m trying to remove hard water deposits from a used 75 gallon tank I’ve tried a magic eraser a scotch bright pad and a plastic ice scraper and tried scrubbing with vinegar and filling the tank and scrubbing and soaking none seem to work good does anybody have any good fish safe removal methods?
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