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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I have a flu Al flex 15 g tank (I neglected it for a while but I’m getting back into the hobby) with 2 white skirt tetras , 1 neon tetra, and a 2-2.5 in green fish with red fins (not sure what it is) I would like to get 4 more white skirt tetras, 5 more neon tetras, a cleanup crew, 6 white cloud minnows, and lots of plants. I am currently using a mixture of sand and fluval stratum for substrate. Will I be able to fit the white cloud minnows? Any substrate suggestions? Any recommendations for cleanup crew? Any plant suggestions? Thanks, Jack
  2. I have a 55 gallon tank , i added some salt to treat some fish that seemed to have white spots . They are fine now but need a cleaner fish that can handle low levels of salt . Any suggestions ?
  3. I finally was able to get my Apistograma Triple red. They are all doing great and I hope to see some breeding soon. I have them in my 36 gallon Bow front. Only other is a nerite Snail. Any suggestions on a clean up crew that will not mess with Fry but is also comparable with the Apistos?
  4. Aloha all. I’m just about ready to look into the clean up crew for my tank. I’d like to do Pygmy cories (corries?) since I don’t have a lot of open ground. Do cories care about that or will they burrow between the plants to get to the food bits at the bottom? At least the tiny ones will have a better chance, I’d think. How many? I’m also thinking ottos for algae control but I worry about how much they eat - will they eat all the algae on the tank walls too quickly? And how many? Of course, I’d feed them and the cories their own food; wouldn’t want to starve the little guys. Or would a single bristle nose pleco be a better idea? I’d like to do a rubber lip but I’ve never seen them in any of the stores here. I’d love to do do khulis, too, though I don’t know if they really qualify as clean up. And shrimp, but that will be a while down the road after the tank’s had time to really season. 40-ish gallon, planted (I’d say heavily) with mopani drift wood, pH generally 8.2, GH in the 13 degree range, temps mid to high 70s, sometimes into low 80s. There’s an internal Aqueon filter (sponge only) for flow and a Ziss-type fluidized filter. Substrate is Fluval Stratum and aragonite. Occupants will be 15 rummy nose tetras, 10 dwarf neon rainbows and guppies (currently 2 males but will be adding more). Loads of Malaysian trumpets and what I think are bladder snails.
  5. Currently cycling a tank for Mbunas and was wanting to get opinions on what (if any) cleaner fish you've had success with mbunas. Water parameters Ph 8.2-8.4 Hardness 300
  6. Hi all, quick question what is the best clean up with 3 small Oranda Goldfish (still young), I have a 40G, 3 nerite snails, and a few shrimp. What other stocking idea can you think of to help stir the substrate (mid size aquarium gravel 4-8mm ish) to help keep it clean ish? Would cory’s do ok with goldfish, was thinking red ancistrous but open to any ideas. Tank is heated to 20’C or 68’F. Combination of live and artificial plants.
  7. I've been looking into getting some fish to help me keep my 55 gallon mbuna tank clean. I've heard plecos could be good, but I know the common ones get very large. I have 15 cichlids in the tank all about 2 inches or smaller. I put some pest snails in and only the biggest one is still alive. I have some kuhli loaches in another tank that I've been thinking about putting in there but I'm worried that the cichlids will kill them.
  8. In my tank I have 3 turtles and 15 tiger barbs. I tried adding mystery snails to the tank thinking that because they are bigger than my turtles' mouths, the turtles wouldn't eat them. I was right. However, the tiger barbs harass these snails 24/7. Every time they poke their little antennae out, the tiger barbs would try to bite them. I don't think they will stay alive much longer. Anyone have any other suggestions for what kind of cleanup crew I can have in the same tank as turtles and tiger barbs?
  9. What are your favorite clean up crews. Shrimp,snails,bottom feeders,ect.
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