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Found 5 results

  1. So I got the nano circulation pump off of the website. Does anyone know how long I should have it on per day in my 20 gallon? Heavily stocked with mollies, platys, corys, kuhlis, and even a pair of GBR. I also have heavily stocked plants (pogos) some Amazon swords, and water sprite, but a majority POGOs. Anyone have any reccomendations?
  2. So I’m thinking about getting a water circulation pump for my 20 gallon. (Nano size). If I decide to get it, where would I position it in relation to my HOBs I have in the tank?
  3. Setting up 125 g planted tank w/ 3 large sponge filters. cgoing, Have 2 large wood pieces each end of tank. Bought wrong circ pump which was 2000 gph which "Hurricane Katrina" in my tank. How many pumps needed? What flow rate? Leave on all the time or put on a timer? Any recommended learning sites?
  4. I was using just a 20-gallon air-bubble filter for the purpose of processing ammonia, as well a providing water flow & circulation, oxygen, to the water for my planted guppy/ghost shrimp aquarium. I've now added a 25 gallon submersive pump that I've pulled apart and rigged to flow water back into the aquarium from the surface (just like a HOB filter would). Unlike the air-bubble filter, this submersive pump does not have filter media or a sponge to collect debris. To save fish from being sucked into the propeller, I have tie-wrapped a clay ornament to the bottom. The ornament reduces the power output from the pump by ~20% due to the limited space allowing water to be sucked in by the propellors. The details of the last bit there isn't so relevant to my question I have here, though: My question is this: Will the air-bubble filter with media be less effective at processing ammonias when the sub pump is running? The way I see it, if the aquarium is 20gallons, the air bubbler is rated for 20gallons, and the sub pump is rated for 20gallons, then the effectiveness of the filter media inside the air bubbler will be less due to the flow being diverted to the submersive pump. I'd imagine this may result in an ineffeciency of the processing of ammonias by the filter media by ~15-20%. What do you guys think?
  5. I know many things contribute to algae blooms in a freshwater aquarium but I’m just curious if people have encountered this type of algae before. it’s a floating green algae that develops bubbles as it photosynthesizes. I think it may be due to low circulation on the tank? It’s growing in a tank with both low and medium light so I don’t think it’s due to light levels.
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